19 old harry and 19 old louis

                                          Larry Summer Fics

1. We Were Made to Love by supernope
Words: 16k

[or, Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance.]

2. It’s All Brand New Because of You by supernope
Words: 16k

AKA, Louis starts a new job as a summer camp counselor at the local aquarium and Harry is a biologist who really likes teaching people about the ocean.

3. Someone New by Centa0592
Words: 19k

A staceys mom AU where Louis Tomlinson is the father of Harry’s best friend and he’s really super hot.

4. I’d Burn This City Down to Show You the Light by you_explode
Words: 23k

Harry’s a sheltered rich kid and Louis’s a punk with a heart of gold. They meet when Louis breaks into Harry’s house, Harry obtains an instant and all-encompassing crush, and they spend the summer falling into a whirlwind romance.

5. Just the Outlines of Our Hands by justaboat
Words: 23k

Louis is a mechanic who wants nothing to do with Harry. Harry’s a bored rich kid in the summertime who wants everything to do with Louis.

An au very loosely based on The Notebook.

6. Our Little Corner of the World by brownheadedstranger
Words: 29k

AU. Louis is stuck in his mom’s diner for the summer. Harry is the line cook with a pickup truck.

7. Language or the Kiss by Awriterwrites 
Words: 31k

OR the one where Louis’ the best at everything until Harry comes along and makes him think twice. About everything.

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2015: Jul. ~ Dec.

January ~ June 2015 || all fests/exchanges || other years

Top 30 longest AU fics

1. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante | @haydolce [M, 333.7k]

What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more.  ~ 2015.09
From Relief Next To Me series

2. Maybe It Was You from the Start by nixostorme | @nixostorme [M, 209.1k]

the one where Louis is oblivious, even to his own feelings. Harry is a little scarred and very possessive. Zayn is insecure but can see it all. Niall falls for the last person he would ever expect too. Liam is kind of an ass, but the boys love him anyways.  ~ 2015.11

3. Handwriting On The Wall by xKireyy [M, 200.2k]

Harry Styles is a simple boy who works in a bakery. Louis Tomlinson is an uprising singer making his way through the charts. When the two meet by so-called ‘fate’, Harry’s life is turned upside down when a simple friendship turns into something more. He’s suddenly thrown into a world of popularity, scrutiny, secrecy and love. Everything seems to be going against his logic, but then again, love does that to you, doesn’t it?  ~ 2015.11

4. Keep me where the light is by frenchkiss [E, 198.2k]

A post-Hogwarts era AU featuring a wedding, a fake relationship, lots of sex, a cat named Hermione, a string of terrifying murders, and two young Aurors who are about to embark on a case that will change their lives (and the lives of the ones they love) forever.  ~ 2015.11

5. Smoke & Mirrors by Violet_Janou | @violetjanou [T, 173.7k]

Louis believes love was a myth. Seeing it be a lie in his life growing up he brushed it off as stupidity of weakness in a person. He vowed he would never fall in love. Harry knew love to be alive and true. It wasn’t always pretty and wrapped neatly in a bow. But love was out there for everyone.What happens when these two worlds collide?  ~ 2015.09

6. blue lips, blue veins by fresharold | @fresharold [E, 173.6k]

au where Harry takes art classes on Fridays before going to work and Louis is the French nude model who drops the robe and doesn’t let him focus. There are plenty of text messages, a mess of emotions and a lot of time spent in bed.  ~ 2015.10

7. Lost Memories by fresharold | @fresharold [M, 166.2k]

where Harry and Louis meet when they’re still learning the meaning of life, till they find out the meaning is “Louis&Harry” and they decide to make a lot of promises to keep them going.  ~ 2015.07
From Promises. series

8. baby we’ll be fine (all we gotta do is be brave and be kind) by aloequeera | @aloequeerafic [E, 146k]

Louis hates Harry. Harry hates being hated. First aid kits and kittens make it better.  ~ 2015.12

9. Next to your Heartbeat (where I should be) by jaded25 [M, 130.8k]

All it takes for them to fall in love is one night. All they have to do is wait one year to see each other again. Yet, when Louis returns after his year abroad, the boy who’s got his arms wrapped around Harry isn’t him. It isn’t a stranger either, which should make walking away all that easier. After all, friend’s don’t lust after their mate’s boyfriends.
Technically, doing the right thing should be easy - but when has Louis ever been known to taking the easy way out?
 ~ 2015.07

10. I’m gonna burn for you, you’re gonna melt for me by MrsStylinson | @lovehoperomance [T, 126.9k]

Harry Styles is the 22 year old counsellor in training who meets Louis on a camp for young boys with mental health issues and takes up the challenge of getting him to open up. Louis is beautiful and haunting in his near constant silence and Harry wants to crack the code. But the closer he gets, the more his own heart cracks, opening up to let a fiery blue eyed boy seep inside without warning. The more Louis shares, consciously or not, the more Harry wants. But Louis’ wrestling with demons Harry can’t fathom and Harry is fighting against the pull of his own emotions. In the end, it might just come down to a test of wills and two hearts grazing against each other, trying to discover if they fit.  ~ 2015.07

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Can you rec any rivals ones? Like where they are both good at something and they compete at that, like football or dancing? Kind of enemies to lovers or something. Thanks anyway darling <3 xx

Here You Go:

Unbelievers by isthatyoularry [ 10/10 | English | 136,875 ] ***

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

Flightless Bird by DonnaHaywardsHead [ 35/35 | English | 97,723 ] ***

AU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late?

We’re Like Bumper Cars by sincehewaseighteen [ 1/1 | English | 31,716 ]

Or the AU where Louis and Harry are rivals of the century and Cross Country competitors before things get complicated and they play pretend.

Facade by written_with_no_end [ 19/19 | English | 133,009 ] 

An AU where Louis is the lead singer of The Rogues, Harry is the lead singer of White Eskimo and both are sick of being in the closet so kiss one night to fuck with the media.

Run, Frat Boy, Run by aussie_direction [ 21/21 | English | 44,089 ] 

Harry and Louis are the two most popular boys at SDSU, but they don’t get along. At all. They belong to rival fraternities and they are constantly playing pranks and screwing with each other. Everyone can see that the school slut and the pretty boy would never be friends, but when alcohol and parties are thrown in the mix, things can change.

I hope these are okay! - Happy Reading! :)

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hey do you have any fics where harry is older than louis?

Here you go: 

Off the Record by Tomlinsontoes [ 11/11 | English | 90,872 ] *

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

It’s Safer In The Dark by aace1234 [ 28/28 | English | 79,427 ] *

Louis Tomlinson is a 17 year old High School student who is constantly bullied. He is raised by his four older brothers and keeps them in the dark about his school life. Harry Styles is a 20 year old who is repeating his Senior year of High school. He is extremely popular and is best friends with Louis older brother Niall. Louis has a major crush on Harry. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Harry find out about what Louis is going through at school?

It Is What It Is by aace1234 [ 19/19 | English | 37,211 ]

From the outside 21 year old Louis Tomlinson, the Prime Minister’s youngest child and only son has the perfect life. On the inside its a different story. Harry Syles is The Prime Ministers main Bodyguard, when Louis is threatened and his life is put in danger Harry is assigned to protect Louis. When the threats become even more sinister and Louis and Harry start to develop feelings for each other, things become dangerous for them both. Can they make it work between them? will their feelings for each other get in the way? They say love is blind but it is what it is…

Say Your Prayers by nothing_but [ 2/2 | English | 59,151 ]

Or the one where Harry, head counsellor at a Catholic summer camp, dedicates his time to what he loves most, year after year. It’s mostly the same every summer; the place, the topics, the games. This year, however, there’s a new assistant counsellor stumbling into his camp, and possibly his heart.

Bullet In Our Hearts by Larry_Darling0124 [ 1/1 | English | 27,267 ]

Louis had always dreamed of working as an agent for the CIA and after going through training he had thought his dreams were coming true. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. He’s stuck behind a desk, looking at computer screens, and giving directions to Harry Styles, a handsome field agent. When a mission goes bad and the CIA needs someone to send in that isn’t recognizable, Louis volunteers, ready to make his debut as a field agent. Suddenly he’s fighting bad guys and gaining the trust of the very person he’s not supposed to make contact with. And in the midst of it all, he’ll be shocked to the core by two double agents he’s more than familiar with, one of which he might just be in love with.

One More Chance by Fluffyplum [ 5/5 | English | 117,620 ]

The one where Louis is unable to stay professional when Harry lets his guard down while someone else takes advantage of both their actions.

To be honest, there were a lot more Older!Louis fics but here are a few that I found with Older!Harry - I hope these are okay for you :) 

I finished another story, and uggh this took me soo long but I’m so happy with!!! Please check it out, and let me know how you feel! :) 

Wrap Your Arms Around Me Till Your Knuckles Are Burning White
Words: 58k
Tags: prostitution mentioned in the past19-Year-Old Harry25-Year-Old LouisYounger HarryOlder LouisHuman Traffickingzaniam - Freeformlarry - Freeformtags are making this sound worse than it isMild SmutAge DifferenceAngstAngst with a Happy EndingStrangers to LoversCEO Louismore like VPRich LouisPoor HarrySub HarryDom Louisbut not reallyAuction

In a world where human trafficking is legal, 19 year old Harry Styles surrenders his freedom to the Cooperative Affiliation of Human Exchange, aka CAHE. One week later, 25 year old Louis Tomlinson of Tomlinson Enterprises, attends ‘The Auction.’ Let the bidding begin.


au where Louis wins a bidding war against Simon Cowell and ends up winning the best prize of all.

imagine 19 year old louis wearing a crimson crop top and letting 19 year old harry take body shots off his tummy, his bellybutton and his collarbones


it’s done! some immediate notes:

  • these graphs are in no way representative of the one direction fandom as a whole, and it’s not my intention to stereotype any subsection of the fandom from these findings, or to skew any results in order to prove any point of my own
  • there were around 1,500 responses to the original survey, which featured several multiple choice questions on age, ethnicity, favorites in the fandom, and fic 
  • you can open each image in a new tab to see a clearer picture, with more detail. some are lower quality than others, sorry about that
  • for several charts i chose to leave out certain options, such as “prefer not to answer” for several questions, because they had so few respondents that they cluttered the charts, making them harder to read
  • the same goes for harry/louis in certain charts, so many people responded that all detail was lost when the ship was included with the others that i decided to make them separate
  • HERE IS A LINK to the first survey i did, which was more for my personal use (to complete a paper). i’ll compare a few parts of these results to those

now, about separate components of this massive post: 

  • age: i got a bit of an older audience this time, but this section doesn’t surprise me at all! it’s basically what i expected to see.
  • sexuality: this time around i included more options for sexuality, which may have caused the number of people indicating “straight” to drop. the inclusion of curious, unsure, and prefer not to use labels made it easier for people to pick a title that fits them more closely, i think. this set of info roughly fits what i expected, too. (so does gender, so i won’t talk about that one.) 
  • ethnicity: i apologize for not having an option to check more than one of these specifically. i wanted to be as inclusive as possible while still getting concrete data that was easy to manipulate, and the best way to do that was only allowing a single selection ): 
  • favorite ship: i was definitely expecting a lot of favor for harry/louis but the number totally took me by surprise, honestly. i also didn’t know so many people loved harry/niall! in the “other” section i did get a lot of responses for harry/nick, and i wish i could’ve included more ships but 10 is already a big number to try and fit on the charts!! 

  • age + favorite ship: this is the first instance of splitting harry/louis from the others, just to make the charts easier to read. the best way to read this chart is to look at the age groups and notice which ship is most popular within each age bracket. for example, 19-21 year olds seem to really like ziam. it doesn’t serve to look at the chart as a whole and say that ziam is most popular with 19-21 year olds, because the number of people who responded from each age group isn’t equal. i hope this makes sense, but if it doesn’t, send me a message and i’ll try to be more clear :) 
  • i added in the harry/louis section just to give anyone who’s curious an idea of how many people from each age group responded.

  • favorite album + music video: these were just for fun but they didn’t lend themselves well to interesting combo charts. i’m surprised so many people have midnight memories as a favorite album! and very proud so many people chose best song ever as the best music video 8)
  • favorite member: THE CATEGORY THAT MADE ME MOST EXCITED: LOUIS IS THE WINNER!!! this says to me that my results are probably biased since i’m a louis stan, since it logically suggests that i may be followed by a lot of louis stans. 
  • fave member + fave ship: i like this combo chart, i think it’s really interesting. for the most part, people who liked a certain ship liked one of the people within the ship, which you can see pretty clearly. like harry/niall, harry stans and niall stans by FAR have the largest bar for that ship, and that is basically true across the board. zayn stans in particular have little time for any ship that doesn’t include zayn, too.
  • i included harry/louis again because i think theirs is interesting in that the number of louis’ stans is much higher than harry’s. and also a bunch of niall people like harry/louis most? 

  • sexuality + fave member: this should be read like the other chart, looking at each individual sexuality and how the people within that group designated their faves
  • i think this one is super interesting, because with the exception of those who identify as straight, EVERY group puts louis in the lead as favorite member. he did come out on top of the fave member question, but not by much; only 2% ahead of harry. this makes me wonder if people who identify as non-straight (the vast majority of which are women) see louis as more of an androgynous beauty, maybe even effeminate, or if there’s any projection of a sexuality onto him taking place. this is all speculation obviously, all i have to go on is the numbers. very cool though! 

  • ethnicity + fave member: i had a lot of asks about this after the results of the first survey, so i wanted to take a look at how it panned out. read this one the same as the others, e.g. out of those who identify as african, zayn is the ultimate favorite. 
  • fic stuff: these are self explanatory, peruse at your leisure :) 

  • secret relationships: i included more options for this question as well, based on the response i got from the first survey. this brought the “no” category down some, since a lot of people who chose it previously may have really meant “i’m not sure” or some other answer. 
  • you can see from the next question that although harry/louis is the majority choice, nearly every ship has a few stragglers who believe they may be or have been in a relationship. i’m sure some of them were joke answers, but i’m also sure that some weren’t! 

  • age + belief in secret relationships: overall this chart follows the number of people who responded for each age group, so it’s not generally interesting, but i AM intrigued by the “extreme” ages on the ends. both the youngest and the oldest fans who responded to the survey have a higher “yes” response than those in the middle of these age ranges. 

AND THERE WE HAVE IT!! if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. i’m not a professional at conducting surveys, so any mistakes here are my own. i hope you all find this as fun as i do!!!! 

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top 5 niam moments?

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JUST ??? WHAT ?????????? I’M ?? IN PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Twink harry?

The Twinkiest Twink Who Ever Did Twink. 

19 year old Hazza meets 19 year old Louis and a bar, and takes him home.

Louis wants a ‘metal twink’ of his own

Louis sees a boy with his dick pierced in a porn clip and he just can’t get it out of his head. Three years later Harry surprises him and decides to get his dick pierced too. Louis’ living his fantasy and has the best sex he’s ever had.

- a m y 

but 19 year old louis being the boyfriend who’s cute and quiet when he’s out with 19 year old harry but when they’re home, he makes harry video himself eating him out and louis’ whimpering in the background