19 days till christmas

I have an advent calender. When I opened the 5th door today I realized that there are only 19 days till Christmas. The time is running. I had to think about something:
Every year we get so excited for this advent time and for Christmas. We buy the first Christmas stuff already in October or even August and can’t wait. We’re so excited about the “Christmas-mood” that we almost forget what Christmas is all about.

It’s about Emanuel. The son of God. The God with us.
It’s about the promised messiah.
The Holy lamb that washed away all our sins.
It’s about an unconditional love and a great sacrifice.
It’s about the son of God, born in poverty.
It’s about great joy and hope.
It’s about Jesus Christus, our savoir and redeemer who was born, lived and never sinned, died as an innocent on a roman cross to save you and me from our sin.

God needed to remind me today, that Christmas is so much more than just a nice mood, chocolate and decorations.
Let’s not forget, that God sent his only and begotten son for us.