“We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? Youth? That is long ago.”
All Quiet on the Western Front

Bauhaus Costumes, 1920s - Scene from the Triadic Ballet, Weimar Germany. Photo by Karl Grill.

‘The essential difference between the fancy-dress balls organized by the artists of Paris, Berlin, Moscow and the ones here at the Bauhaus is that our costumes are truly original,’ [Farkas] Molnár wrote in a 1925 essay entitled ‘Life at the Bauhaus.’  (via CURBED)


Traditional costumes of Sorbs (also known as Wends, Lusatians, Lusatian Sorbs or Lusatian Serbs) - Western Slavic minority in the territory of Germany. They live predominantly in the historical region of Lusatia - in the modern states of Brandenburg and Saxony. They speak Sorbian languages (Wendish, Lusatian) - closely related to Polish and Czech, divided into two main groups: Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian. Collection of archival photographs from vintage postcards.