1919 hemphill


For those who don’t know. I co-founded, co-ran and was the event coordinator for a really cool “DIY community center” called 1919 Hemphill for ten years. It was like my baby and it’s what kept me in Fort Worth for so many years. Here is a nice video made by Viktor Villanueva. 

It made me very proud and nostalgic. The later years of me running this space I would run into people who used to go to shows at 1919 but stopped when they hit a certain age. Those people are still in bands but don’t seem to give much attention to the place that let them hang out and play shows when they weren’t old enough to drink or be good at their instruments. 

Anywho, it’s a great place and I like this video.



Come give Parker and Miles hugs and kissies on Saturday, Nov. 7.  They make you feel emo inside.  


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