1940s slang

1940s slang

Gas - either a good time or something that was really funny
Pass the buck – pass responsibility for
Above my pay grade – don’t ask me
Killer-diller – good stuff
Fat-head – stupid or foolish person
Chrome-dome – word for a bald headed man
Eager beaver – enthusiastic helper
Fuddy-Duddy – old-fashioned person
Dope – Back in the 1940s this word meant information, however now it is another word for drugs.
Drop – This word meant to kill.
Geezer – This word was a derogatory term for an older person.
Bum rap – This referred to a false accusation.
Bust your chops – This phrase was basically meant as a scolding, maybe to yell, but not to literally hit someone.
Broad- a woman

Carry a Torch – to have a crush on someone
Cat’s Meow – something splendid or stylish; The best or greatest, wonderful
Dame- a woman
Gams – a woman’s legs
Grandstand – to show off
Applesauce – an expletive; same as horsefeathers, As in “Ah applesauce!
Jalopy – old car
Joint – a club, usually selling alcohol
Keen – attractive or appealing
Kisser – mouth
Line – insincere flattery
Stuck On – having a crush on
Swanky – ritzy
Swell- wonderful
Wise guy- a smart ass
Scram – ask someone to leave immediately
Gussy-to smarten up or dress up
outfit Military unit, a term with cowboy origins.
bad news- trouble
can- jail
ease up- calm down
get a load of that- look at that
hitch- to get married
hotshot- expert
in my book- in my opinion
patsy- scapegoat
pull - influence
paw- hand, as in “paws off!”
crummy - rotten, no good
wolf- aggressively forward man
get lost!
beat- exhausted
dang it!
Fall Guy - Victim of a frame
what a peach - referring to a sweet, charming, nice young woman
Buck up - cheer up, stiffen your spine

Perfect Escape,  Part 1

Summary :  A girl and brother get sent back in time but there is a twist its not just the 1940′s.

Word count: 1,500

Author note:  So it took me a while to get the courage to post this I started writing it a while back and then just kept putting it off I have to thank @marveliskindacool , @supersoldierslover as well as @bionic-buckyb who I sent this first chapter to in hopes they would like it. they gave me the courage to start posting again so I thank them and hope that you like it as well.


She opened her eyes and reached for her head as she sat up with a pounding headache. She looked around at her surroundings, she was in some kind of alley that’s when she noticed the boy not to far from her, crawling over to the brunette she realized it was her brother. She started to shake him awake,

“Nick, Nick, Nicholas wake up, come on, wake up”

“Maria? What? What is going on?” he asks trying to sit up

“I don’t know. I just woke up myself based on my dress and the people that have walked by it’s the 1930’s 1940’s but I don’t know check your pockets.”

“So we time traveled,”

“Maybe check your pockets”

He looks at his sister concern showing in his pure chocolate brown eyes but does as she asks, as he tried to figure out how she was so calm.

“Ok, so I have a ID with dates changed I was born in 1917 and a new address that I assume is ours,money, and a key”

“Ok it is the 30’s. Now we just have to figure out the actual date.I have the same stuff plus a journal and drawing\writing utensils some first aid things that includes an inhaler. Oh and hide your money it’s the 1930’s we are rich based off of what you have alone.”

“Ok yeah why don’t we go home” he says standing and helping her up.

Maria nods takes her brother’s offered arm as they walk out of the alley seeming to know where to go, the items she has get her thinking and leads her to ask her brother one important question as they come up on another alley.

“You can fight right?”

“Yes why do you ask?”

“A hunch because of the inhaler”


“Lets just say I think we did more than time traveled.”

Before Nick can respond they hear yelling and come across two boy fighting one and one on the ground looks like he already got beat up. Nick lets go of his sister and joins the one still standing.

“Two against one that’s unfair lets even the odds” Nick says

The brunette looks over at Maria with his piercing blue eyes and nods to Nick, as the fight starts Maria runs over to the blue eyed blond on the ground fishing the Inhaler out of her bag and giving it to him then got to work on his wounds from the first aid stuff she had; As she finishes up the fight ends.

“Thanks for the help, Name is James Buchanan Barnes most call me Bucky though.”

“It was no problem, I’m Nick Mastromarchi.”

“The one being patched up by your gal is my best friend Steve Rogers”

“She’s not my gal she’s my baby sister.”

“Being 13 months younger does not make me a baby” Maria mutters getting up and helping Steve up.

“Thank you” Steve says

“Nice to meet you two, anyway why don’t we head back to the apartment I don’t have enough first aid stuff to patch up all your wounds and Nick you have a head wound.”

“Yes Ma’am” they all say- Nick laughing a little.

The all leave the alley down two more blocks and up a flight of stairs before coming to an apartment at the end of the hall; Maria unlocks the door and heads right to the bathroom questioning to herself how she seems to know where everything was, but pushed the thought away as she patched he brother up them Bucky.

“Who started the fight?” She questions

“I don’t like bullies” Steve mutters.

“The puck is always starting fights he can’t finish.”

“And let me guess you are always pulling him out of fights?” She guesses

“You got it doll” He smirks as Nick clenches his jaw.

Maria shakes her auburn locks- noticing they were curled- and puts the first aid kit away before heading to the kitchen and seeing it fully stocked.

“You boys staying for dinner?” She asks seeing 6 on the clock.

“We don’t want to intrude ma’am” Steve calls back

“Drop the ma’am Steve and you aren’t intruding”

“We would love too” Bucky answers.

She smiles and starts to cook while she listens to her brother try to explain why they were there and not give anything away.

“Nicholas just stick to our basic story and what won’t sound weird but other than that our family can stay they same” She says in Italian

“Ok first how do I understand you, and how can I respond to you. Second why are we here?” He responds in Italian.

“I don’t know how about I wanted to learn more and explore so dad said I could move as long as you or Alex came with me.”

“What language is that?” Bucky wonders

“Italian our grandmother doesn’t speak English” she answers back in English

“Why are you two here?” Steve repeats hoping Maria can answer better.

“I wanted to move and learn as much as I could, Dad agreed as long as I brought Nick or our other brother Alex with me.”

“Well I’ll help you learn a lot” Bucky smiles at her.

“Watch it Barnes” Nick growls.

“Sorry Nick”

“Enough you two, Nick set the table,”

“We need to talk when they leave” Nick whispers to her

“And we will now set the table,”

He does as instructed, and Maria calls the other two to the table Dinner was filled with stories and laughter as well for Maria trying and failing not to to stare at Bucky. Afterwards Nick cleaned up and they talked more as the radio was on.

“Oh this song is wonderful” Maria smiles.

“Then how about a dance then?” Bucky asks

“I confess I do not know how to.”

“Nick never taught your sister?’

“Alex was taught but never us” Nick responds

“Your dad didn’t teach you?” Steve questions.

“Work kept him busy then the war injured him, he can’t dance any more it saddens mom she loved dancing.” Maria answers

“Well I could teach you both, you too Steve I’ll even ask Becca to join us.” Bucky decides.


“My baby sister.”

“Oh she is probably wonderful”

“More like a little monster”

“Oh I bet she’s just a cookie”

“Anyway how about it? I’ll tech you to dance,”

“Sure when?” answers

“Tomorrow we can meet at the diner about two blocks from here midday and you’ll be ready to dance by night”

“I’m good with that, Nick?” Maria smiles

“I got nothing to do” Nick shrugs

“Why would you it’s a Saturday in the summer” Bucky replies

With a little bit more talking Bucky and Steve head out telling them goodnight and that they would see them tomorrow. After Maria closes the door on them she lets out a sigh and falls onto the couch her legs hanging over the arm. Nick looks at her concerned before speaking what is on his mind.

“Don’t get attached Mari,”

“Ha! Nicholas has it not clicked with you we are in the comic book universe that is James Buchanan Barnes and Steven Grant Rogers the Winter Solider and Captain America! I’m already attached!”

“I know I know I’m sorry it’s just-”

“You’re worried I get it, we don’t know how long we are going to be here, but while we are we minus well live.”

“Not even here a day and you find your favorite fictional character not to mention the one you absolutely love,” He chuckles.

“I’m still trying to figure out why you, why not Alex who knows more about this world? No offense”

“Non taken I was thinking the same thing.”

“Oh God Nick you could be drafted!”

“We will deal with that when it comes, it’s only June 21st 1938”

“Your birthday is tomorrow, you’ll be 21 James is already 21 and me and Steve will be 20.”

“Awe I regressed in age”

“Oh relax you can still drink and it’s only a few months, anyway let’s get to bed it’s going to be along day tomorrow”

Nick nods and pulls his sister up from the couch and they both head to bed after figuring out who’s room was who’s, and noting that there was an extra room with two beds. Nick falls asleep worried yet excited for what the future will bring for them while Maria falls asleep with a smile hoping this life was going to be better than the one she left behind in the future.


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A boring party leads to jitterbug dancing.

Word Count: 1,425

Warnings: Language, 1940s slang

A/n: I am obsessed with this video so let’s have some Lindy Hop.

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“This is the most boring party I’ve ever been to.” You sighed, taking the last flute of champagne off a waiter’s tray. You gulped down half of it and observed the guests, they seemed to have a good time.

“Yeah,” Bucky nodded. “But at least you can get drunk.” He finished his fifth glass of whiskey, cursing his fast metabolism.

“I don’t know shit about politics, and I’ve heard their stories a thousand times. Why are we still here?”

Bucky leaned closer to you, nodding his head toward the dance floor. You cocked a suspicious eyebrow, eyeing him from the corner of your eye.

“We’re here to watch America’s favorite senior citizen break some poor girl’s toe.”

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Solangelo Headcanon #3

Okay, I am so on board the Nico doesn’t cuss like at all, but Will does. Will is like the king of cursing.

But you know what else I think?

I like to believe that Nico still uses 1940’s slang from time to time. Think about it. He was taught not to curse by his mother and Bianca, but when they were in the US they ended up learning the slang, especially Nico because he was so young and was growing up with it until the Lotus Casino.

When you grow up hearing people talk a certain way, you end up talking like them in a way.

So yeah XD

Lady and the Tramp (Disney AU)

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This is for A Month Of Fairy Tales by  @sincerelysaraahh

Title: Bei mir bist du shein (Lady and the Tramp Disney AU)
Pairing: Pre - Serum 1940! Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You and your friend decided that you’re tired of the Upper East Side parties and try something different.
Word Count: 1.625
A/N: So guys, this is the first thing I’m publishing and I also haven’t written anything for two years and never before in english. Just FYI. The title is from a song by The Andrew Sisters which means something like: you are beautiful to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Translation of the 1940′s Slang: 
cheesy - cheap
chicken - coward
fat - head - stupid person
drugstore cowboy - a man who waits around the corner to pick up girls
knocking it out - dance amazingly
clobbered - crushing on someone

“Come on, Steve. It’s goin’ to be fun. Promise! ” Bucky tried to persuade him with a grin.

Steve grumbled something to himself, while standing in front of the mirror. Buck always said that it’s going to be “fun”.

He let out a snort, shaking his head. Steve couldn’t understand why Bucky kept on setting him up with girls.

He had lost hope long ago. With his scrawny and small body he just looked pathetic next to his best friend.

“Come on, let’s not keep the ladies waitin’.” Bucky said while walking to the front door.

Steve took another deep breath, adjusted his tie one last time and went out of his apartment.

“Why can’t you just stop trying Buck?” he sighed as he followed Bucky down a staircase.


You were trying not to look too nervous, although you probably failed miserably at it. Smoothing out the skirt of your dress and shifting your weight from foot to foot.

That’s exactly how confident people looked like.

It was all your friends’ fault, if she wouldn’t have suggested trying something more “exciting”, as she put it.

Yes, you were tired of those Upper East Side parties where people dress up just to show off.

It’s more about who is seen with whom. It’s about showing how perfectly rich your family was.

So here you were: in front of a cheesy swing bar in Brooklyn with you friend. She said she knew some guys who would show you around.

If your parents or - God forbid - your brothers Jock and Trusty knew where you were…

Being grounded wouldn’t be the worst thing you would experience.

“Stop fidgeting, girl! No one is going to find out, ok?” scolded your friend, rolling her eyes.

You stopped playing with the hem of your skirt. How could she be so relaxed? And since when have you become such a chicken?

You wanted this, so why look nervous?

You would never have to see those men again, if they were total fat – heads.

“So, how do you even know those men?” you ask now, trying to take your mind off the intoxicating smell of alcohol and cigarettes. There was no champagne in Brooklyn and no cigars. It was more like cheap beer and liquor, more like cigarettes and the smell of sweat from dancing too much.

A crowd of people entered the bar and for a split second you could hear the loud music and the chatter of the people inside before it all became just a dull sound again.

You friend opened her mouth to answer, when you heard it.

“Good evening, ladies!”

You both turned to voice which was apparently coming from a handsome, young men dressed in his uniform. He looked like the drugstore cowboys your mother warned you about.

“I’m Bucky, and this here”, he grabbed his blonde, skinny friend by the shoulder, „is my good friend Steve.”

The grin on his face grew even wider.

Of course Bucky was handsome and you could already tell from the smile your friend was giving him, that he was definitely her type.

Your gaze wandered off to his friend Steve. He was smaller, skinnier, his shirt and jacket didn’t quite fit him. They looked at least two sizes too big for him.

His smile was crooked and he seemed as uncomfortable as you were.


When Steve saw you turning around he might, or might not, have let out an audible gasp.

You looked stunning, although you were obviously nervous.

Probably, because you were staring at Bucky, who was giving both you and your friend a kiss on the hand.

Here we go again; he thought when Bucky introduced him.

Steve knew how this would end: him sitting alone in a booth, while Bucky went off dancing with the two dames.

Who could blame him? He looked handsome and Steve would never get his chance to talk to a lady as fine as you seemed to be.

You and your friend didn’t come from Brooklyn, so much he could tell by looking at you.

The way you held yourselves told everyone from what a fine house you must be.

Way out of his league. Basically every woman was way out of his league.

Steve forced himself to smile, which looked more like a grimace he figured by your reaction.


His smile might have been crooked but you couldn’t help but smiling back.

He had those impossible blue eyes, a really boyish smile which seemed cute but also mischievous, and his hair looked incredibly soft.

Yes, he was not the typical man you would expect, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t give him a chance.

After you got a booth and Bucky went off dancing with your friend, you started talking to Steve.

At first there was a lot of silence between the both of you which was only filled by music, laughter and other conversations.

You were playing with your glass of water, not sure what you could ask him.

He seemed to be very unhappy to be at the bar. Maybe he didn’t like the smell, maybe he didn’t like loud music or maybe it was because of you.

Yeah, maybe he didn’t want to spend his precious free time with a snob like you.

You shook your head, trying to calm that mean voice in your head.

“So Steve, tell me what you do day in, day out?” you half yelled in his ear.

That’s was good. That sounded confident and it would get a conversation going.

“Well, I draw a lot.” He answered obviously hesitating.


Steve was watching Bucky dancing. He was just waiting for the end of this: him alone. You were probably still here because you didn’t want to be rude.

He didn’t need your pity; he was so done with everyone pitying him.

Then suddenly your warm breath hit his skin. You were talking to him.

Could it be that you were really interested in him rather than Buck?

Steve found that hard to believe.

When he turned his head he saw some kind of sparkle in your eyes, the smile of your lipstick red lips and your rosy cheeks.

“Well, I draw a lot” he answered.

He didn’t want to mention his failed attempts at enrolling. No, that wasn’t first date material, was it?

“You’re an artist? That is so nice. I can only…” you stopped babbling mid-sentence and looked back at the dancefloor where your friend motioned you to join them.

“I think they want us to join them!”

With that you stood up held your hand out for Steve, beaming.

What had he gotten himself into? Dancing. No way he was going to survive that without an asthma attack.

But you looked so happy, so eager. Should he just tell you no?

“Come on, Stevie! I love dancing.” You encouraged him.

Reluctantly he stood up, took your hand and walked you over to the dancefloor.

“I should warn you though, I can’t dance and I am likely to get an asthma attack.”


His smile was just adorable, you thought.

Somehow you both managed a half decent swing. You couldn’t help but the smile the whole time.

Steve was such a sweet guy, always asking if he should get you more water or trying to make you laugh in his awkward way.

Never have you thought to find a guy like him. A guy that wouldn’t care about your wealth, your pearls but more about your mind and your character.

“I think we’ve really been knockin’ it out, Steve.” You panted heavily after the last song.

It was far behind your curfew and you giggled at the thought of your furious parents.

Steve just laughed, leaning forward and propping his hands on his knees.

“How’s your asthma?”

“It’s fine.” For a lady like you I would ways take the risk of an asthma attack, he wanted to add but he just wasn’t that smooth.

All in all you had a blast. Who would’ve thought that a cheesy bar in Brooklyn, maybe a little bit too much of giggle water would get you all clobbered?

While you were talking with Steve outside your friends most likely started something frisky with Bucky. Who could blame her?

The air was still humid, warm and you felt kind of gross. Your lipstick was probably all over your face and you were sweating, yet Steve looked at you like you were some kind of gift.

“Thanks for, you know, not dumping me for him.” He motioned to Bucky who was making your friend giggle constantly.

At first you felt that tingling heat in your cheeks, then it was more of a confusion: “Why would anyone dump you?” you hiccupped.

Yes, definitely too much giggle water…

“Most of the gals are more…into Buck” he confessed, looking at his shoes.

“Well, I’m not most of the girls.”

“I know, you’re too nice of a girl to be in this place.”

“Am I now? Where do I belong then? You joked, raising your eyebrows.


This was his chance.

The taxi you and your friend ordered was arriving; she had already gotten into the car.

“Come on! We are already late!”

Now or never, Steve. Your Ma would be proud of you!

“There’s this breakfast place called Tony’s…” he was scratching his neck, looking up at you and waiting for an answer.

“Sunday, around ten then? Don’t keep me waitin’.” And with that you got into the car.

Steve didn’t want to turn around and face Bucky he would never hear the end of his teasing and how he finally succeeded and maybe he would have sore cheeks tomorrow from smiling too much.

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What I understand about BoB from what I've seen on my dash

There’s a Babe that might be an actual lamb
But his name is babebro? Sounds like 1940s slang for no homo
There’s a Nixon? Richard where you at??
Cajuns like babes
Someone shoots someone real dramatic in an alley while its all snowy and it looks like something from an anime? But it’s probably terrible sorry y'all
There’s like 1000 characters and idk how you guys keep up
There’s a guy named winters?
I feel like Im confusing everyone for the same person?
Heffern? Heffron?
Yeah I think bob consists of only one person and all you guys are all confused. OBVIOUSLY the only character is: babebro hefferon winter’s Nixon (in tricky dicky’s voice: “FOUR MORE YEARS!!”[double peace signs])
Sad and Rad.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Tony always being turned on when Steve slips in to his Brooklyn accent or uses 1940's slang.... Now imagine Steve using that ruthlessly

It’s no secret that Tony can talk circles around Steve, in the bedroom or otherwise. Half the words out of his mouth have Rogers questioning whether or not the man is actually speaking English. It would be frustrating if it wasn’t one of Stark’s most attractive features. What can he say, Captain America has a thing for hot people saying things he doesn’t entirely understand.  He had liked it about Howard too but he learned a long time ago not to keep Tony’s old man out of pleasant conversation. Tended to kill the mood.  

Never in his dreams did he think that Tony had a similar vice. The man did plenty of talking for the both of them, and while Steve knew his partner appreciated what he had to say, he figured the ‘talk sweet to me’ door only swung one way.

That is until he was sitting in the living room, waiting for Tony to put the finishing touches on his gala outfit. The man attended more benefits than the president, how had he not yet learned the art of the quick change?

Perfection suits a Stark. Tony sauntered out of the bedroom with his usual air of confidence, but now he was shining like a new penny. Steve propped himself up on his elbows and gave a long, low whistle. “Gotta say, I’m startin’ to get all kinds of jealous of these big wigs you’re schmoozing. I’d like to think you’re strutting just for me, baby doll.”

He hadn’t even meant for it to come out like that. Over the years, with some coaching from the resident undercover operatives, Steve had learned how to more or less control his occasional bouts of nostalgic lingo. But something about the way Tony’s hair was slicked, or the ruffle of his collar, brought it out of him like nobody’s business.

And oh the money Steve would have paid to have a camera in that moment. Tony stopped dead in his tracks, whatever snappy comeback he had tucked away in his mouth went right out the window. His eyes blew wide and his shoulders slumped in a distinctly un-Tonylike fashion. “You cut that nonsense out right this second,” he managed though he voice all but cracked with effort.

Steve would recognize that look from a mile away. Almost smirking, he slowly got up from the couch and padded over to his boyfriend. “What’s that, sugar? I was so busy taking in that dreamboat mug I just about lost myself. I’m just wondering here, you think a hot fella like you would ever go for a dope like me?”

Steve’s hands found their way around Tony’s middle, hauling him closer. Tony, for his part, was starting wrinkle around the eyes, the exact look he gets just before he willingly drops all his impulse control. “If I don’t make it to this party, we are looking at a possible world war. Not even exaggerating.” But he was already untying the bow around his neck.

With a few quick nips to Tony’s jawline, Steve made it to his ear, breathing hot against his neck and smiling like a cat. “Don’t get yourself into a lather doll. We got all the time in the world.”

Gee Steve did you you see that drugstore cowboy and his khaki wacky down on the corner this mornin? They were watching that dame’s gams from the other night and I thought she would bump em off with her glare alone! Aw she’s got an even sharper tongue though, but not at sharp as yours! You’re gonna get socked in the eye one o these days… Aw heck I do carry a torch for you though you little punk. I guess I just think you’re the cat’s meow.