1930's beauty

I’m in love with a German film star
i once saw in a bar
sitting in a corner in
imperfect clothes
trying not to pose for the
cameras and the girls
it’s a glamorous world.
I’m in love with a German film star
i once saw in a movie
playing the part of a real troublemaker
but i didn’t care
it really moved me, it really moved me.
I’m in love.❤️

“I can still say that Buster Keaton was the kindest, gentlest man I have ever known. Everybody who knew him loved him, and I suppose that somewhere along the line I just joined the rest of the group. I think that these qualities come through in his films, and I trust that these pictures will remind everyone of what a wonderful soul he was.”

-Eleanor Norris Keaton remembers her husband


This is Rudy Rodríguez’s art deco inspired custom 1940 Mercury. Every custom touch, and job done to the car was to give it the appearance and look that it was designed in the late 1930’s. This is a beautiful ride, and is one of my most favorite cars ever customized. I have heard these types of customs referred to as Deco Sleds.  Images courtesy of Rod & Custom Magazine.