1900's style

oh like not to spill the tea but three days before KT broke up with me we were in the city with her lesbian friend… and like motherhecking heck she is literally one of the hottest people i’ve ever seen. i wanna be a terrible person and hit her up, i really do. but i’m sure she’d be like “yikes u dated my friend for 5 minutes no thanks”. but like??? we held hands and were in a gay bar/bookstore together, we danced to Abba together and we bonded over Haunted House and Sky High. we love carly rae jepson and Heathers? and best part? she’s like this tiny, short haired, fanny back enthusiast, early 1900′s male socialite styling lesbian. 

god she liked one of my facebook posts and followed me back on instagram so like when we gunna fuck u know?