1900s jokes


“A difficult smile to resist, eh, Hercule?”
“Yes, indeed. Oh! If you think that the young lady and not the case attracted me, you do me a wrong, Claude.”
“Yet, you still wear the trinket she gave you.”

how kinky were swedish peasants?

very. perhaps even. to kinky, for their own good. 

a numbered list of why they were kinky, perhaps even too kinky

1. had an entire genre of joke poetry, were they described common household chores and items as graphic sex scenes. with sound effects! so graphic poems that it even makes students of today blush and giggle!

2. they most likely told these poems in group as a fun game to pass time while doing the very same household chores they described as graphic sex scenes.

3. i am still mentally scarred from their describtions of snus (similiar to snuff, but snus is moist tobacco powder) as sexual fingering. i might never recover, and! i am a avid reader of fanfiction!


that! is! not! a! vagina! nor! any! form! of! bodily! orifice! nor! body! part!

that is snus, and it looks and smells, like shit. *judging swedish peasants of the 19th and 18th century*


Toledo, Ohio. Boody House, Saint Claire and Madison Streets, circa 1900.  

Named for Wabash Railroad President Azariah Boody, Boody House opened in June, 1872. Its 133 rooms each had a fire place and hot and cold running water, a rarity at the time. Boody House also claimed to have the only elevator between Chicago and Buffalo and was the site of the first functioning telephone in Toledo.

After weeks of research and hundreds of person hours at Once Upon a Town offices, we can, with some authority say that this was the origin of the term “Boody Call.” The hotel was demolished in 1928.