1930's vintage cars


The Roadster, De Luxe Coupe & Imperial Sedan by Paul Malon

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<br />September 1931.

1936 Hupmobile 618 G - Pre-War Classic with Aerodynamic Styling.

The Hupp Motor Car Company is largely forgotten today, but the Detroit-based automaker was a major player in the years before World War II.

Robert Hupp started his company in 1908 after working at Olds, Ford, and the Regal Motor Car Company. By the late 1920s, Hupmobiles had become a hot commodity, racking up 65,000 sales in 1928.

As with fellow American automakers, Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow, and Peerless, the Great Depression dealt a devastating blow to Hupmobile—one from which it never fully recovered. Determined to put its best foot forward, Hupp hired Raymond Loewy, the legendary industrial designer, to pen what it called the Aerodynamic Series, beginning in the 1934 model year. The 618 G was produced between 1936 and ‘37.

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