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Literally who is congratulating He Tian on being a top student??? Who’s there to appreciate his efforts?? (They’re obviously noticed by other parents) What drives He Tian?? Can you imagine how lonely he feels? Is he a top student because he cares so much about his future or because he has something to prove? I need to know more!

Future MCU Spider-Man fancast

(If the cast is a bit young, it’s only because I’m using Tom Holland’s age as a point of reference)

1) Ludi Lin as Harry Osborn / Green Goblin 2 

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2) BD Wong as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin

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3) Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat

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4) Laurence Fishburne as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus 

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5) Sophie Turner as Gwen Stacy 

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6) Naomi Scott as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman 

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7) Ken Jeong OR Aasif Mandvi as J. Jonah Jameson 

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8) Emma Stone returns but as Betty Brant

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9) Mark Strong as Uncle Ben 

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10) Rory McCann as Kraven the Hunter 

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11) Lin Shaye as Madame Web 

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12) Elijah Wood as Cletus Kasady / Carnage 

(Watch Sin City and some of his horror films. This guy can pull it off)

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13) Joe Keery as Eddie Brock Jr. / Venom 

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14) Celina Jade as Cindy Moon / Silk

(Only one that came to mind, to be honest. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears)

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15) Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst return as Richard and Mary Parker

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16) Andrew Garfield cameos as the guy who shot Uncle Ben 

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17) Becky G as Anya Corazon 

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18) Yvonne Strahovski as Silver Sable 

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19) Caleb McLaughlin as Miles Morales / The Ultimate Spider-Man 

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20) Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as Robbie Robertson 

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New Guinea during World War I — The Battle of Bita Paka and the Siege of Toma,

While World War I typically brings up scenes of trench warfare from the Western Front. However World War I was fought by people from all over the world on battlefields all over the world. Before World War I, New Guinea was divided in two, the northern half controlled by Germany, the southern half British (administered by Australia). The islands of New Guinea were especially important for Germany because they were home to many supply and communications stations for the German East Asiatic Squadron, a fleet of cruisers which harassed Allied shipping in the Pacific and Indian Ocean throughout the war. 

As soon as the war began, the Australian government and military began planning for an operation to seize New Guinea. It would become the first independent Australian military operation and result in the first Australian casualties of the war. The operation was conducted by the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force, consisting of 3,000 soldiers and sailors. Australia was quickly able to seize most of New Guinea without resistance, however at a radio station at a small village called Bita Paka on New Britain Island was a force of 61 German soldiers and 240 native police who were determined to fight.

On September 11th, 1914 a force of 500 Australian soldiers approached Bita Paka intent on capturing the radio station. There they were met by the German and native soldiers who fought a retreating skirmish, until eventually the settled into trenches and fortifications. The Germans had intended to draw the Australians into a trap, a  pipe mines which were to be detonated when the Australians advanced across a road. However the Australians were able to locate and disable the mine, foiling the German plans. 

With superior numbers, the Australians were able to quickly outflank and overwhelm the German lines. The Germans retreated 19 miles through the dense jungle to the village of Toma, hoping to hold out until the East Asiatic Squadron arrived with reinforcements. However, the Australians would follow them with a 12 pounder artillery piece and commence bombardment of the village.  Most of the native soldiers fled in panic, convincing the Germans to surrender. One German officer named Hermann Detzner escaped into the jungle with 20 native soldiers, where he spent the rest of the war in hiding.  At the end of the operation six Australian soldiers were dead and four wounded. The Germans suffered 1 German officer dead, 30 native soldiers killed, and 11 wounded. 

It’s the eve of the Corporate Challenge in Chicago. I deferred my morning run to the evening, partly due to threat of rain, partly to help acclimate to running later in the day. Kept my 6 miles nice and chill.

I’ve got my company shirt and the rest of my outfit planned out. Weather is looking very good. Optimistically, I can finish 3.5 miles in 19:15, which would put me in the top 20 or so. Usually the thrill of big competition inspires my best performances. I’m stoked to say the least.

Swamp Sounds aka FROGS PLAYLIST 2K16

Congrats to @rushingsnowy for winning my 500 follower giveaway! As requested, here’s a platonic Frogs playlist. This is my idea of what might be on a collaborative playlist that all the Frogs share, and I had a delightful time making it. It’s at least 1/3 chirps. Please share with me who you think added which songs. Track list below the read more. 

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Sickfic inspiration

From my own life!!

So my city has this midnight bike ride once a year. There’s a 9 mile option and a 19 mile option. So after a year of not riding a bike, my dad and I went on the 19 mile one while my younger sister (she’s 16) and her boyfriend went on the 9 mile. I struggled lmao. Nearly got sick at the top of a huuuuuge hill, but I fuckin DID IT.

So anyway, when we finished and met my sister at the finish line, she started PANICKING and being like “omg Taylor you’re so pale you need to sit down” and I was like “??? I’m good” and I was making jokes and she was just. Not having it. I guess I looked pretty rough lol. But finally I was like “I feel fine” and she just yelled “I DONT CARE HOW YOU FEEL; SIT DOWN AND DRINK THE DAMN WATER” and I just fuckin love that line because I was like “o shit yes ma'am”


(happy birthday i hope u have a good 22cd pal)


This team took virtual reality to the Chernobyl site — and the result is haunting

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear power plant explosion near Pripyat, Ukraine killed more than 30 people in the accident. Radioactive dust and debris prompted the Ukraine government to evacuate around 135,000 people from the area. The 19-mile exclusion zone has remained uninhabited for the past three decades, but soon you will be able to explore inside the decaying disaster site yourself.

Walk done

It is such a beautiful day I decided to do an extra walk for funsies. I’m really loving this park I walk at. It was sorta boring without my walking buddy Steph (lostintransition-blog) but I made it 1.37 miles at a pace of 19.59/mile! First time just walking my pace was under 20 minutes. I’m trying not to obsess over numbers, but it’s nice to see myself pushing harder.

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19 with miles

“You never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves,” as soon as the words left Miles lips you could see the regret on his face.

The damage was done though and he had already cut too deep.

“And this is why,” you tried to keep your calm but you could feel the lump forming in your throat. “I’ve told you I’ve been through a lot. And I wanted to share that side of me with you but when I was ready. Guess I won’t have to worry about that now. Goodbye, Miles.”

You could hear the boy who broke your heart calling you to stop as you walked out. He didn’t move though. He didn’t chase after you and that hurt the worst.