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19 Jewish rabbis arrested for protesting Donald Trump’s Muslim ban at Trump Tower

  • On Monday, 19 rabbis were arrested for protesting Trump’s executive order on refugees and Muslim immigrants at the Trump Tower in New York City.
  • The protest consisted of about 200 Jewish clergy members holding up posters defending Muslims and refugees, beating drums and shaking tambourines at around 7 p.m. 
  • Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, one of the rabbis at the protest, said the rabbis who were arrested — 11 women, eight men — belong to a Jewish social justice group called T'ruah.
  • The rabbis were arrested for blocking traffic at the hotel as they prayed after their march through Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Read more
ExR Week Official Info!

The voting for ExR Week themes is now over and the themes have officially been decided! Thank you to everyone who voted!

ExR Week will run from June 19-June 24.

Monday, June 19 – Painting
Tuesday, June 20 – It’s not what it looks like
Wednesday, June 21 – Soft
Thursday, June 22 – Alternate universe
Friday, June 23 – Road trip
Saturday, June 24 – Fallen angel

• Tag NSFW content. While we are not against NSFW works, we want everyone to be comfortable, and this includes those who don’t like mature content.
• Please use the hashtags #exrweek2017 and #enjoltaireweek2017 so we can see your beautiful creations!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or my co-host @just-french-me-up. Thank you and we hope you participate!


Kellyanne brings up cameras in microwaves after being asked about dubious wiretapping claims

  • In perhaps the most bizarre comments to date about Trump’s evidence-free allegation that fObama wiretapped Trump Tower, Kellyanne Conway suggested that the spying wasn’t a wire tap at all.
  • Instead, she obliquely hinted that surveillance of Trump Tower could have been done by several means, including spy cameras in microwaves.
  • “What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other,” Conway told Bergen County, New Jersey, newspaper the Record. “You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets — any number of different ways.”
  • She added that the surveillance could have been done by “microwaves that turn into cameras.” Read more (3/13/17 8:19 AM)

DOJ has until Monday to back up Trump’s unfounded wiretapping claims against Obama

  • The House Intelligence Committee has given President Donald Trump’s administration a deadline for furnishing evidence in support of his wiretapping allegations against former President Barack Obama. 
  • Trump must prove there was basis for his as-yet unsubstantiated tweet storm by Monday March 13th, according to NBC News.
  • Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff sent a letter calling for evidence to acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente on Wednesday. Read more (3/12/17 6:20 PM)

[Notification of Deferrals of Zayn’s Visit to Japan]

Zayn’s visit to Japan, scheduled for June 18 (Sun) Yokohama Arena, June 19 (Monday) Osakajo Hall, will be forced to postpone the performance again due to the delay in the album production process currently under construction.

Although the artist wishes to come to Japan as a part of the world tour after the album is announced, since the forecast of the transfer schedule is not established at this time, the performance of June will be temporarily canceled, Tickets will be accepted for refunds at all on the purchased play guide during the period from 6/7 (Wednesday) to 7/10 (Monday).

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by customers who are looking forward to the performance due to repeated changes. As soon as the new schedule is confirmed, we will inform you on our website.

Creative Man Productions

Queued imagines




Jughead Jones x PlusSize!Reader (Breathtaking)

Due to Sunday 11/6/17

Jughead Jones (Punk Babe part two)

Due to Monday 12/6/17

Archie Andrews (One step at a time part two)

Due to Tuesday 13/6/17

Jughead Jones (My little Serpent part three)

Due to Wednesday 14/6/17

Jughead Jones x Basicaly Homeless!Reader (Never a burden)

Due to Thursday 15/6/17

Jughead Jones platonic (Anxiety)

Due to Friday 16/6/17

Jughead Jones x PlusSize!Reader (Smut/ currently untitled)

Due to Saturday 17/6/17

Archie Andrews (Perfect timing)

Due to Sunday 18/6/17

Jughead Jones and the Gang (Feelings)

Due to Monday 19/6/17

Clay Jensen ( Goodbye to yesterday)

Due to Tuesday 20/6/17

Justin Foley (I am alive)

Due to Wednesday 21/6/17

Jeff Atkins (Never give up on you) #jeffatkinsdeservedbetter

Due to Thursday 22/6/17

Stiles Stilinski (Superpowers)

Due to Friday 23/6/17

Peter Parker (Peculiar and Beautiful)

Due to Saturday 24/6/17

Jughead Jones (Donny Darko & Wednesday Adams)

Due to Sunday 25/6/17

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what days Harry will be appearing on the show? On the ticket website there is no Wednesday date but there is a Friday show but the article you just posted said he will be on Monday-Thursday.

Here’s the info from CBS that the LLS also tweeted:

Since he’ll be around anyway, why not have Harry do the show’s first week-long musical residency? Each night from Monday, May 15 to Thursday, May 19, the singer will perform a new song off his self-titled debut album, including the hit single, ‘Sign of the Times.’  Watch The Late Late Show weeknights at 12:37am/11:37pm c on CBS and stream full episodes on CBS All Access.

That’s straight from their website, but they probably made a typo on the “Thursday, May 19″ bit. So, Monday, May 15th to Thursday, May 18th

Zodiac signs: predictions for 06/19/2017, Monday
  • Aries: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Taurus: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Gemini: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Cancer: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Leo: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Virgo: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Libra: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Scorpio: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Sagittarius: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Capricorn: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Aquarius: Dead because of Shine Forever
  • Pisces: Dead because of Shine Forever

Plant of the Day

Monday 19 June 2017

Eryngium giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’ (tall eryngo, sea holly) produces erect branching growth with cone-like heads of blue flowers surrounded by spiny, silvery-white bracts. The plant is a biennial but self-seeds and the old plant structure provides good winter interest for the garden. It grows well in full sun with a dry, well-drained soil. Bees are attracted to the flowers as you can see!

Jill Raggett


【NEWS】Arioka, Takaki, and Yaotome will be starring in a new NTV drama entitled 『孤食ロボット』 “Koushoku Robot”. The 3 of them will act as tiny (25 cm) androids who will take care of each of their master’s meals.

Furthermore, the 3 will form a temporary subunit group called 『A.Y.T』to sing the drama’s theme song titled 「Are You There」.

Their character names are the following :
- Arioka: Android “Mujaki”
- Takaki: Android “Yancha”
- Yaotome: Android “Ottori”

The drama will start on June 19, 2017, every Monday 12:59 A.M.

Source: Tobikko Rakuen (Faceboook)

June 19, 2017, Monday [#202]

My masterlists: [Fanfiction.] [Fan edits.]

(Fan edit #24: “Drake’s Scared Sunblock Thoughts”) What Drake was REALLY thinking during that sunblock scene… 😋

Prompt: This fan edit was inspired by @protect-drake 😊 After seeing them reblog a Drake-related post and say, “It’s just that when I pay for a special outfit for a special scene with my LI, I kinda expect a little liiiiiittle point. 😇😂,” I thought I would give them the points they were looking for 😆😁 (Reblog.)

(Drake fans, you can find my 12-chapter MC/Drake fanfic “Drake’s Stupid Heart” HERE 😁)

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 19/06/17.)