1920s rpg

Icons #2 - Mushroom Hunting

1. White Coral2. Black Trumpet3. Black Rot4. Giant Puffball5. Hen of the Woods6. Elfin Saddle7. Tree’s Ear8. Jelly Tooth9. Lobster Bun, 10. Slippery Jack11. Witches’ Butter, 12. Oyster Mushrooms13. Violet Crown, 14. Dead Man’s Fingers15. Shaggy Mane.

Ability .GIFs!

“As investigators level up they acquire a number of Ability and Attribute Points. These can be spent in five different categories, and your choice will directly influence how each character plays.”

“Frozen Ground (above) requires 12 Ability Points in Water, and 15 Attribute Points in Craft before it can be unlocked. As its governed by Spirit and Craft, investigators of these attributes will learn the ability earlier than others.

Exception: The Technician does not learn abilities: instead she creates a variety of useful and potentially eye-removing gadgets using science.”

From the latest Kickstarter update.