1930's architecture


Vehicle Collection (7935) - ? by Steve Given

Registered to Minnesota for 1932.

Please go here to see more photographs of the Family Car - www.flickr.com/photos/69559277@N04/sets/72157628124351754…

Produced from the original negative in my collection.


Technicolor VS Cinecolor (1934)

During most of the 1930’s and 1940’s, the top two professional color processes were 3 strip Technicolor (left), and 2-color Cinecolor (right). These scenes were shot on the same year at the Chicago Century Of Progress Exposition, and show the same locations.

Needless to say, Technicolor provided unmatched color reproduction, but Cinecolor had its advantages- It was considerably cheaper (being only 10% more expensive that black and white), and it could be used on a standard studio movie camera. This made it perfect for short subjects and low budget pictures, and it remained in use until the mid 50’s.

Despite the different conditions of the clips, the difference in color reproduction it still quite evident.

(Clips via historycomestolife)