1930s fashion


Signorine Grandi Firme (Great Writers Ladies)

This magazine was famous in Italy in the 1930s, most likely for its covers than for its content, mainly funny or racy and erotic stories.

Well, things were like that at that time, and there’s no point in crying out for politically correctness. It’s a great mistake to judge the way of living of old, with our present way of thinking.

Anyway, if you are interested in, the designer was Gino Boccasile (1901-1952).


I’m pretty sure this has been posted on Tumblr before (as I first discovered it through here), but I haven’t seen it floating around in quite a while so I figured I’d share it with you all again. It’s a video showcasing 100 years of fashion from the 1910s up until recently. Not only do the clothes change but so do the styles of dance and the music!