1930s sports

Das Olympiastadion is a sports stadium in Berlin, originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympics. During the Olympics, the record attendance was thought to be 100,000+. Since renovations in 2004, it has a permanent capacity of 74,475 and is the largest stadium in Germany for international football matches. It’s a UEFA category 4 and one of the world’s most prestigious venues for sporting and entertainment events. Since 1963, it has been home to the Hertha BSC football team. DFB-Pokal (German Cup) final matches are held here annually. 


1 - Citroën AC6. “A fellow, two ladies, and three children posing with a Citroën Six. They are dressed in the fashion of the late twenties or early thirties. At first I thought this photograph – bought online from a German vendor – was originally from France or Belgium. However, the car is equipped with a German indicator system, the "Contax Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger”, manufactured by Zeiss Ikon, so it was most likely taken in Germany.“

2 - Ariel 500 cc Model F. "A stylish couple posing on an Ariel motorcycle in a rural backyard. He is wearing knickerbockers or plus fours, a sports coat, flying helmet, goggles, and heavy lace-up boots. She is dressed in a ¾-length skirt, white blouse, pearl necklace, goggles, and Mary Janes. The name Eli Ondry is handwritten on the reverse side of the print. Country of origin: Hungary”.

3 - Adler Trumpf Limousine. “Two stylish young ladies posing with an Adler on a stubble field in the countryside. A fellow in a suit – possibly the fiancé or husband of one of the girls – can be seen behind the wheel. The car is registered in the province of Schleswig-Holstein (I P = Provinz Schleswig-Holstein). Country of origin: Germany”.


Photographer Mário Novais.

1 - 1930. Light and Electricity Applied to the Home Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal. Electro-Reclamo stand, designed by António Soares (1894-1978).

2 - Auto Salon, Lisbon. Organized by ACP (car drivers’ association), decorated by Augusto Pina. 1934.

3 - Portuguese magazine Ilustração, 1928. First Salon of Feminine Elegance and Decorative Arts. The dancers Francis and Natacha perform on the Columbia-Kolster stand.


The Big Fight by doblecachanilla

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />By Herbert Morton Stoops, 1930s - 1940s.