The wedding dress that she wears to the reception is actually an original piece, beautiful beaded on a silk tulle. It was just a ghost of a dress, and I stumbled upon it. A trader I’d made friends with has a little shop in London and he actually kept it in a box—it had never been worn, and we managed to give it this fairy tale ending, this wedding dress that was a hundred years old and had never been worn. It was an amazing moment when we found it, and when we put it on Lily and it fitted perfectly. That doesn’t happen very often. So we then picked this beautiful ivory and buttery silk and made the under-dress which complemented her skin tone.”

Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins (×)


I’m pretty sure this has been posted on Tumblr before (as I first discovered it through here), but I haven’t seen it floating around in quite a while so I figured I’d share it with you all again. It’s a video showcasing 100 years of fashion from the 1910s up until recently. Not only do the clothes change but so do the styles of dance and the music!


1920s Fashion
via Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection, NY Public Library

I normally don’t cover fashion on this blog, but while digging around the NYPL digital archives, I came across a cache of vintage fashion sketches and ads that were pretty breathtaking. Some are from French fashion booklets, some from magazines. Exquisite examples of Deco and the 20s ethos expressed in fashion. These are just a few examples; click here to see the whole gallery. -Wendy