19 th century

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[Ottoman Empire] A Calligraphic Panel Made by Sultan Mahmud II, 19th Century (Sultan II. Mahmud'un Celi Sülüs-Zerendud Hat Levhası) by OTTOMAN IMPERIAL ARCHIVES

Did you notice the hotted new Didone in town? That’ right, we’re talking about Port Vintage by the dopiest ONREPEAT STUDIO!

Featuring, promoting, and supporting this diamond-filled studio, Onrepeat asked us to design a poster using Port Vintage on a context.

Well, we did.

There you go, an experimental editorial usage of this amazing display font: vintage? Sure! 19'th century? Sure! Throw in the Futurist Manifesto by Marinetti and you have a Royal!

What do you say, the letterforms are sublime!

Tasha Tudor….at her Vermont farmhouse…mid 1990s…Ms.Tudor was a very successful and long lived children’s author …beginning in the 1930s…she lived as close to anyone in an early 19 th century lifestyle (( with help.!! ))…photo by Richard Brown …