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If max met lyle, how would he feel about the deer man?

Scared, but like most people who meet Mr. Wretchford, would warm up to him when he realized he’s just an old guy with a deer skull head. Considering Max is a 90′s kid while Mr. Wretchford is a 1900′s kid, they would definitely bond and laugh over the drastic differences in their upbringings and lifestyles! 

Things that shouldn't be said to a Lesbian - but always are.

“All lesbians just want to be men”

Erm, well.. No.

“I am totally cool with lesbians kissing in front of me, but two gay guys makes me feel weird”

Erm, No.

“You’re too pretty to be a Lesbian, what a waste”

NO. This is personally the one I find most disrespectful.

“Why do you have to flaunt your sexuality and make everyone aware you’re gay?”

No. Fuck off. Straight people can walk down the street holding hands/kissing with no problem, be all over TV making love & shit. Why the hell can’t we?? If anything I think heterosexuals are trying to shove their sexuality in our faces all the time.

“Lesbians can’t raise children, they need a mom and dad, not two moms how confusing”

Just, shut, up. this is not the 1900’s. Kids need love and security weather that is given to them by dad/dad, mom/mom or mom/dad.

You’re gay? That means you think Im hot?”

Ummmm No bitch, you’re still ugly.

“Can I Watch?”

NO. Stop asking this guys! Our life is not a porno movie!

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wait when is bonfire night/day? (i'm american, and it seems like an interesting holiday) and also who and when was the blowing up of parliment attempted? thx much love

Bonfire night is tonight!

A guy called Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses Of Parliament in 1605 during The State Opening (an event that still occurs to this day that marks the beginning of the Parliamentary year, and first thing that is still done is that the cellars are checked :’) ). He was caught and then hung drawn and quartered (method of execution) in 1606 along with others that helped him. (Boring fact - one of the guys that knew of the Gunpowder plot was executed because of it in my home city and my highschool was named after him… D:)

When we light our bonfires we put a human shaped dummy that respresents Guy Fawkes in there, like this:

In the early 1900’s kids would carry these dummies around with them in the days before they were burned and ask “Penny for the guy?” so they could obtain money (probably to buy sweets or sparklers)

We also have a saying and it goes:

Remember remember the 5th of November

The Gunpowder Treason and plot.

I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason

should ever be forgot

And we also light fireworks, lots and lots of fireworks :’) and displays are held all over the country

And it’s only now, typing this up that I realise how creepy and ritualistic this must seem to other countries :’) <3

I’m going to be one of those old people that talks about science and space and tells kids to do research and explore constantly but at the same time I’m going to constantly use phrases like “back when I was your age” and “in the late 1900’s” and all the kids are going to hate me.