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Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967)
“House of Cards” (1919)

At the time of this painting, just 2 years after the October Revolution of 1917, Serebriakova’s husband had died of typhus, contracted in a Bolshevik jail. She was left without any income, responsible for her four children and her sick mother. All her husband’s reserves had been plundered, so the family suffered from hunger. “House of Cards” depicts her four children.


So I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the ML Past lives universe.

But I haven’t found many Japanese Past lives wwww so here’s my contributio/headcannon  :3

This incarnation takes place in the Taisho Era of Japan: late 1900s-1930s

(Specifically here, 1919)


Picture 1: This is Mirai Tentouchu. She is a current school girl in Tokyo Academy for Women (High School) She’s graceful and the model traditional Japanese Girl. When she’s at home she’s a huge klutz though…a top student, she can be very witty and clever. She is quite outspoken and often desires for some independence as a career woman but her father plans to marry her off to be a housewife. Because she’s an obedient daughter to her papa, she often has to restrain her outspokenness at home.


Picture 2: In this form, people call her “Miss Ladybug.” where she can be free to be blunt, outspoken, and WAY more emotional than usual. 


Picture 3:  His name is Kagami Taylor. He’s the son of an English Earl and a Japanese poet. A rising businessman and the sole heir to a large company, he grew up as a cold and distant fellow. He is a very intimidating man and quite harsh when talking to others. Sympathy doesn’t really run in his veins and he’s all business ALL the time. everything must be an investment or he has no use for it/them. (so kinda like Felix 2.0) He also is the fiancee of Mirai.

He likes poetry though…


Picture 4: This is Kuro Neko, your haughty, hot headed, but charmingly flirtatious cat. Easily Jealous, eloquent with words, this cat definitely goes for the kill. An untameable beast , this cat only listens to one, and that is Miss Ladybug. He’s quite an agile being and the bo staff is definitely his facorite weapon.


I tried guys ;A; 

I really did.

I have a ton more head cannons for this era but I hope this does for now.