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may i request a spacebus in c2 and/or b1 for the crazy face meme? 0v0

Crying? Who’s crying??? I’m not cryinGG.. ha ha haahaaa a..

Transformers © Hasbro
Art © *Moi

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A reminder that @lilyvonk is an AMAZING artist and you should totally follow her art blog. This was a commissioned piece she did for me of my Dalish Inquisitor Avrinne together with Iron Bull (my OTP~). She took my crappy little “this is what I kinda want” thumbnail sketch and turned out something I want to hang over my freakin’ fireplace. I wanted symbolism and emotion– and she delivered in SPADES. (Bull’s FACE omg that look SO BEAUTIFUL.) 

Frig, do I ever love Dragon Age. XD