Through his sacrifice
Humanity kept stepping foward one by one To regain ultimate freedom
something that he might never ever see that has become his childish dream
not knowing that he was right all along his lifetime
but now The wonder kid had to rest….
because he don’t deserve hell

Erwin Smith - the 13th Commander of the survey corps
CHAPTER 84 - August 2016

new chapters coming out, i just want to remember that this month is the death anniversary of him :“

I still remember it cleary when the chapter out right on August, Snk 84 became tumblr’s trending topic
everyone fighting, fandom cries, the grief and hurt..ouchouchouch
Erwin is always in our heart <3

I made this wallpaper 1920x1080 combining ALL FACES OF ERWIN through the entire manga ch1-ch84 No same images at all, I swear i screenshotted like 700+ different images of erwin even minor panel and try to fit it all in here
it was tough xD , feel free to use it :)
Mention to me will be very  appreciated ^-^


[HappyTaeHyungDay] TAEHYUNG lockscreen | wallpaper

[HappyTaehyungDay] TAEHYUNG desktop wallpaper (1920x1080) | aesthetic

  • Made by: azure7days
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When you start a doodle and end up with a full wallpaper. Wanted to make a tiny water witch sketch, but i guess I enjoyed it too much. I’m so confortable with those designs, it’s like cotton candy for the hand to draw. So here are the Crystal Gems, 1920x1080 wallpaper and icons, for whoever wants one of them.