“Oh! So…” With that stupid ball of mistletoe still in hand, HR gestured over his shoulder and pointed to where you were stretching a line of Christmas lights throughout the cortex and asked, “You wouldn’t mind if I just head over there and-”

“No-Don’t…” Harrison tried before snapping his mouth shut and puffing out a low breath that resembled a growl. “Just… I’m not… But don’t-”

“She ain’t thirstin’ for no bae…” Cisco cut in before slapping Harrison lightly on the back. “But by all means, string bean… Knock yourself out.”

“Great…” HR beamed, making a start for you but before he got too far, he stopped and angled himself awkwardly back toward Harrison and Cisco. “By the way, will dropping the cute-cumber line and other vegetable metaphors, eggplants, for example, get me decked?”

At that, Cisco had to slam an arm in front of Harrison’s chest just to hold him back before rushing out, “I wouldn’t go there, dude…”

“I’ll log that away.” And with that, HR was turning on his heel and stalking right for you.

He was hardly out of ear shot before Cisco started chuckling which caused Harrison’s eyes to cut toward him. “What’s so funny?”

“Bruh…” Cisco said, doing nothing to stifle the grin splitting through his face. “You got it bad.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Harrison getting Riled at a Holiday Party after HR Tries Flirting with You*

@that-mischievous-kitsune​: A holiday party with Team Flash, maybe some Mistletoe fluff with HR and a jealous Harry? Cisco teasing about him be oh so obviously jealous. Please and Thank You!!!

A/N: This deviated ever so slightly from the original request but I hope you like it still!

I’m currently making sticker sheets for each character as freebies and thought it would be cute to include something with all four of them ahh ♡ ♡ ♡ I love them so much ;A; Will color this later! 


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Born on this day in 1886, Diego Rivera was instrumental to Mexico’s modern art movement, where he championed Mexican culture and the rights of the workers in his mural projects. While working in the United States, he made these portable murals depicting the struggle of farm laborers.  See them today in Paint The Revolution.

Sugar Cane,” 1931, by Diego Rivera © 2014 Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 

Liberation of the Peon,” 1931, by Diego Rivera © 2014 Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

All the Tian He fangirls from school probably think he’s very polite and a true gentlemanTM because he never tried to do anything “dirty” with them, despite their obvious interest in him. But in fact he’s just gay af and totally the type that shoves his tongue in your throat without warning to show he’s interested in you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think it was He Tian's first kiss with Mo?

i can’t really give you a definitive reply on this, anon, because tbh i’ve been changing my mind on this daily since the kiss happened!!

i LOVE the idea of that being he tian’s first kiss, not only because the idea of them being each other’s first kiss is very romantic, but also because it would just be hilarious to me?? like, everyone thinks of he tian as this cool and mature guy who has already had lots of experience, so i really enjoy the idea of him secretly being a huge dork who has no idea how to let his crush know that he has feelings for them and who never kissed anyone and tried to learn how to do it by searching stuff on the internet and practicing with his hand, just to then fuck everything up by shoving his tongue down guan shan’s throat on impulse

of course this probably doesn’t fit he tian’s character very well (though i do believe that he is a huge dork and no one can convince me otherwise), and him saying stuff like ‘don’t tell me you’ve never kissed anyone’ and ‘a kiss won’t kill you’ make me think that he did kiss someone before. i mean, it’s not a sure thing, because that could have also been he tian putting on his usual mask to cover the fact that 'oh, you never kissed anyone? shit, me neither’, but as of now im leaning more towards guan shan not being his first kiss

at the same time, though, even if that wasn’t his first kiss, i definitely believe that he hasn’t kissed an endless list of people like some believe?? i mean, he is still a 15 years old kid, and personally i don’t see him as the type of character who goes around kissing people and breaking hearts (i actually think he is extremely faithful tbh). my personal headcanon on this is that he probably kissed a girl and a boy before to be sure of his sexuality, but they didn’t mean anything and he never had a relationship with someone, or even wanted one, until guan shan came along: maybe guan shan wasn’t his first kiss, but it’s the definitely the first one that matters, and i also love the idea of he tian wanting to be guan shan’s first kiss so badly that he ended up kissing him without really meaning to

so, yeah, i really like both versions!! i think we don’t have certain proofs for one or the other, so anyone can imagine what they prefer, at least for now!! sorry if this wasn’t very helpful, but i’d love to know which version you prefer if you want!!