“Dear predatory birds, prepare for war, prepare your children and all that you can reach, for how can a nation or a kindred without war become that ‘bright particular star’ of Shakespeare, that lit the roads in boyhood? Test art, morality, custom, thought, by Thermopylae; make rich and poor act so to one another that they can stand together there. Love war because of its horror, that belief may be changed, civilisation renewed. We desire belief and lack it. Belief comes from shock and is not desired. Belief is renewed continually in the ordeal of death.”
— W.B. Yeats, “A Vision”.


“What goes on in a classroom is up to the student and the teacher. Once you introduce the power of the state—telling you what you can and cannot do—you’ve become involved in propaganda.” ~John Scopes

A Few Facts about the Scopes Monkey Trial

The jury found Scopes guilty within minutes. His conviction was later overturned, but he never taught again.

The trial was a media circus. It was so heavily attended that after 7 days in the courtroom, the judge moved everyone outside under a tent because it was unbearably hot and he feared the weight of the spectators and reporters would cause the floor to cave in.

Clarence Darrow, Scopes’s defending attorney, had been a corporate lawyer but he left that job because he could no longer look at himself in the mirror. He often worked for free to help deserving clients who needed good counsel. 

William Jennings Bryan, the prosecuting attorney, died five days after the trial ended.

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