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수고했어 세븐틴, 기다릴게 세븐틴, 사랑해!

today’s fanchant: you’ve worked hard seventeen, we’ll wait for you, we love you!

Here they are!!! The Prompts for Elsanna Week 2017!!

Let’s talk about the main ideas of these prompts, shall we?

Day 1 - June 18 - Fire and Ice
Fire!Anna is something we’ve all seen in a majority of the ships in our fandom, but let’s do a day about how opposites attract. Fire Powers!Anna was something that was on the last Elsanna Week ballot, so we’re bringing it to you this week.

Day 2 - June 19 - Body Swap
What would it be like if the girls switched bodies for a day? This was also a voted on prompt, so now it’s up to you to decide if there will be chaos, intrigue, or whatever else your little heart desires. If you wanna mix it up, we encourage you to add in other characters for some Frohana fun, but it’s not necessary :) After all, this is Elsanna Week. Up to you!

Day 3 - June 20 - Curiosity
Well, this can go one of two ways. It can either be innocent or… well, we’ve all read the fics and seen the art. Another option on the ballot, in the same category as Teasing and Flirting so you may add those in as well. What!? Three prompts in one? I know, it’s awesome.

Day 4 - June 21 - Making Today a Perfect Day
Anna’s Birthday!! The Summer Solstice usually rolls around the 21st (not this year it’s on the 22nd, but just go with it), and that’s Anna’s birthday! So take us all back to the plethora of sunflowers which is totally why this background was chosen and love that Elsa dedicated to Anna on that day despite her illness.

Day 5 - June 22 - The Sky’s Awake
Precious moments are precious, and we can all use some adorable fluff (or smut, if that’s how you roll). The Northern Lights are something special for the girls, so much so that it translated into Olaf and his own wonder of the Lights. So have our girls dance or kiss or whatever underneath the gorgeous Aurora Borealis.

Day 6 - June 23 - Heir and Spare
For those of you who listened to the deleted songs “We Know Better” and “More Than Just the Spare”, you know there are major differences between the girls when responsibility is involved. Anna has insecurities, and so does Elsa. This is a day dedicated to the girls supporting one another, and perhaps Elsa can help make Anna feel less of a spare?? Your call, my friends. This one has more of a canonverse/royal theme, so let your imaginations run wild!

Day 7 - June 24 - Pride
This month is Pride Month! Spread the pride with Pride AUs! Will one sister be supporting the other, will they both be celebrating? The choice is yours! But do be courteous to others who are celebrating Pride outside the fandom, as some might not like Elsanna on their dashes. Let’s keep the peace, so tag accordingly :)

Alright! Those are the prompts. We will start accepting submissions the day before June 18 and will stop accepting submissions the day after June 24. Make sure to put elsanna and elsanna week in the tags so we can see it and reblog. If we miss yours, send us a link in a submission so we may reblog it from you.

Make sure to tag your work properly, as well. If one does not wish to see any NSFW content, do make sure to blacklist the things you want to avoid.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Body Swap (Elsanna week, day 2,June 19)

A slight throbbing pain in the back her skull drew Elsa slowly out of what had been a wonderful sleep. The night was a blur. Anna had arranged a small ball for the lesser nobility of Arendelle, and where a party with Anna went, large amounts of wine followed. It had been a fun night, Elsa could remember that dancing and drinking and actually being comfortable with the small guest list. The last thing the young queen remember, was feeling sick and having to excuse herself early. She didn’t even know whose bedroom she had made it to.

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He Tian x Mo Guan Shan Drabble Part 3

Here’s Part 1

Here’s Part 2

Returning to the booth, the look on his face must’ve been a dead giveaway.

“Yo… What’s wrong? Did you puke outside?”

No. But he probably would in about a minute.
There was no time to waste, though- he needed to leave now.

“Actually… I think I’m gonna head on home,” he said.

“Ah, good! Let me walk you–”

“No, no! No need! Right now I’m…kind of in the mood for…ah…running.”

His friend cocked an eyebrow. “…While drunk?”

“I’m nah drunk,” he said fishing for money to place on the table for his share of the tab. This was the best he could come up with in his condition. He was never a good liar anyway, so while drunk, he might as well been Pinocchio.

“Ah… Guan Shan, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He knew that tone. He heard it whenever his friend was right about to slowly coax him into doing something, afraid he was too wasted (or stupid) to think on his own.

You know what’s not a good idea?? Staying right here like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
He didn’t have time for this shit.

“I’m fine. I’m leaving.”

That’s all his friend was able to get out as Guan Shan made for the door and hit the pavement running.

Oh yeah, let’s call the ogre that threatened to sew your mouth shut with steel wires!


Let’s just call up that fucker there and tell him what you reeeally think of him!


How could you ever possibly regret it?

Let’s just dial the most evil, sadistic bastard you know at- what- 12?

He glanced at his phone- the screen brightly showed the white numerals: 2:11


Great! He was in trouble with He Tian and his mother!
He began to slow down. His stamina wasn’t terrible, but nothing impressive either. Especially with a belly full of beer. He was probably far enough away from the bar anyway. He had to think… How was he getting home? The subways were closed at this time, so he’d definitely be needing a-

He saw a taxi coming around the corner intersection- his light red and available for a pick up! He shouted and held his arm out, repeatedly curling the fingers downward, only to see the red light immediately go out.


Why can’t these taxis ever remember to turn their damn lights off whenever they’ve got a passenger?! He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking towards Yishan Road. The taxi barely drove past him before screeching to a halt.

He paused and looked back. Perhaps, the passenger was getting out? He thought of walking back towards the taxi…until it reversed…and stopped right in front of him. The door opened and familiar figure silently slid out.

Instincts took over and he pivoted so quick he felt nauseous. The sound of sneakers hitting rapidly against the pavement towards the nearest intersection filled his ears. He thought they were his own until a talon-like hand with the fucking grip of God grabbed the back of his shirt– choking him –and threw him down on the sidewalk. It was so sudden that the whiplash jerked his head forward before the back of his skull came down on the pavement.

Pain spread like branches of lightning from the back to the front.
He was groaning and trying to find his bearings when his pants started scraping the concrete as he was dragged by his shirt towards the taxi. Disoriented from a toxic combination of pain and booze, a voice crawled into his ear:

“Missed me?”

And then lights out.

You’ve all voted, and here are the results! Check out this year’s prompts for JACKUNZEL AND MERICCUP WEEK 2016!

JACKUNZEL WEEK [July 12 - 18]

Day 1 - I Don’t Want To Ruin Our Friendship
Day 2 - She’s Not My Girlfriend
Day 3 - Releasing from the Promise
Day 4 - Interrupted Declaration of Love
Day 5 - Fate Drives Us Together
Day 6 - Childhood Friend Romance
Day 7 - Everyone Can See It

MERICCUP WEEK [July 19 - 25]

Day 1 - She’s Not My Girlfriend
Day 2 - Emotionally Tongue Tied/I Uh You Too
Day 3 - Everyone Can See It
Day 4 - Love Across Battlelines
Day 5 - Flirting Under Fire
Day 6 - Battle Couple
Day 7 - Like An Old Married Couple

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! Looking forward to your contributions this year. You have the entire month of June to plan and prepare! See you all on July 12!

6/13/17 - 19 Weeks 2 Days

It’s my hubby’s birthday! We are having a family day in town, including his choice for lunch.

I have definitely been feeling flutters the last couple days. It’s so hard to tell the difference between gas and baby, but I think I finally figured it out! I installed the carseat yesterday just to make sure it fit in my car and it looks so weird having two carseats. I have my anatomy scan a week from today and can’t wait to see little boy again! We haven’t seen him since 12 weeks!

Our house has been a source of stress lately but I’m trying to stay calm. Now that we have the sewer figured out and have seen pictures of the house, I’m feeling much better.

I’ve only gained about 5 pounds and I’m feeling really good about that. My goal is to only gain 20 pounds and I think I can do it. With Gemma, I gained 20 in the last 10 weeks, but I really let myself enjoy being pregnant too much. Even though my food addiction is still bad, I’ve got more mental strength to keep it in check this time.

//for anyone who needs proof after the whole underage rumor.

//My birthday is 11 25 1997 which makes me 19 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days old.

//if anyone comes to you [in messenger or some other thing] and makes a claim that I’m underage, please send them a link to this.


Arden Cho Appreciation Week (April 19, Day 2): Covers 

Try by Colbie Caillat 

(YouTube link)

The Video that Went Viral This Week

Published this past Monday (boasting 19 million views in only 2 days), is a video directed by Tatia Pilieva entitled First Kiss. The video, which asks 20 strangers to kiss for the first time displays curiously awkward and intimate moments that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. The video is scored by Soko (a musician who performed at one of our eBay events a while back) as well featuring her as one of the experimental strangers assigned to the mission. Read Slate’s review, an article posted within 24 hours on who exactly these other compelling characters are.

To see the video, watch First Kiss.    

Jian yi looks hella sexy in dis panel. 💛
If a face lyk dis doesn’t turn u on xixi den I don’t know what will.

And seriously, if 19 days is not updated tonight, m gonna jump off a fucking cliff. Its been 2 fucking weeks.


Yikes. Where to begin.

I’m egregiously behind on the Home art. I only got 7 drawings done in a month and I haven’t touched my stylus in a week because I got a job at a super high end florist shop that’s training me full time. On top of that I’m in the middle of redoing my room because I just really need that change in my life, and I’m painting a giant canvas. And I’m organizing the layout for my bday dinner next week at grandma’s house. And building an aquarium with my dad.

This is like, a huge amount of cargo for me to handle since my anxiety is sky-high 24/7 anyway, so I’m really looking forward to when all is completed and out of the way. A new room with a fish tank, a belly full of bday dinner, and part-time hours. Yay! Then I’ll get more time for finishing up Home. With that said, I am sad to announce:

The last chapter will be up early 2017.

There’s just no way I’ll be able to finish 53 drawings in less than 2 months. Even if I had no job and no other projects, the rate I’m going with adding all the extra detail in these last pieces, requires more time. I don’t want to half-ass it and pump out sloppy drawings, because it wouldn’t feel right to end Home like that. The last chapter deserves extra attention.

Thanks for waiting <3