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Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART SEVENTEEN

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Bucky Barnes x Reader 

You had been detected. You were now on their radar. You are recruited for one mission only. You are trained and put to the test. With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: swearing; angst

Word Count: 3,040

A/N: Counting chapters 18, 19, and 20 then NOW there are three parts left. Lol, I’m horrible at math. ENJOY!


You really tried. 

You had tried your hardest to go and visit the team at the compound. The first few days were spent in solitude but once a week passed, you had dragged your body out of bed and finally faced the music. The first person you saw was Natasha, who scooped you up in her arms and locked you in her room to chat. For an entire hour, she let you tell her anything you wanted to mention. She never pushed, she never forced you, and she didn’t ask you about Bucky. You internally thanked her. 

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favourite flames prospects (1/?): oliver kylington, #58, defenceman
↳ My experience is that most people understand that the sport takes center stage and one’s ethnicity shouldn’t be a hindrance. Also, there aren’t a lot of people of color in the world’s hockey leagues, which makes people of color extra proud of the ones that are there and performing well.

age: 20 (may 19, 1997)
height: 6'0″
birthplace: stockholm, sweden
draft: 60th overall in 2015 
nhl debut: april 9th, 2016, 2-1 win over the minnesota wild
trivia: youngest player in the league in his first ahl season, second youngest defenceman to make his debut in flames franchise history, first nhl player of eritrean descent

نظرية أمريكية جميلة جدًّا استوقفتني كثيرًا !!

وهي كالتالي :

If : إذا

are equal to :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

إذا أعطي كل حرف في اللغة وزنًا بناءً على ترتيبه الأبجدي، مثلًا أول حرف هو A ووزنه يساوي 1 وآخر حرف Z ووزنه يساوي 26 ..

فإن :

🔸العمل الجاد 🔸

( H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K ) =

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11= 98%

🔸 المعرفة 🔸
( K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E ) =

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5= 96%

🔸الحب 🔸
( L+O+V+E ) =

12+15+22+5 = 54%

🔸الحظ 🔸
( L+U+C+K ) :

12+21+3+11 = 47%

💡لا شيء مما سبق سوف يعطيك نتيجة 100% التي تريد 😊

إذا هل هي ، ،

🔸النقود 🔸؟؟؟

💡 طبعاً لا !!!

( M+O+N+E+Y )=


🔸القيادة 🔸؟

💡أيضا لا !!

( L+E+A+D+E+R+S+H+I+P ) =

18+19+8+9+16= 97%

💡لكل مشكلة حل ، فقط ربما إذا غيرنا سلوكنا وأسلوبنا في التعامل ..

🔸السلوك 🔸 “ATTITUDE”

( A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E ) =

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

✨ إذاً :-

💡إذا غيرنا سلوكنا تجاه الحياة ،
سوف نحدث تغير حقيقي
في حياتنا بإذن الله ..

نظرية حققها الإسلام قبل 14 قرن ونصف
﴿إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّى يُغَيِّرُوا مَا بِأَنْفُسِهِم )..

Chapter 31

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30

He switches between playing with your hair to rubbing your back, and you can’t think of a better way to spend a night. Aaron rests his hand on your ass and lightly massages it without much thought. He casually tugs on the hem of your dress and reveals your bare thighs. If someone were to walk in the room right now, they would be able to see right up your dress. Your shoulders start to get stiff from being in the same position, and you begin to get restless. You move to sit up, and your hand brushes against Aaron’s crotch. He lets out a quiet moan, so quiet that you almost miss it. When you look up at him. he laughs.

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[ENG SUB] To Be a Better Man (Extras) + Lay

Yixing Cuts: [12] [13] [15] [16] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [28] [29] [30] [32] [33] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42]

Behind the Scenes:

  • 151210 - Taking You To Work - On the Set of To Be a Better Man [1]
  • Yixing’s NG Compilation [1] [2] [3]
  • To Be A Better Man BTS 1 [1] [2] [3
  • Yixing & Xiaotong Dancing BTS [1]


  • 150822 - Fenghuang Video/Ifeng Interview [1]
  • 150826 - Ifeng Interview [1] <RAW>
  • 150828 - Sina Interview [1]
  • 150901 - LeTV’s “Big Shot” interview [1]
  • 160414 - LeTV Interview [1]
  • 160602 - Dream Works Report & Interview [1] <RAW>
  • 160606 - LeTV Interview [1
  • 160615 - Sohu Interview [1]


  • 150819 - Press Conference - Full [1] <RAW>
  • 150819 - Press Conference - Subbed Cuts [1] [2]


  • 160602 - Li Wenling Talks About Zhang Yixing [1]
  • 160520 - Go Fighting Brothers Give Their Well Wishes to TBABM [1]
  • 160621 - TBABM Screenwriter Talks About Xiao Cai/Yixing [1]
  • 160606 - Yixing’s Message and Trailer [1] <RAW>
  • 160407 - Teaser [1]
  • 160429 - Suspense Trailer [1]
  • 160511 - Trailer - Yixing [1]
  • 160519 - Teaser [1]
  • 160529 - Trailer [1]
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I know this has been discussed a lot recently, but I wanted to add my own experience. I’m not a famous writer, partly because I tend to fall in love with less popular ships and partly because my writing simply isn’t that mind-blowing, but I’m doing alright.

Here’s the deal: Before joining the Sherlock fandom, I was a huge Kingsman fan. My fic count for the first has now reached that for the latter and curious about what had me abandon the huge Kingsman fandom, I went back to my first multichapter fic (which remained unfinished). Almost immediately, I remembered why:

12-chapter Kingsman fic
ao3: 23 comments, 15 bookmarks, 80 subscriptions
ff.net: 6 reviews, 35 favourites, 56 follower

13-chapter Sherlock fic
ao3: 65 comments, 11 bookmarks, 28 subscriptions
ff.net: 20 reviews, 19 favourites, 18 follower

Do subscriptions and bookmarks make me happy? Hell yes! But if out of 56 people who liked my story enough to be interested in more, only 6 took the time to tell me this, then that’s more discouraging than motivating…

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1. Nicknames: des,dessy ,mama,mom

2.Gender: cis girl 

3.Zodiac: cancer

4.Height: 5′4′

5.Current Time: 1:37pm

6.Birthday: July 13th

7.Favorite Bands: Studio Killers I cant think of any others rn

8. Favorite Solo Artists: Marina and The Diamonds I cant thik of any others atm

9.Song Stuck In My Head: currently she’s a lady by lion den

10.Last Movie I Watched: I medical documentary abt body deformity 

11.Last Show I Watched: rugrats

12.When Did I Create My Blog:  April 2017

13.What Do I Post: cartoons, dolls and cute things!

14.Last Thing I Googled: 

15. Do You Have Other Blogs:  Ye! a bunch and a trillion saved urls

17.Why Did You Choose Your URL:  I’m gregory mama 

18.Following: 68

19.Followers: 43

20.Favorite Color: pink!

21.Average Hours Of Sleep: from 12 to 6

22.Lucky Number: 13

23.Instruments: I can make songs similar to a dying cat on the violin 

24.What Am I Wearing:  A t-shirt and long pants

25.How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: one

26.Dream Job: idk specifically lets just say content creator

27:Favorite Food:  Bread!! spicy ramen! cheesy noodles! and pizza!!

28.Nationality: Hispanic/Latin American

29: Dream Trip: Disneyland, Italy, France, maybe Japan

30:Favorite Song ATM: Where you are from Moana

I tag  anyone who wants to do it! ^^

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

1- Adın ne?
2- Hangi takımlısın?
3- Burcun ne?
4- En sevdiğin kitap?
5- En sevdiğin şarkı?
6- En nefret ettiğin insan tipi?
7- Telefonun markası ne?
8- Kaç yıldır tumblr kullanıyorsun?
9- En sevdiğin yemek?
10- Tumblr’da değer verdiğin 3 kişi?
11- Mesafe ilşkisi yaşadın mı? Yaşar mısın?
12- En büyük hayalin?
13- Özlediğin birileri var mı?
14- Enstrüman çalıyor musun?
15- Sevdiğin insanda aradığın 3 özellik?
16- Yaz insanı mısın? Kış insanı mısın?
17- En son ne zaman ağladın?
18- Hiç aldatıldın mı?
19- Sarhoş oldun mu?
20- Sarhoş olduğunda yaptığın en aptalca şey?
21- Yabancı şarkı mı? Türkçe şarkı mı?
22- Küfür eden Kızlar/Erkekler itici mi?
23- Yaşamak istediğin şehir?
24- İlk tanıştığın birisine karşı davranışların nasıl olurdu?
25- Senin için önemli bir itrafta bulunur musun?
26- Kediler mi? Köpekler mi?
27- Dinine bağlı biri misin?
28- En çok sevdiğin özlü söz nedir?
29- Diyelim ki bir filimde oynama gibi bir şansın oldu hangi film olurdu?
30- En büyük korkun?
31- Hangi günü, ayı, yılı seviyorsun? Neden?
32- Geçmişte değiştirebileceğin bir şey olsa bu ne olurdu?
33- Örnek aldığın biri var mı? Kim?
34- 1 Saat gibi boş zamanın olsa ne yaparsın?
35- Başından kötü bir olay geçti mi?
36- Uzaylılara inanıyor musun?
37- En son ne zaman, ne için gerildin?
38- Olgun biri misin? Çocuksu biri mi?
39- Uyku tutmasa ne yaparsın?
40- Tumblr’da en çok mesajlaştığın kişi?
41- Tumblr’da kimle tanışmak istersin?
42- Giyim tarzın nasıl?
43- Boyun kaç?
44- Kaç kilodasın?
45- Tumblra neden ve nasıl üye oldun?
46- Uğurlu sayın?
47-Hayli bir kahraman olsan bu hangi kahraman olurdu?
78- Ölü ya da yaşayan herhangi biriyle tanışabilecek olsaydın, bu kim olurdu?
49- Gördüğün en garip rüya?
50- En büyük pişamanlığın?
51- Hayal kırıklığın?
52- Asla yapmam deyip yaptığın bir şey oldu mu?
53- Birisine soru sorup ulan ben kime soru sormuştum dedin mi hiç?
54- Senin için hayatı anlamlı kılan şeyler neler?
55- Kendinde sevdiğin özellikler neler?
56- En sevdiğin şair?
57- En sevdiğin şiir?
58- Yaşadığın hayattan memnun musun?
59- Gelecek kaygın var mı?
60- Ölümden korkuyor musun?
61- İntihar etmeyi düşündün mü?
62- Hayalindeki düğün nasıl?
63- Evlenmek ister misin?
64- Çocukları sever misin?
65- Pizza mı? Hamburger mi?
66- Eğitim sistemi hakkında ne düşünüyorsun?
67- En son elini tuttuğun kişi kim?
68- Çekingen misin yoksa atılgan mı?
69- İnsanlarla kolay anlaşır mısın?
70- Tesadüflere ve mucizelere inanır mısın?
71- Hangi sanatçıları üçlü bir grup yapardın?
72- Hayalindeki kızı/erkeği tanımla
73- Yabancılara gülümser misin?
75- Bugüne kadar başına gelmiş en güzel şey?
76- Uzay boşluğuna çıkmak mı okyanusun dibine inmek mi?
77- Arkadaşlarının sana seslendiği bir lakabın var mı?
78- Hangi masal kahramanının gerçek olmasını isterdin?
79- Karakolluk bir olayın oldu mu?
80- Yaptığın en ergence şey?
81- Hiç bir yarışmayı kazandın mı? Ne yarışmasıydı?
82- Canlı yayına telefonla katıldığın oldu mu? 
83- Sana en yakın kitabı al, 27.Sayfayı aç ve ilk satırda ne yazdığını söyle.
84- Şuan yanında kimin olmasını isterdin?
85- Yakın zamanda bir arkadaşınla küslük yaşadın mı?
86- En son seyrettiğin film hangisiydi?
87- Burçlara inanır mısın?
88- Burcunla ilgili söylenenler genel olarak karakterinle uyumlu mu?
90- En çok neden bahsetmekten hoşlanırsın?
91- Tekrar dünyaya gelsen nasıl bir hayat yaşamak isterdin?
92- Gerçekleştirmek istediğiniz en büyük hayaliniz nedir?
93- Öfkeni kontrol edebiliyor musun?
94- İnstagram hesabın var mı?
95- Umursamaz biri misin?
96- Spor yapıyor musun?
97- Hayalindeki kişi nasıl?
98- Yabancı dizi izliyor musun? Dublaj mı izlersin altyazılı mı?
99- Hoşuna giden ve duymak istediğin iltifat var mı? Varsa ne?
100- Batıl inançlara inanır mısın? Bunlar neler?

“Mama I Like Girls” Playlist

1. The Internet - Girl

2. Syd - Know

3. Young Ma - OOOUUU

4. Nakala - Say You Love me

5. Kehlani - First Position

6. Hayley Kikoko - Sleepover

7. Janet Jackson - Xzone

8. Kelelea - LMK

9.  Siya - Honey Love

10.  Tish Hyman - Subway Art

11.  Kelela - A Message

12.  THEESatisfaction - EarthEE

13.  Tiffany Gouché - Fantasy

14. Aziza Cree - Boyfriend

15. Syd - Body

16.  Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady 

17.  Siya - I Know I Know

18.  Keke Palmer - I Don’t Belong To You

19. Siya: Real MVP

20.  Marsha Ambrosius - Fuck N Get It Over With

21. Siya - Don’t U (Say Yes) [feat. Tank]

The night they broke the DM

Context: my party of a Rogue, Druid, and Bard had just taken taken down a white dragon in a mining town and were in the process of looting it when I decided that they shouldn’t be able to carry around a whole dragon skin so I sent in someone to stop them.

Me: from inside the mine runs out a huge, burly half-orc covered in soot. He looks at you three, and says “we’ll take it from here.”

Rogue, standing on the carcass: This is our kill. We will do with it as we please.

*Rogue fails a persuasion roll*

Half-Orc: You killed it on my land, it is my dragon. You can keep what you’ve taken so far, but the rest belongs to the mine.

Gold-hungry Rogue: You can have it, for 50,000 gold.

*fails persuasion* *Druid fails to charm the Half-Orc*

Half-Orc: This is MY dragon.

Cocky Rogue: I’ll fight you for it.

*The party is all level 3 at this point, so I make the Half-Orc a Champion*

Half-Orc: *laughs* [Miner]! Bring me my greatsword!

They fight, and the Rogue is of course KO’d instantly. The Bard heals him and as he stands up with blood running down his face.

Sonofabitch Rogue: That was a great fight. We’ll give it to you for 15,000.

I stare at him in disbelief.

Me: Roll persuasion with disadvantage ‘cause he just kicked your ass.

The Rogue rolls a 19 and a 20. And this war hero who has killed a Pit Fiend and a Adult Blue Dragon gives the scrawny, greedy, arrogant Half-Elf 15,000 gold worth in silver bars from his own mine.

I knocked everyone’s drink over from how hard I slammed my head on the table.

50 no-sense quotes only monbebes understand

1. “I needed to show abs to buy you beef tenderlion”
2. “I just woke up but I’m bling bling?”
3. “Areumdawo neoya”
4. “It’s sunnyyyyy”
5. “I really want that ugly hot dog”
6. “I’m buter~”
7. “Simply K-FOP Come on!”
8. “Hannah Montana”
9. “If you cry, you get hairy ass”
10. “Wet in the mood huh? swag!”
11. “Since Rain needs to avoid the sun, he needs a sun cap”
12. “Hello? This is room service?”
13. “If it taste good, take responsability”
14. “Let’s party baby!”
15. “I´m going to buy this tea bag that smells like feet”
16. “Eggs scramble”
17. “NO END”
18. “Free Trade Agreement”
19. “Yechoux cream”
20. “Yellow card-inmida”
21. “Ar(g)entina”
22. “Eat shrimps crackers before you leave!”
23. “Bish I wanna get high~”
24. “I’m hip-hop”
25. “I’m not thinking right now because I’m not thinking”
26. “Hello Cleopatra, the thinnest potato chip in the world”
27. “I’m HAWK-EYE!!”
28. “Black Asian Beard”
29. “The hair in my armpits is blonde too”
30. “I can be your hero~ BAM! doo doo doo doo doo doo doo~”
31. “Let’s get it”
32. “I will drop kick him if we get chicken”
33. “5 loaves of bread?”
34. “You are too cute, shut up!”
35. “The wave on a sandy beach”
36. “That nigth in moscow”
37. “Bang song man”
38. “Down down down!”
39. “So you are you a dolphin now?”
40. “Excuse my charisma”
41. “Panda, panda!”
42. “A site, fire in thE HOLEE!!”
43. “There’s a reason our name is Monsta X”
44. “Encantado de conoberle”
45. “1-the-gay”
46. “He dances hip-hop when it’s sad”
47. “Kkukkukkakka”
48. “Dragon Ball X”
49. “Gongbu hate music like”
50. “Everybody make noise for his muscles”


🌈 PART 1

🌈 PART 2


🌈 PART 4






🌈PART 10

🌈PART 11

🌈PART 12

🌈PART 13 

🌈PART 14 

🌈PART 15

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🌈PART 17

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🌈PART 19

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🌈 PART 23

🌈 PART 24

🌈PART 25

Okay but listen y’all.

Izuku and Bakugou attend a 5-year reunion for their 3rd-year junior high class!

So they’re like, 19/20. Only a year or two out of UA. Haven’t really established names for themselves in the hero world yet. Probably still working as sidekicks at other heroes’ agencies.

And it’s not like, an official reunion or anything.

More just a bunch of old friends hanging out, wanting to see how each other are doing.

And they invite Deku because like, lol they need entertainment, right? And what could be better than harassing the kid they used to bully all the time in school. It’s not like he could’ve done anything useful with his life.

So imagine, it’s like half an hour past the established meeting time. Almost everyone they’re expecting has already arrived.

Then, Bakugou walks into the restaurant they’re all at, and he’s talking and laughing with someone his old classmates can’t recognize.

He’s tall, with short black curls and a friendly face. He’s built sturdy, and looks to be well on his way to All Might’s physique. He walks with an enviable confidence that matches Bakugou’s, and his shining green eyes are friendly and intelligent.

He’s probably one of Bakugou’s heroics friends from school or from the agency he works at, they all assume. Which isn’t bad or anything, a lot of them have brought significant others or close friends along with them. The more the merrier, right?

They turn out to be both right, and horribly wrong at the same time.

“What’s up, asshats?” asks Bakugou as he walks up to the group, a shark-like grin on his face. 

A couple of people roll their eyes at his language, but let it go with mutters of “classic Katsuki.”

“So, what took you two so long?” asks one girl from the table next to theirs after they’ve both sat down.

Virtually everyone is listening in, because as rookie heroes, the two of them are by far the most interesting ones there.

Bakugou just rolls his eyes.

“Work ran late,” he says. “Nothing super exciting or anything, just villain cleanup. And then when I went to pick this asshole up, he decided to be a diva and take forever to finish getting ready.” And then, with an eye roll and a conspiratorial stage whisper, Bakugou adds, “He has a date after this.”

“Oh fuck off, Katsuki,” the other guys says, shoving at Bakugou’s face with one hand while he texts on his phone with the other. “Or did you forget you and Kirishima are coming with us?”

Bakugou just snickers, batting his hand away. “The difference between us, Deku, is that I don’t still get like a nervous schoolgirl whenever my boyfriend so much as looks at me. How long have you and the ice bastard been going out now?”

Suddenly, there’s an audible gasp from everyone in their group, the revelation of Bakugou being not-straight taking a backseat to the fact that, holy shit, the guy with him is fucking none other than-


Izuku flinches a little at the volume of the outcry, then turns to look at them all with a bewildered expression.

“Yeah…?” he asks, confused.

And meanwhile Bakugou just bursts out laughing because damn, he had expected this, but it’s still the most hilarious thing ever.

“Since when did you get…” one of them starts to say, only to be elbowed in the ribs by a friend, and they immediately shut up as their brain catches up with their mouth. “…get to be so close with Katsuki?” they improvise, smiling awkwardly. Bakugou, whose expression had suddenly gotten dangerous, relaxes then, and they thank god that they hadn’t blurted out their original thoughts after all.

“Uh…when he suddenly became a decent person?” asks Izuku, grinning cheekily at his friend.

Bakugou rolls his eyes and huffs sulkily, but doesn’t do anything to deny that he used to be…not so good.

Izuku laughs.

“It’s amazing what good role models and supportive friends will do in improving someone’s shitty, toxic attitude. Now, Bakugou’s at least a lovable asshole instead of just an asshole.”

Bakugou still doesn’t say anything but he’s starting to look like he’s pouting.

Izuku seems intent on trying to rile him up.

“It’s such a relief too,” he says, eyes mischievous. “I mean, we wouldn’t another Endeavor on the loose, am I right?”

“YOU FUCKING SHUT THAT WHORE MOUTH, DEKU!” Bakugou immediately shouts then, little explosions going off in his hands as he slams the table they’re sitting at. “You can say whatever you want about me, but don’t you fucking dare compare me Endeavor ever again or I swear to All Might I will-”

And his old classmates just stare at him, mouths agape.

Not because he’s shouting at Izuku or anything. That’s not anything new.

But because Izuku is just laughing at him, not looking the least bit tense.

Bakugou’s voice may be loud, but there’s nothing aggressive in his body language and even when he’s shouting, the way he says Deku has changed so drastically.

There’s none of the scorn or contempt from their junior high days.

The way he says Deku is less like an insult, and more like a fond nickname.

And that, more than anything, shows just how much their old classmate has changed.