1920s shoe fashion

Years 1920-30; my favorite ever, for all the excellences of style and design. The fabulous cars, the home furnishings an ample variety of men accessories and of course unforgettable clothes and shoes. Everything was created to be beautiful, practical and everlasting.
I dedicate this Patina to the true values, to all the excellences created by true craftsmen for true gentlemen.
This pair of Butterfly Loafers is completely hand painted by Alexander Nurulaeff. A pair of shoes that tells you the long and interesting story of the many travels and adventures of their owner.

Jeweled heels


These are Art Deco period heels referred to as “jeweled heels”. They are a sample from a time when heels were custom-ordered. With enamel manufacturing put to practical use on shoes since the end of the 18th century, and the implementation of Bakelite and similar resin treatments in 1909, the heels radiate a glossy shine. Moreover, they show the subtle workmanship of geometric designs, and limestone and metal bead application, At that time in Paris, couturier and artisans specializing in custom-order footwear created luxurious shoes. Craftsmen who signed their names on shoe designs, like Andre Perugia, also appeared. Then, in the 1920s, Western European women began exposing the leg below the knees for the first time. When compared to the existence of footwear up until that period, this becomes an important matter. Shoes which utilize functionality paired with small engraved designs and various historic moldings. Of these shoes, 1920s footwear that reflects art deco designs can be said to exhibit a special charm equal to a kind of objet d'art.

The Kyoto Costume Institute

Photo by Takashi Hatakeyama