1940's art


When I was doing reseach on the Ink & Paint Club picture I did, I found lots of this style of 1940’s art as well. I seem to be on a vintage and retro art kick as of late so I wanted to give it a try too. What started off as one image turned in to the main cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Still one of my favorite films.

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“Off we go.”

Needed to get this out there, sketch/color practice out of my sketchbook. It’s been really cold and snowy here, so i’ve been playing War Thunder… a little too much, but still. I love aviation, and classic dogfighting is pretty intense. I enjoy the strategy of it all. 

André Kertész :: Calder with Eucalyptus, 1940. (Image © Ministère de la Culture / Médiathèque de Patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais) 

“He didn’t see an eucalyptus tree and those long beautiful leaves and think, ‘I want to interpret that in a sculpture.’ He made a sculpture, and he looked at it, and he saw that it looked kind of like eucalyptus leaves” – Sandy Rower 

Although often evocative, Calder’s titles are not guides for interpretation. The artist named his abstract sculptures after they were created simply as a means to identify or differentiate. “I give names to the things I’m working on just like license plates,” Calder once said. © 2017 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society [ARS], New York)

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Ok Operation Fortitude is such a aph America plan I’m suprize I’ve never heard about it before. (But then again it could be in the web comic or manga and I would be none the wiser.)  Anyways Fortitude was part of Operation Bodyguard which where a series of plans to keep D-Day motives hidden from the Germans.

America came up with a plan combining Hollywood magic and German little understanding of the American people; Basically they made a bunch of fake tanks and stationed General Patton ( One of America’s great generals in WW2. Who was taken out of command for 11 moths for slapping a shell shock soldier.) Making Hitler think that the main fight would be coming from Kent not Normandy.

And It totally worked.  

But If you think about America explain to his fellow Allies it sounds a bit ridiculous. I read some where that the these nations where the ones that fought on D-Day France also fought but D-Day was kinda like taking France back so I like to think that D-Day was rescue plan. If your confuse on the girl on England’s left it’s Czechoslovakia