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I have been trying (based on your post and answers) to work out a map of Acorn Lane, shops and surrounding area. But I seem to be incredibly directionally incapable. So it would make me very happy if you would make a rough map of the area! Just so my mental images will be caught up with what is actually happening! :D

This is the really rough draft from my notebook, please excuse crappy quality and handwriting. 

171 East Road - Ironfoot’s  is something of an oddity now, but the boutique cobblers owned by Dain Ironhill remains popular, particularly with the ever growing hipster market, and Dain’s willingness to create shoes in a variety of patterns, styles and colours. 

172 East Road - The Bargeman, is a 19th century pub owned and run by Bard Bowman: the pub originally belonged to his late wife’s family, and now it is enthusiastically manned by his teenage children during the day. 

173 East Road - The Greenwood, is a high end wine and spirits shop, owned by Thranduil Greenwood, who seems to delight in making trouble with the two establishments directly opposite him. 

175 East Road - Bees and Bears is owned by Beorn Bearson, and sells organic, local honey, as well as its own line of home-made baby food, and children’s knitwear. 

1 Acorn Lane - Acorn Lane Tattoo Parlour is owned and run by Bilbo Baggins and Ori Ri, and is the newest addition to the area.

2 Acorn Lane - The Flowersmith was originally opened in 1943 by the current owner, Thorin Durin’s, grandmother, and has been successfully selling flowers and providing wedding arrangements ever since.

3 Acorn Lane - Greyhame’s, like Ironfoot’s, is a throwback to a different world, and is one of the last traditional tobacconists left in the city. The eccentric owner, Gandalf Greyhame, sells a variety of tobaccos, pipes, cigars and smoking paraphernalia, and also has a rather comfortable smoking area inside, in which customers are encouraged to try samples.

4 Acorn Lane - Empty shop - though given the popularity of the area, possibly not for long. 

5 Acorn Lane - Ri’s is an antique jewellery shop and traders, owned by Nori Ri. A treasury trove inside, local browsers have been known to find 1920’s engagement rings, 18th century pendants, and an array of precious metals and stones, all of which are sold for a shockingly reasonable price. 

(The following shops are all located in one large, converted mill, from the mid 19th century. Each shop has its own entrance now, and have particularly high ceilings due to the original nature of the building.)

6A Acorn Lane - Roots and Fruits is a nutritionist and herbal remedy shop run by Oin and Gloin Groinson, and prides itself on focusing extensively on pre/postnatal care, and looking after families. 

6B Acorn Lane - Frerin Durin: Event Planner - his offices are up a flight of stairs positioned innocuously part way down an alley, so you might be forgiven for not realising that these are the offices of one of the most famous and successful event planner’s in the country, who has celebrities and even royals on his books. 

7 Acorn Lane - Acorn Lane Gallery is run by the rather intimating Dwalin Fundin, who has a habit of glaring rather intimidatingly at anyone who doesn’t seem to be paying proper respect to the displays of local art.

8 Acorn Lane - The Service Cafe is a quaint and spacious place, inspired by the traditional Viennese kaffehaus. Run by former service-men Balin Fundin and Dori Ri, it boasts an exceptional array of coffee, herbal teas, and cakes, as well as a rather impressive line of snacks and sandwiches. 

Just gonna use this post to make a quick psa: thank you for all your messages, they’ve been really appreciated. I’m going to finish posting the prologue, but I still haven’t made a decision whether to post the rest of it - it’ll probably depend on feedback/motivation.