Lupita Tovar on July 27, 2016 will be turning 106! To celebrate this huge milestone I’m going to be sending her a birthday card- but this is where I need your help! I’d like to gather together names, state and/or country, and short messages to be printed and included in her card. I want this to be extra special.

You can submit your messages HERE- please keep it short, if possible. Like no more than 200 characters since I don’t want to overwhelm her with super long messages. If you only want to submit your name with your state and/or country that is fine too! I will turn off submissions on July 15th and will mail off the card and messages on July 20th- giving it a week to get to her.

Feel free to reblog this post to help spread the word! I look forward to your messages and being able to honor this amazing actress on her birthday. 

-Brittani, Miss-Flapper

(please submit all messages to the Lupita Tovar sideblog, not my regular blog. I want the messages to be sent to one central location, thanks!)