Even though I agree that Lil’ Kim is the Madonna of hip hop, she also is almost like the Courtney Love of hip hop too. Both of them are the two most controversial female music artists of their genre (Courtney Love for rock, Lil’ Kim for hip hop). Both of them were the significant other of an iconic male music artist from the 90’s who were both killed by gunshot. Both are rumored that their most famous albums (Hole’s “Live Through This”, Lil’ Kim’s “Hardcore”) were albums written by their significant others. Both have tried having acting careers. Both are addicted to plastic surgery. Both are muses of photographer David Lachapelle. Both could also be said to only be famous because of their significant others.

10 wonderful Antoni Gaudi works

1. Casa Batlo, 1877 (renovation 1904-1906)

2. La Sagrada Familia  (construction started 1882, estimated that will finish in 2026-2028)

3. Park Guell,1900-1914

4. Casa Mila (La Pedrera), 1906-1910

5. Casa Vicens, 1883-1888

6. El Capricho

7. Casa Calvert

8. Lamp posts

9. Casa Botines (1892-1893)

10. Finca Miralles