Whenever they make a Professor Challenger movie they always base it on The Lost World, I personally think The Poison Belt would be more interesting, if that is they go beyond just the story and look at what was implied but not shown. Part of the effect of the nearing “poison belt” is that people remain fully cognitive but start losing their inhibitions, about the only part of these we are shown in the story is a bit where Challenger dives under a table and bites a waitresses ankle “because I was curious what she would do.” And some smoke from fires off in the distance in various small villages as they head for their oxygen enhanced safe house. But I mean really a just post Victorian world with their restraints and inhibitions gone? That’s the movie.

One of the first colour photos in Ireland, 1913 - Woman in traditional Gaelic dress


These images, which represent the first ever colour photographs taken in Ireland, were taken in 1913 by two French women, Marguerite Mespoulet and Madeleine Mignon-Alba, who used newly available autochrome colour plates. - More here