The Luxury of Heavy Silk Satin Self Trim: 1920s Weddings

These two wedding gowns from the 1920s are on display at an exhibition on wedding wear at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles that closes on Saturday, October 2. 

The first image is of the flowers and buds in heavy silk satin that are placed right below the waistline. If you look to the picture of the two dresses, you will see it is the one on the right and is entirely self-trimmed with a little waving ripple that runs down the front each side of the skirt.

The dress on the left is a much, more elaborate affair.  The second photo is the back bodice of the dress which is self-trimmed in flowers and vines which then loop around the skirt and are repeated onto the train. That was apparently not enough because then the front bodice was trimmed with a lace-with-pearls piece and the sleeves are not only trimmed with lace with pearls but held on with strings of pearls which makes for a charming but most fragile-looking sleeve.

I imagine the dress on the right on a quieter sister, the kind who is a bit shy and very sweet, while the one on the left was made up to satisfy someone who liked to stand out in the crowd.

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Fashion Friday: We are feeling très chic these days thanks to #LegerinPhilly. And nothing says 1920s Paris like a daring dress in stunning colors. Enjoy the show!