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Hi! Glad to see a new headcanon blog!! So, what kind of wedding dress/wear would the RFA members + V and Unknown prefer to see MC in, and how would they react to seeing them dressed in it?

I’ll answer these two in the same one because they’re similar. I’m so excited! My first headcanons and it’s fluffy stuff!!



  • He’d wear a pinstripe suit for sure. Or maybe a tuxedo?
  • It’d probably be black and something very classic. Maybe a black tuxedo and a black or navy blue cummerbund??
  • He’d love to see you in a princess ball gown! You’re his beautiful princess, and he wants to see you dressed like one at least once. 
  • He’d want you to wear something frilly and has rhinestones all over it. Elegant and fancy. Like a real princess!
  • Elizabeth III is the ring bearer 


  • I feel like she’d want to wear something elegant and classy, but not overly-dramatic or something that screams “Look at me!”, ya know? So no ball gowns for her.
  • She would also want to be really classic, so she’d wear a white dress and some low heels.
  • Probably would wear a mermaid cut dress or maybe a trumpet or sheath style one??? Idk just not something puffy.
  • She’d most likely end up with a mermaid dress with ¾ sleeves.
  • OR MAYBE SHE WEARS HER MOM’S WEDDING DRESS ;-; Baehee is so cute guys omg
  • She’d love to see you in anything, and as soon as she saw you, she’d start tearing up.
  • She would secretly hope you picked something really lace-y and not very sparkly.


  • He wants to look all grown up (even though he’s a baby), so he would wear a tuxedo.
  • He’d wear the basic all black and white kind of one, and would be so nervous he almost threw up on himself in the minutes leading up to seeing you in your dress, walking down the isle. 
  • He thinks you’d look good in anything, but honestly?? He’d want you to wear something more modest. Maybe an empire waistline and short sleeves?
  • But if you decide you want to show skin, he’s totally cool with that. If you wear a short dress or a long one with a slit up the leg?? He might faint?? You’re so beautiful and you’re his wife now.
  • Once he sees you, he definitely starts crying.


  • He’d wear a white suit because it’d match his aesthetic
  • He thinks it’d be so!!! Cute!!! To see you in a tea length dress with 1920′s style hair with bright red lipstick. He loves that look and it makes you look so innocent but a little naughty at the same time ;)
  • Or you might have a Grease-style wedding! He’d have his hair slicked back and his collar popped up, and you’d have a halter-strapped dress that flares out at the knees.
  • He’d be so excited and would love getting to have this experience with you!


  • A space suit
  • He might joke around and say he’ll wear a jean suit, but in reality he’d take it very seriously and would wear a fitted tux. He’s going all-out.
  • He contemplated wearing a dress as well, but decided against it.
  • It’d be a black tux with a bright red or pink cummerbund.
  • He’d want you to wear something that shows your personality. Maybe something that matched him! So maybe not classic? Like, maybe your dress is red or light pink? He’d still think you looked gorgeous if you wore a white dress, also.
  • As long as you’re happy and comfortable, so is he.


  • He’d also dress very formally and proper. But he’d look so good in anything???
  • He’d want to wear either black or gray but it’s not like he could see what he’s wearing anyway
  • V, being blind, can’t see what your dress looks like, but he’d assure you that you look beautiful, anyway.
  • He’d love it if your dress was silky or satiny, because it would feel very nice and, honestly, if you did he’d keep his hand around your waist as much as possible.


  • Honestly? I feel like he would hate the attention of a wedding. It wouldn’t surprise me if he just wanted to put on a nice pair of pants and a shirt and head down to the courthouse and just sign the papers.
  • However, if you really wanted a wedding, he’d agree to make you happy, if you promised there’d be a maximum of 12 people there. 
  • He’d dress up a little more than if you weren’t having a wedding, but not as much as most people. 
  • He’d like to see you in something modest and simple, too. Maybe a short dress with stripes or flower designs on it? A white dress with black flower patterns would be so pretty!!
1920s Flapper Girl Gatsby Hair Tutorial

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Hair may not be my forte but what’s the point of having nice makeup and bad hair? To rock the Gatsby look, yes you need the makeup but you also most certainly need the hair too.  The 1920s were all about glamorous up dos, finger waves and hair accessories. Every outfit was accompanied by embellished hair pins and decorative hairbands, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the hair was oh-so beautiful. Don’t forget to complete the 1920s look with matching makeup!

Finger waves are my favourite look from the 1920s but I also LOVE glamorous updos, they make me think of amazing roaring parties (a la la The Great Gatsby)

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