As Halloween approaches I will be reviewing my top 10 NON-UNIVERSAL Horror Films from the 1930′s.  I was reasonably drunk and picked the list in five minutes.  Be kind.

Number 7 -

The Vampire Bat (1933)

I’ll probably take heat for this one, but I really like this film.  It’s very watchable even today.  Even the comedy relief isn’t cringe worthy.  Fay Wray is gorgeous, Atwill is sufficiently evil, Dwight Frye is sufficiently creepy and insane.  The Direction is uneven but at times excellent.  Sorry, I like it and watch it every October Halloween season.


Josephine Baker — “La Conga Blicoti”, 1936


難船ス物語 第一篇 猿ケ島 / Nansensu Monogatari Dai Ippen: Sarugashima
(Nonsense Story, Volume 1: Monkey Island)

3 in x of the works of Kenzô Masaoka
animated short film history
Release: Feb. 10th, 1931
Country: Japan
Director: Kenzô Masaoka

“One of the first films of Kenzou Masaoka about a baby raised by monkeys on an island.”

After a ship is destroyed at sea, a baby washes ashore on an island populated by monkeys. Under the care of a female monkey, the baby quickly grows into a young boy. The boy pulls pranks on the monkeys until they finally chase him off the island. As he rows away on a tree trunk, he spots another ship in the distance.


Monkey Island is available on YouTube.

Masaoka released several films before Monkey Island that I was not able to find online. They are:
Kai no kyuden, 1927
- Nansensu monogatari dai nihen: Kaizokusen, 1931