19 february 2013

KeunaKeun a Brief Summary

5 Giants from YNB Entertainment whom debuted on March 3rd 2016 are the members of KNK.

KNK (keunakeun/크나큰) have an average height of 185cm and training time of 5 years. The name “Keunakeun” means to knock on kpop’s door with their title track for their debut Album (Awake) “Knock.”

The five members are [Oldest - Youngest]:

Kim Youjin [Aka Single Mom]

Height: 186cm (6 ft 1in)

Blood Type: AB

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday (YY/MM/DD):  93.02.10


Doesn’t like skinship, his mouth can open to 9cm (he fitted 12 marshmallows in his mouth), has participated on ‘Masked Singer’, has three younger brothers, the most “normal” member. Always has his pS Vita on him. He is a former TS Entertainment trainee and trained with the members of B.A.P. 

Favourite movie is ‘Avatar,’ and favourite sport is soccer. Favourite foods are steak, pizza and hamburgers. Has a bad habit of shaking his legs and moves 360 degrees while sleeping.

He recommends the song Angel Heart - KNK

Park Seungjun [Aka Real life Sudowoodo Pokemon]

Height: 190.3cm (6 ft 3in)

Blood Type: B

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Birthday (YY/MM/DD) : 93.10.28


He is a HUGE Pokemon fan! (he calls pokemon Sunbaes!) He has a younger brother (Taejun). He is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee and he trained with the members of BTS. He then moved to JYP Entertainment where he trained alongside with the GOT7 members, after winning 2nd place at the company’s 10th Open Audition on February 19, 2013. Currently participating on the acting survival show “I Am the Actor.” 

His favourite food is meat (beef), favourite movie is The Intern currently, he likes any drink other than carbonated ones. Favourite types of music are rock & dance music. He is the most flexible member in KNK. He has a habit of curling up in his sleep. He is the personal back-scratch guy for Jihun.

He recommends the song Good Life - One Republic

Jeong Inseong [Aka Happiness Bug]

Height: 183cm (6 ft)

Blood Type: A

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday (YY/MM/DD) : 94.07.01


He has an older sister. He is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee with Seungjun. Then moved to FNC Entertainment. In 2013, he appeared with Heejun on the reality show Cheongdam-dong 111. Before moving to YNB Entertainment with Heejun in May 2014. His personality is very positive hence ‘Happiness Bug.’ Was in Bestie’s Excuse Me MV with Seungjun. Is often compared to a bunny when he smiles (he isn’t bucked toothed okay!). Unlike most Koreans, Inseong likes a tall cute girl with tan skin rather than the pale standards in Korea.

His favourite food is anything as long as it doesn’t have ginger, and his favorite types of music are HipHop, Ballads and Jazz. His favorite artists are Forty, Xia Junsu, Kim Beom Soo, and Na Yoon Kwon. 

Has a bad habit of licking his lips and has a loud cute laugh. He sleeps on his side.

He recommends these two songs:  Counting Stars - 40 & Yesterday - XIA Junsu

Kim Jihun [Aka Mansae/Aegyo Giant]

Height: 186cm (6 ft 1in)

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday (YY/MM/DD) : 95.02.20


He has an older sister. He is a former Nega Network trainee. One of the tannest members in KNK. He is rated as the loudest member in KNK, much like Heejun he loves the floor and often falls to the ground laughing like an actual “ROFL” (Rolling on floor laughing). He choreographs many of KNK’s dances such as “Stay” and their title track for their upcoming comeback “Sun, Moon, Stars.” Has had blonde hair for two eras (Remain & Gravity).

His favorite food is Samgyeopsal (pork belly meat), and favorite drink is Coffee. His favorite types of music are R&B, HipHop and Ballads, in which his favorite artists are Jason Derulo and Chris Brown. He plays soccer. He likes his back being scratched because it comforts him (his mum use to do it).

His bad habit is touching his nose and also sleep talking. 

A song he recommends Zion.T -  Two Melodies

Oh Heejun [Aka Meme King]

Height: 181cm (5 ft 11in)

Blood Type: B

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday (YY/MM/DD): 96.05.08


He has two older sisters. He covered the Indie Band 10cm’s song “Good Night,” as a gift to Tinkerbell’s on his birthday in 2017. He had his good friend from FNC Entertainment & past band member of Kokoma Band (꼬꼬마 밴드) Kwak Dongyeon filmed the video. He is a former FNC Entertainment trainee. In 2013 he appeared with Inseong on the reality show Cheongdam-dong 111. He was the vocalist and guitarist of Kokoma Band (꼬꼬마 밴드). He is a fan of Coldplay. Is known to be extra and throws himself on the floor a lot when he laughs.

His bad habit is scratching between his eyebrows. He sometimes talks to himself while he sleeps. He can play guitar, rap, beat box, dance, and sing (he is an all-rounder). He is very quick-witted and mature so he often plays pranks & on simple games he is likely to cheat.

His favorite food is braised chicken. The food he doesn’t like are Chinese noodles and Korean rice soup with oyster. His favorite drinks are coke, milk and his favorite type of music are HipHop, Rock and Folk. His favorite movies are Twilight and The Intern. His hobby is playing the guitar (he covers many songs). His favorite sports are soccer, bowling and ping-pong.

A song he recommends Byeon Jinseop - Back to You Again

The Evolution of Harry Styles Hair

Try to find every one of Harry’s haircut changes from 2010 to 2016. I hope you like it :)

November 2010 - 16 years old.

May 2011 - 17 years old.

June 2011

September 2011

February 2012- 18 years old.

March 2012

July 2012

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

January 2013

February 2013 - 19 years old.

April 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

September 2013

January 2014

February 2014 - 20 years old.

November 2014

December 2014

June 2015 - 21 years old.

December 2015

Actually 2016, 22 years old.

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Hello! I have a request can you tell me which of hakuouki games are released in english and on which platform and and which are in japanese?(since you are an expert on hakuouki games I thought I should ask you) Thank you

The Hakuoki Wikipedia listing actually has a rather nice list with all of this information, though I know it can be a little confusing to look at, it’s pretty accurate. 

There was also a really nice post floating around about 2-3 years ago that specified what English games related to which Japanese titles but for the life of me I can’t find it and it’s probably buried somewhere in my mess of a blog. Anyway, I’m going to try to recall what I remember, so here’s what we have:

Hakuōki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom 

Localized version of Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan, which was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 14, 2012.

Hakuōki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musouroku, which was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 19, 2013.

Hakuōki: Memories of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Zuisouroku, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 19, 2013.

Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Junsouroku, which was released for the PlayStation 3 on May 6, 2014. 

Note: Junsouroku is the combination of Shinsengumi Kitan and Zuisouroku.

Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds


Localized version of Hakuouki Shinkai: Kaze no Shou which was only released on PlayStation Vita on May 15, 2017.

All dates listed are North American release dates, I apologize I’m not certain on when all the games were released in Europe outside of Kyoto Winds.

Looking at all the Japanese releases is probably the most confusing thing though so it’s no wonder people get lost. Even I still haven’t gotten it all down honestly (so please don’t call me an expert ^^;;; I’m not even close), but you have to keep in mind things have been repackaged, combined, and/or ported to different systems frequently since Hakuouki first debuted in 2008. And each time they’ve tried to add a little something new to entice fans into buying the new versions, but at this point if you have a Vita you have access to basically everything you need either English or Japanese, as far as physical copies (not downloads) go.

The only games we don’t have localized are Hakuouki: Reimeiroku, which is the prequel game featuring Ibuki Ryuunosuke and his experiences with the Shinsengumi before they were the Shinsengumi, and one I would personally love to see localized. Along with the three Yuugiroku games which aren’t really so much story as a collection of mini-games and challenges to unlock festival related events and CGs. Then there’s Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~ which is completely AU and has no bearing on the main story.

Hope this helps!


“Almost Home” is the main track from the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures film Oz the Great and Powerful. Commissioned by Disney, Simone Porter, Justin Gray, and Lindsey Ray wrote the bulk of the record. When Carey signed on to sing the song, she and Stargate’s Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen would later change it a bit and ultimately, complete it. On February 6, 2013, it was announced that Mariah Carey had recorded the song for the Disney film with production team Stargate, and that it would be released through digital download on February 19, 2013. Mariah Carey’s vocal range spans 3 octaves from low note of Bb2 to the whistle note of F#6. It reached #1 on the US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart (Billboard)

Celebrating 2 years of Almost Home

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hey! sorry to bother you, but do you have/know of a complete list of all of jonghyun's self-composed songs (like the ones that he releases on blue night)? thanks so much!! please keep up this blog, its wonderful! <3 <3 <3

you’re not being a bother! ♡♡ and of course! ♡♡ i’m going to list everything in chronological / by date of official release because it’s a little bit easier to do it that way. there are a few songs that we finished before their official release / there’s some other important factoids about some of them so i’ll jot little notes if need be. this also ended up being very long so i’m going to put it behind a cut and tag it appropriately!

× may 25, 2009
× from romeo.
× lyrics
× first song released for shinee that jonghyun penned the lyrics for.
× one of the two title tracks from shinee that he’s penned the lyrics to.
× the film romeo and juliet inspired the lyrics to the song. he once spoke about the lyric process on blue night. “it was a serenade of love. in the movie romeo and juliet there were romantic dialogues, and i made use of those to write the song.” (source: cosmicsticks)

욕(慾) (obsession)
× july 19, 1010
× from lucifer.
× lyrics
× the song actually has three titles: the korean title translates to “curse”, whiile the chinese translates to “want” and the english is, obviously, “obsession”.
× jonghyun revealed that he drew inspiration for the song from edgar allen poe’s the black cat.

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Adam Kaplan's post on twitter

I just saw Adam’s post on twitter and it made me cry….

Adam: Indulge me for a second… A little over a year and a half ago when making my Broadway debut (February 19, 2013 to be exact) I turned to Jacob Guzman as the overture of Newsies began and said with excitement, fear, and pure joy: “…this is happening.” For 8 shows a week for the last 18 months he, Eduardo Castro, and I have been saying that phrase to each other as the downbeat of the overture begins. It’s become not only a silly tradition, but a reminder of how lucky we have been to have had this experience and to feel the nightly rush of having your dream come true.

Newsies changed my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to fall so madly in love with a group of people, nor with such a well crafted piece of theatre. To be a part of this community is a dream in itself, but to have made my debut alongside this family is all the icing on every Shmackeries cookie ever. Thank you all for sharing in my excitement and my joy throughout this process. Thank you for giving me enough memories to last a lifetime.

Today will be a tough day. But, it will also celebrate the culmination of hard work, endless amounts of heart, and a damn good piece of theatre.
Jack Feldman said it perfectly in one of my favorite parts of the show:

“Don’t take much to be a dreamer, 
All you do is close your eyes
But some made-up world is all you ever see
Now my eyes is finally open
And my dreams, they’s average-size
But they don’t much matter if you ain’t with me.”

Good things come and go, but it’s the people you share them with that makes each moment all the more special. “Newsies forever, second to none.” I love you all.

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I'm in a debate with some fellow Arrow\Olicity fans about when exactly did Olicity become the juggernaut it became, seasons 1 or 2? Some of them think the midpoint of season one the rest of us say season two. One of them have been apart of the fandom since day one and although Olicity was getting traction in season one by a set of fans and of course the network, the Eps and Mark Pedowitz but it wasn't until season two that articles, journalists, critics really dug into it as well as the fans....

Hm.  This is a good question because I think - in a way - it happened in stages and it depends on what aspect of Olicity you’re examining and from what POV in regards to creating that “juggernaut.”

For example…

Felicity Smoak arrives.  Her character clearly launched the instant she hit the screen. 

Her scene started and instantly Twitter lit up.  People loved her.  She was quirky.  She was fresh.  She was unexpected.  She made you smile and laugh aloud.  She did something for the show.

Then there was Oliver in that moment.

He smiled.  Something “real” shined through.  There was a click.  A something.  People noticed.  They might not have realized why, but the resounding response was, “I want more of that!”

The thing about Season One is… Felicity didn’t show up til Episode 3.  She didn’t interact with Oliver “a lot,” just bits and drabs here and there, so I don’t know if you could argue that it was a “juggernaut”in that moment.  I think it was the building of the juggernaut… the awakening of the juggernaut?  The first stirs of life?

Something was ignited very early on.

For me, it wasn’t until this scene in Episode 12

That I knew.  This was it.  This was her.  She was The One.  Oliver and Felicity were The Couple. Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards had that undefinable “It.”  That magic, that lightning in a bottle.  Bam! I saw it.  I recognized it instantly.  If I saw it?  I like to believe the people at CW were smart enough to see it too.

More than that, the CW recognized that Felicity Smoak “did something” for Oliver Queen’s character, acknowledging that she “fixed something” they didn’t even realize needed fixing.  It’s actually something they commented on in articles later.

But, back around February 19, 2013, word broke [x] that Emily Bett Rickards had been made a regular cast member.   February.  2013.  That was right before “The Dodger” episode (which, gee, coincidentally – or not so much – was an episode that really focused on Felicity & brought her into the mission to catch the jewel thief).

By the time Oliver and Felicity hit the elevator shaft in Season 1, Episode 22, the media was pretty much abuzz with Olicity talk.  Oliver and Felicity were talked about on a lot of sites, and were already being included in various shipper polls.  There were a lot of teases, a lot of praise both for Felicity/Emily and Olicity.

During the hiatus between Season 1 and 2, Olicity were everywhere – shipper polls, couple polls, contests competitions….  We were there.

When Season 2′s promotion started, Olicity were pictured in EW’s “What to Watch” for Arrow’s premiere episode.  Olicity was the pic the CW used to promote the show’s return before the premiere. Olicity were included in the San Diego Comic Con Sizzle Reel (remember that window stunt?)

So, while I could debate “when” Olicity started in terms of romance (Season 1, 2, or 3) and what moment caught me as a shipper… the question was, “…when exactly did Olicity become the juggernaut it became?”

I think without what unfolded during Season 1, the media coverage in Season 2 wouldn’t have existed.  But, the coverage for Oliver/Felicity (and the use of them to promote Arrow before Season 2 even started) would have me leaning toward saying Season 1 was when it gained traction with the visual effects of it not really “seen”/felt by viewers (in the media, in promotion, etc) until Season 2. 

So yeah. I’m going to go with Season 1.

What about you, Oliciters?  What would you say?

Season One


Season Two


Lou Myers

Lou Leabengula Myers (September 26, 1935 – February 19, 2013) was an American actor. Myers was typically typecast as a grumpy old man, but he has appeared in many movies, stage plays television sitcoms, and dramas. He got his first break as an understudy in the Broadway play, The First Breeze of Summer as Reverend Mosley. He is perhaps best known as the feisty Mr. Vernon Gaines in the sitcom A Different World. Myers was also an accomplished pianist.

Myers was born in Chesapeake, West Virginia, the son of Dorothy Jeffries (née Brown). Myers died at the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia after battling pneumonia for several months.

Myers won an NAACP Image Award for his role as the Stool Pigeon in the August Wilson play, King Hedley II. He also won the Off-Broadway AUDELCO Award for his role in the play, Fat Tuesday.

In 2005 the Appalachian Education Initiative listed Myers as one of 50 “Outstanding Creative Artists” from the State of West Virginia and featured him in their coffeetable book “Art & Soul”.