1930's advertising

shit my teachers have said / done // meme

[ edit pronouns as needed ]

  • “i’m just sayin’”
  • “i should be on a document camera promotional video.”
  • “a nice hat trio! can you imagine us walking down the street?  pure fun.”
  • “go bulldogs… or whatever.”
  • [ continually switches thermostat from celsius to fahrenheit ]
  • “those who know me call me strawberry shortcake.”
  • “is kentucky a state?”
  • “i keep calling it heat waves,  but that’s like saying ‘pizza pizza.’”
  • “i’m just gonna watch my favorite youtube cat video and come back.”
  • “i’m going into the woods tonight, i’ll come out sunday.”
  • “you might not be a window, but you are a pain.”
  • “im just gonna talk to you about why my roommate was gnarly.”
  • “if i were you, i would do the homework.”
  • “rainier mountain sounds like a birth certificate.”
  • “sometimes you’re taking this malarian on a mountain.”
  • “the dumber it is, the more you’ll pay attention.”
  • “b-o-a-r-d, not b-o-r-e-d.”