May 23 in Music History

1644 Birth of composer Thomas Eisenhut.

1696 Birth of composer Johann Caspar Vogler.

1741 Birth of composer Andrea Lucchesi.

1753 Birth of tenor Etienne Lainez in Vaugirard.

1756 Birth of composer Nicolas-Joseph Hullmandel.

1759 Birth of composer Antonio da Silva Leite.

1794 Birth of Czech composer and pianist Ignaz Moscheles in Prague. 

1814 FP of Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio in its present form at the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna. 

1825 FP of Spontini’s “Alcidor” Berlin.

1826 FP in USAmerica of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni sung in Italian by the Garcia family with Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo da Ponte attending at Park Theater in NYC. 

1831 Birth of American composer William Oscar Perkins in Stockbridge, VT.

1850 FP of Hernando’s “Bertoldo y Comparsa” zarzuela, Madrid.

1851 Birth of composer Antoni Stolpe.

1864 Birth of Danish composer Louis Glass, in Frederiksberg. 

1871 Birth of Norwegian composer Sigurd Lie.

1878 Birth of French music critic Emile Vuillermoz.

1879 Birth of English pianist Harold Samuel.

1887 Death of tenor Gaetano Fraschini.

1894 Birth of German baritone Heinrich Rehkemper.

1895 Birth of baritone Josef Krikava in Rakovnik. 

1895 FP of Houseley’s “The Juggler” light opera, Denver.

1901 Birth of English composer Edmund Rubbra in Northampton. 

1902 Birth of composer Mark Lothar.

1906 Birth of composer Hellmuth Christian Wolff.

1911 Birth of Russian-American composer Boris Kremenliev. 

1911 Birth of Danish baritone Frans Andersson Copenhagen. 

1912 Birth of French composer and pianist Jean Francaix in Le Mans.

1913 Birth of German baritone Horst Gunter in Leipzig. 

1921 Birth of English trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton

1922 Birth of Swedish tenor Per Grunden in Eskiltuna. 

1923 Birth of Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha in Barcelona.

1926 Birth of Hungarian baritone Zsolt Bende in Budapest. 

1926 Birth of German tenor Hanns Nocker in Westfalen. 

1926 Death of German composer Hans Koessler in Budapest. 

1926 FP of Miaskovsky’s Symphony No. 8, in Moscow. 

1929 Birth of German bass-baritone Konrad Rupf in Pohlau.

1929 Birth of bass Dalibor Jedlicka in Svojanov. 

1929 FP of Vasilenko’s “Sin solntsa” Moscow.

1933 Birth of German soprano Ingeborg Hallstein in Munich. 

1933 Birth of American pianist John Browning in Denver. 

1934 Birth of American experimental composer Robert Moog.

1937 FP of William Grant Still’s Lenox Avenue for narrator and orchestra.

1939 Birth of German mezzo-soprano Evelyn Dalberg in Leipzig. 

1941 Birth of American composer Jackson Hill in Birmingham, AL.

1941 Birth of Dutch composer Roderik Deman in Bandung, Indonesia.

1943 FP of Samuel Barber’s Commando March. Army Air Force Technical Training Command Band, composer conducting in Atlantic City, NJ. 

1949 Birth of American composer and flutist Carol Barnett.

1962 Death of Czech bass Marcello Cortis. 

1966 FP of J. Hauer’s “Die schwarze Spinne” Vienna.

1971 FP of Gottfried von Einem’s Der Besuch der alten Damen at the Vienna State Opera.

1971 FP of American composer Rogers Sessions’ cantata When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed’ on text of Walt Whitman in Berkeley, CA.

1977 Birth of American composer Gregory Spears.

1983 Death of Norwegian composer Finn Einar Mortensen in Oslo. 

1987 Death of Belgian composer Karel Albert in Antwerp. 

1991 Death of German composer, pianist Wilhelm Kempff in Positano, IT. 

1992 Death of South African soprano Joyce Barker. 

1993 FP of Daniel Pinkham’s Nocturnes for flute and guitar with flutist Fenwick Smith and guitarist John Curtis at the First and Second Church in Boston, MA. 

2003 Death of Australian soprano Glenda Raymond.

"Killer Chandelier of West Covina”

Most people today have forgotten about the Killer Chandelier of West Covina, California. From 1902 until 1905, seven siblings met their deaths by the same falling chandelier in the West Covina home of Dr. Brut Morris. Statisticians placed the odds of even one sibling being killed by a falling chandelier at 1 in 176,000. The odds of all seven siblings meeting their fate the same way in the same place proved astronomical. And yet, it happened! Tragically, Dr. Morris refused all entreaties to remove the dangerous chandelier. He relented only upon the death of his last sibling, at which point he sadly became the sole heir to his family’s fortune.

Green 1902 Patent triple-shotgun

Retailed by Westley Richards in England c.1911.
12 gauge triple-barrel cluster, single trigger, top break action, automatic extractor.

There was a short-lived enthusiasm for these guns back in the early 20th century, but balancing problems and no doubt WW1 put an end to it.