19 old harry and 19 old louis


19 year old Harry vs 19 year old Luke

anonymous asked:

19 louis and 21 year old harry...lol tell me exactly "why" this fucks u up ? 21 year old Harry who paints his nails yeah for sure

What does me thinking 21 year old Harry would look good with 19 year old Louis, have anything to do with the fact that Harry paints his nails?

I know, you’re probably thinking it has to do with the whole “HARRY IS THE MANLIEST OF ALL MEN AND LOUIS WAS/IS A HUGE FUCKING TWINK” idea that goes around in this fandom, but that’s personally not what I was thinking.

I just think that this:

would look amazing with this:

that’s all. 

And this:

would look pretty fucking fantastic with this:

So yeah, this has nothing to do with the bottom/fem argument that goes on constantly. I just think they’re made for one another. Sorry that you seemed to take it the wrong way….

Anyway, thanks for messaging me!!