Feb. 29, 1928: Juanita Petty, a vaudeville actress and a long-distance horse rider, sat on an electric horse, apparently as a “lesson for future Presidents who ride electric steeds” — a reference to the outgoing commander in chief, Calvin Coolidge, whose presidential stamina was famously attributed to thrice-daily rides on the contraption. Ms. Petty had recently completed a lengthy ride on a real horse from Spokane, Wash., to Chicago, and she wrote a first-person account of it for The Ogden Standard-Examiner, in Ogden, Utah. “The heaviest thing about my equipment was a forty-five automatic,” she wrote. “It’s not exactly a delicate instrument for a lady’s boudoir, but it’s a mighty comforting companion out on the range or along some lonesome mountain trail.” Photo: The New York Times

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Görsel :  Morocco Vintage - 1920

“A delegation of 500 Armenian veterans of the World War, in service uniforms paraded through Washington headed by the United States States’ Marine Band on April 14, 1920. At the State Dept. they were received by Sec. Colby to whom they presented a petition asking recognition of the new Republic of Armenia.”