1940 cadillac


If I’d had to guess I’d have said this was a Dutch Darrin design because of the cutaway doors. In fact it’s a 1940 Cadillac 62 convertible by Bohman and Schwartz. 129 inch wheelbase 346 cu in V8 with 140 bhp. It’s very voluptuous and shapely.

This appears to be, after some extensive research, a 1940 new Cadillac Fleetwood 72 V16 with 138 in wheelbase . The 75 models had a 141 in wheelbase. Priced from $5,140 . The 1940 models dispensed with the sidemounts on this type and had the twin vents on the side of the bonnet instead of a long single one. After 1940 the V16 was dropped and the V8 took over. Also the La Salle name was dropped and the model 61 Cadillac took over as a lower priced car in 1941.