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MARCUS by Paul

The Tatler - December 28th 1932

Lost & Found- 22

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC

Summary:  After escaping Hydra, Bucky tries to regain his memories and build himself a life in Brooklyn. He meets a woman at work who, with the help of her two children, might just give him the second chance he’s been looking for. Of course, he doesn’t know just how important they will become, and happy endings don’t last forever.

Word Count: 1,680

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Warnings: language most likely idek

AN: Oh God. We’re so close to the end, I’m screaming. Okay there’s like maaaaybe 5-10 parts left but stILL

Part 21   Part 23


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Three months passed, and in that time Bucky found himself falling more and more in love with Aria. He knew it was going to happen, ever since that day in the diner, and not once did he even think to stop it. It was an amazing feeling, to be loved and be so in love. With each passing day, he found more and more things about her that amazed him. Little things, like the way her nose scrunched up when she laughed really hard. Or how she liked to play with the ends of his hair while they lay in bed after making love, tangled up in each other and the sheets.

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