1930s sports


1930′s Parkour and Free Style Running 

An amazing vintage video of parkour artists back in the days. 

Not Of This World (Closed RP)

     Kira couldn’t see her reflection within the dusted windshield of the 1930′s Sports Coupe, it’s frame scraping against the ground and rusting in the desert sand. It was taken there not by a tow car, but by a tractor trailer with the bed taken off. Seemed like a hopeless case, or so they said. Not for her though. “ Hi old friend,” she whispered quietly to the machine. 

She closed her eyes and put her palm on the car, closing her eyes and trying to think of reference photos. It was easy to mess up on something so mangled. She loved this, restoring old things to their glory. It seemed almost like a caring gesture to objects so easily left to decay. She heard several affirmative bangs and creaks, and beneath her hand the rust faded to a smooth, slightly dusty surface. When she opened her eyes, the car was still dusty, but it was new. 

     New as though it had been taken from the dealers lot and taken through a drive in the dust bowl, and someone stole it’s wheels. She sighed, feeling a little worn out. “ Okay, now let’s give you a little bath. Some love and soap, then let’s see what we can do about those wheels. You probably don’t like the sand, no, not at all…” She said to the car lovingly. When she turned, she jumped back, almost falling back onto the car. Her heart jumped and started running. “ Who are you?”