1930's wedding


Bucky must’ve been out of his mind to propose to Stephanie on the day of her mother’s funeral. Could he have chosen a worse time? And yet to him, the timing was perfect. Sarah gave him her rings because she wanted him to look after her little girl after she was gone. Stephanie shouldn’t have to live one day on her own, and so when Bucky saw her about to walk into her empty apartment by herself, he panicked. 

“Thank you, Buck, but I can get by on my own.” She said sadly. 

“The thing is, you don’t have to…” Bucky got on one knee and held out Sarah’s ring, “…because I’m with you to the end of the line.” 

It took two years to save up for the wedding of their dreams. Sarah’s dress was too big for Stephanie, and she refused to alter it, so a new dress was made by the older wives in their building.  

On April 24th, 1938, Stephanie Rogers became Stephanie Barnes in a private ceremony in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church. 

(Thank you to @inediblesushi for the commission once again, it came out exactly as I hoped it would!)