1920's ephemera


ENGULFED BY FLAMES” - a brick house completely completely consumed by fire, even the tree and nearby power lines are ablaze. No flash needed for this nighttime snapshot thanks to the intense light of the burning building.


1927 vintage reference guide to silent film era Hollywood, titled “*** [Stars] of the Movies,” published in Hollywood California by “The Hollywood Publicity Co., Inc” which appears to have been a hybrid of the motion picture industry and a Hollywood chamber of commerce type group.

Marion Davies, Betty Blythe, Myrna Loy, Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Rita Carewe, Greta Garbo, Elinor Fair & Jewel Carmen.

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IN LOVING REMEMBRANCE of Ester J Burley- Died Feb. 22, 1929- Aged 75 Years.- GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

“I ofttimes wish that I was dead

and laid beside her in the tomb

The sorrow that bowes down my head

Is silent in the midnight gloom

The spring time has no charm for me

Though flowers are blooming in the dell

That dearest form I cannot see

It is the form of my sweet Ester Jane.

While the birds was singing in the morning

And the myrtle and the Ivey were in bloom

and the sun on the hilltops was dawning

It was then we laid her in the tomb.

~Your One Best Friend”