1900s brooklyn


New York City in the 1890s and 1900s.

1) Inside the Buffalo Public Library, 1900s.
2) The Dakota at Central Park West, 1890.
3) 5th Avenue and 59th Street, 1897.
4) Emigrant and pretzel vendor. By Alice Austen, 1896.
5) Nassau Street, circa 1905.
6) The Mad Hatter Tea Room, Greenwich Village, circa 1908.
7) Waldorf Astoria Original Site at 5th Ave and 35th Street, 1899.
8) Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, 1894.
9) Brooklyn Bridge, 1896.
10) The Saint Regis Hotel, 1900s..


I’ve seen the Flat-Iron, I’ve seen the Subway,

The Bowery, the Park and the Zoo- 

But Nothing I see can quite Compensate Me

For the Fact that I so not see You, My Friend,

For the Fact the I do not see YOU”

~Kathleen Mathew, 1906


New York City at the turn of the last Century
From top to bottom;

1) Ice Skating in Central Park, 1890. The Dakota building can be seen in the background.

2) Wanamaker’s was a popular department store on Broadway and Ninth Street in the early 1900s. It caught fire and was demolished in 1956.

3) A Hudson River subway car, 1908.

4) Bowling Green Park, 1898.

5) Newsies, 1896.

6) Park Avenue South, 1890.

7) Grand Central, 1893.

8) Broadway and Hotel Victoria, with the Flatiron Building looming in the distance. Circa 1910.

9) 5th Avenue, 1900.

10) Brooklyn Bridge Subway Tracks, 1897.

What if...

You were an advanced human, aging incredibly slowly, living in the mid-1900s Brooklyn?  You become best friends with Steve and Bucky and are devastated when you learn they had “died”, vowing never to become close with anyone again, you become reclusive.

That is until, after the events of winter soldier, Bucky uses the information that Black Widow released to track you down and you help restore his memories.

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