1930's hair


Behind the scenes for SS 13:

Sassoon Senior Creative Director Damien Peers who explained that “the inspiration for the show was taken from the 1930’s intellectual bohemian women, Vita Sackville West, Virginia Woolf and Nancy Cunard. Mixing their female masculinity and fragility with a slightly futuristic feel gave a surreal look”

So I’ve been thinking about how immortality works in baccano and here’s some of my thoughts:

We know that meiosis works seeing how Chane and Liza exisit. (This would also mean that female immortals would still have their periods.) The fact that neither Chane or Liza are immortal means that the Grand Panacea doesn’t change anything in the DNA or at least not in the cells for reproduction or the cells that make those. Because if there were a gene for immortality (dominant or recessive) both Huey and Reene would have it, and if the cells that are for reproduction had those genes there is a chance that Chane and Liza would both be immortal. But they aren’t so there’s that.

Mitosis on the other hand is more confusing, first: we know that the elixir kind of preserves the body in the state it was when the immortal drank it, which is why they don’t age and it doesn’t heal wounds when you drink the elixir. This should mean that meiosis have stopped. But there is some problems with this theory. The first problem is that I think I remember Elmer saying in 1930:summer that wounds may heal slowly over a long time, which would mean that mitosis at least partly works, but very slowly. This could mean that the body is kind of frozen in the condition it were when the person became immortal but still aging, just very very very slowly. But then again it was who said it Elmer and he’s been wrong about other things.
The other problem (more of a thing that confuse me) is how immortals’ hair work. More specifically Fermet’s hair. Because in the 1930:s he’s cut his hair, which means that hair clearly doesn’t count in the whole immortality thing (otherwise he wouldn’t be able to cut it). Which raises the questions: why doesn’t it? what else isn’t counted? And does the hair grow back? Well it’s more or less impossible to answer these questions but i imagine that the same ‘rules’ as hair apply to nails and such. Let’s say the hair does grow back, would this then mean that the cells still produce things like proteins and so on? If so does this mean that everything in the body work as normal (as normal a immortal body can get)?

I’m probably over thinking a lot of things and as Szilard said:
“I have serious doubts about whether science can be applied to a power gained from summoning a demon”

Also: what would happen if you made a plant immortal?

Thank you for reading and sorry for my English. :)


Couple of quick sketches for @artistefish’s fic ‘Miroku, Private Eye’ (I.e., my new obsession). The idea of a 30’s/film noir AU is possibly one of the best to come to the internet. Plus I can’t get enough of InuYasha calling Kagome “Kitten.” Hope you like these :’)


Best finger waving video I’ve stumbled upon yet. 


Even more everyday fashions, 1939…. now in higher quality!

Incidentally, the portly gentleman in the bottom gif is wealthy New York manufacturer and sword collector Philip Medicus, the man responsible for most of the footage that produced these gifs. The fella next to him is his son Philip Jay, who later became a well known antique weapon cartridge dealer.

1939 Fashion part 1

1939 Fashion part 2