1930s posters

Amalfi. 1934. Mario Borgoni.

27 ¼ x 39 ¼ in./69.3 x 99.6 cm

Located at the foot of Monte Cerreto in Salerno, Amalfi is the gem of the Italian coast. Here, Borgoni’s breathtaking depiction of its dramatic landscape makes it clear why the city was a favorite destination of the British Royal Family.

WAGONS LITS, 1930 by A. M. Cassandre

In one of Cassandre’s most haunting and simple posters, he again takes an unconventional approach. He resists the notion that a travel poster has to be bright, colorful, and entirely legible at a glance. Once more he eschews the conventional imagery that would have called for a sleeping car, in favor of a primary image that a sleeping car passenger never sees; a railway traffic signal in the middle of the night. - L. Danel


Elégante under the rain by Kay Harpa

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Phi-Phi by Kay Harpa

Jean Borlin (1929). Serge Gladky (French, 1900-1930). Poster.

After Jean Borlin stopped dancing with the Ballet Suedois in 1925, he continued performing on his own. This poster is for one of his last shows in Paris, Cercle Eternel. This is Gladky’s only known poster. A version exists with text announcing the program, which included sets by Paul Colin, Gladky, Ferdinand Leger and Francis Picabia.