19 times and that's a fact

The first time Eliza sung Philip to sleep, he was 4 days old. He hadn’t stopped crying in a day, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and Alexander was no help. She hadn’t slept for days, but she stayed up with him every minuet of his relentless sobbing. Finally she thought of what her mom, and later Angelica, did to calm her when she was upset. They would sing. So Eliza sang her favorite song (a beautiful french lullaby) to him. He was asleep within the minute.

The last time Eliza sang Philip to sleep he was 19 years old.

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How old is Kylo Ren? I read somewhere that Rey is 19, but I can't find his age. The actor who plays him is old (32), and I don't think that's Kylo's age. I think he's younger. So don't you know?

Sometimes I forget how young some of you are on this site, anyway:

Ben Solo was conceived around the time of the battle of Endor (RotJ), and TFA is set 30 years after that, so this makes him somewhere between 29 and 30 years old. Which was confirmed by Pablo Hidalgo:

So, Kylo Ren is not a teenager, but the fact that he often looks and acts like one is integral to his characterization. It’s very deliberate.

145: I'm starving

When I was 19-20, in the late 90s. Yes, I know. I’m old. I found myself as part of a “police action”. Well, thats what the army claimed we were in anyway, overseas in Bosnia. In a nut shell. We were there to prevent the guys with guns from completely wiping out those who didn’t have guns. But the fact of the matter is I spent more time getting people with money, power and influence to safety, than I did protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. I digress. That’s a whole other story.

For those of you who don’t know. Bosnia is a very beautiful country. Absolutely breath taking views because almost the entire country is mountainous nestled in, I believe, the Dinaric Alps and western part of the Balkans. I’m telling you, there were a few times that the sheer majesty of the mountains captivated this simple Texas country boy. Seeing something as grand as that will truly show you how small and insignificant you are. Even with your hands wrapped around an M-16 or SAW (squad automatic weapon).

However, all that beauty does have a price, in the form of the weather. It was cold and it was wet. As you read this sitting in your warm house or car. I’d like you to keep in mind that even though the U.S. Army called it a police action. We were in the middle of a modern day civil war. Which had left a lot of the country, to steal a line from the news anchors. War torn. Where there is war, there are going to be “refugees”. Displaced people with no home and no job. Even worse still you will find children. And children really tug at my heart strings.

Imagine that it’s almost freezing outside. You are 6 years old. The clothes you have are dirty and tattered. Your socks have holes, if you have them at all and your shoes are even hard to recognize as such. On top of all that you live in a shanty on the side of a mountain, with dirt floors and no real heat source. If that wasn’t bad enough it’s raining and those dirt floors resemble more a mud pit than an actual floor. Adding even more pain to your everyday life. There is little to no food. That’s right. You are literally starving most of the time.

And that’s where I drew the line. I gave away most if not all of my allotted MRE to any kid that I saw or that asked me. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t alone in this. There were several of my fellow comrades in arms that felt the same way I did. Before I knew what happened I was sick. I was sick because I hadn’t eaten a full meal or more than a bite or two in almost 11 days. Cold, wet and, no food will certainly take its toll.

To this day I can still close my eyes and see those spectacular views from high in the mountains. And to this day! Those views fail in comparison to the smile that would come across the face of one of those kids, when they got something to eat. Make no mistake. They weren’t getting steak and lobster. Ask any man or woman who has severed and they will tell you that the crackers in the MREs are nasty. But to someone who didn’t exactly know when or where the next meal was going to come from. It made their day and those special moments are the memories that make me the proudest to have served and I get to cherish the smiles I can still see.

Don’t say “I’m starving” the next time you are hungry.

Rangers lead the way!

+ This is one of the best and most pure post I’ve ever had the chance and pleasure to read. Thank you so much for serving and for doing what you did. For sharing this story with us. You, sir, get my utmost respect and best wishes! Thank you so much. And no, you are not the least bit old! 

Ok, now that that's up, a few facts about the 2.0 crew:
  1. Their ages are: Toy Freddy (Alfred) 30, Toy Chica (Chick) 19, Mangle (Foxanne) 25 and Toy Bonnie (BonBon) 18 (being BonBon the youngest and shortest this time)
  2. Their heights are: Alfred 6’2”, Foxanne 6’0”, Chick 5’2”, BonBon 5’1”
  3. Foxy is genderfluid. You can call him he, she or they. 
  4. Bonnie is a boy.
  5. The only ones related to the first crew are Alfred, being Freddy’s younger brother, and BonBon, being Bonnie’s youngest brother.
  6. Chick is the only nice one in the group, the rest are there to wreck shit up.
  7. Chica and Chick get along pretty well and they both ship Freddy and Foxy together.
  8. BonBon and Chick aren’t dating, but they are good friends.
  9. Uhhh…
  10. If I think of something else I’ll add it
  • 1. Have you ever been kissed?
  • 2. Have you ever been arrested?
  • 3. What's your favorite number?
  • 4. If you could have a hug from one person right now, who would it be?
  • 5. Favorite food?
  • 6. If you had to spend the rest of your life in one place, where would it be?
  • 7. Who is your problematic fav?
  • 8. Gif or jif
  • 9. What's TE weirdest thing you've ever done?
  • 10. What do you never want to do again?
  • 11. How many times have you been in love?
  • 12. Cats or dogs?
  • 13. Dream job?
  • 14. Age?
  • 15. Do you have any tattoos?
  • 16. If so, what if?
  • 17. What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
  • 18. Weirdest dream that you can remember?
  • 19. How many followers do you have?
  • 20. How long have you been in tumblr?
  • 21. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 22. Sexuality?
  • 23. What's a random fact about you?
  • 24. Where do you live?
  • 25. Are you in a relationship?
  • 26. If so then how long have you been together?
  • 27. What's your favorite quality about yourself?
  • 28. What's one thing you'd change about yourself?
  • 29. If you could make one big change in the world, what would it be?
  • 30. What time is it where you are?
  • 31. Can you roll your R's?
  • 32. Favorite song(s) at the moment?
  • 33. Who's your otp?
  • 34. Biggest fear?
  • 35. How many languages do you know?
  • 35. What song is the most played on your playlist?
  • 36. Android or iPhone?
  • 37. If you could live inside a book which book would you live in?
  • 38. If you could live inside a movie what movie would it be?
  • 39. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
  • 40. Love is _____.
  • 41. I hate people who _______.
  • 42. I love when people _______.
  • 43. My best friend is ______.
  • 44. Have any guilty pleasures?
  • 45. How many times have you seen a shooting star?
  • 46. Do you believe in aliens?
  • 47. Religion?
  • 48. Height?
  • 49. What's something that you want to do more than anything else?
  • 50. I want my followers to know that I ______________.
Misconceptions About Gaiden

It’s been months since Gaiden ended but i hope to clear up certain things that i’ve seen are largely misread or have been twisted deliberately to give false impression of what Kishi was trying to potray.

Sakura faints because of stress -

She did fainted in Gaiden, thats as far as the truth is. As for the stress part thats not true at all, in fact it weren’t even mentioned anywhere that she is stress. It’s just in her character to faint when she witnessed something surprising or something that shocked her.. Evidently happen when she was young

As mention by Shizune here

chapter 701 page 22

In the first Team 7’s bell test she did fainted at the time twice, once after caught in a genjutsu, the second was after she witnessed Sasuke’s head while the body was burried in the earth.

chapter 6 page 19

And the second time she fainted after she saw Sasuke ;

chapter 7 page 13

So thats all there is to it. It was brought back for plot convenience but rest assured, so far she never fainted on battle and most importantly it’s nothing concerning stress at all.

Financial -

Financial was never a subject fully explored on in Narutoverse. By the little details there is we know for a fact that a shinobi’s main income comes from missions, the more dangerous a mission is the higher you get paid. S-rank is the highest paying most dangerous mission, Sasuke’s mission actually fits the classification of an S-rank mission. With Sasuke away from the village it’s likely that Sakura was the one receiving the pay from Konoha and they have been providing the said reward to his family.

Shizune actually backs it up here ;

chapter 701 page 22

I’m sure someone might assume Shizune is just another retired ninja, she actually still holds the duty of assisting the Hokage just like the way it was with Tsunade, only this time she is doing it along Shikamaru assisting Naruto.

As seen in this panel ;

chapter 702 page 18

She is also being kept heads up about the nature of Sasuke’s mission and his whereabout ;

chapter 705 page 6

What Shizune said has been very reliable.

Interesting enough the reward for S-rank mission is about a million ryo or more.

taken from wiki, so far i’ve found no manga panel explaining the amount that wiki provided. This is either from the anime or databooks. If anyone knows more please do tell me.

Aside from this Sasuke & Sakura could also claim reward for the people they defeated, those who are from the Bingo Book such as Deidara, Sasori, Itachi, Orochimaru.

So it’s very unlikely that they’re struggling financially in any way. The loan mentioned in chapter 1 was an impression of how their world have progress ever since the war ended. Since Gaiden was also an introduction to the new gen era. The same purpose was used when Naruto/Shikamaru mentioned some new uses of technology.

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hi!!! i hope i haven't gone mad from all of this babygate weirdness, but do you think there was a reason louis/briana/whomever didn't release the normal baby stats (length, pounds, time)? it kind of feels like they didn't include them so we can't compare changes because there was no "baseline" formally announced? (i won't play the "that's not an 8 week head" card out loud..) thank you!!

I think the fact that there was no initial statement or tweet to the effect of “We welcomed a beautiful baby boy, 6 lbs. 3ozs, 19 inches long this afternoon. Mom and baby are doing well. We look forward to spending private time together” is extremely suspicious. That’s all they would have had to do, even if they didn’t have a name yet and they wanted privacy. Your thought that we have no point of comparison makes sense. Perhaps Freddie was a really big baby and that explains the size issues. We’ll never know.

The Transcript of 'The "Boyfriend" Tag'
I am dying what the hell have you guys seen the transcript of the Troyler vid? I am crying I had no idea automatic captions were so bad. Read if you want a laugh. 0:00 well everyone my name is Tyler Oakley and I am here 0:04 where choices know what address Obama I all have been demanding that we have 0:10 another video together

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