19 bears


These aren’t all of them, but my closer OCs! I will update it once i get more refs together
they don’t have a set age
Names sorted by placement:

<b>Jerrel</b> (m)
boy with smol antlers and red scarf
-more of an extrovert
-tries really hard
-is the loser of the gang

<b>Feara</b> (f)
yellow thing with giant ears
-looks 6 years younger than her age
-passive aggressive
-yells <b>a lot</b>
-watches a lot of TV
- is only nice to jerrel
-never involves herself

<b>Ketaah</b> (f)
Cool blue thing with weird bat
-the coolest
-doesn’t argue
-a lot like a mom but cooler
-talks really slow and soft with a deep voice
-good at calming people down

<b>ben</b> (m)
handicapped bear
-likes to pretend that his legs are perfectly fine
-ready to do anything dangerous
-doesn’t care
-loud, happy
-likes to risk his life
-tries to make everyone join his “adventures”

cool spotted thing with dyed hair
-stereotypical teen
-everyone had a crush on her at least once
-likes to make a scene
-snorts when laughing
-gets offended easily
-has a new boyfriend every 2 weeks

Jarryd James has been making waves in the Australian music scene as of late and for good reasons as well and now he’s teamed up with fellow Australian songstress Julia Stone for his track called Regardless. Its quite interesting as this is the type of style I thought Angus and Julia Stone would take if they ever went down a more melodic electronic route and I kind of love it just for that. Its got these soothing deep beats mixed with these absolutely lush harmonies, their voices just work so well together its unreal - Jakk

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I know I’m late to the party, but.. can you believe He Tian (He Tian, the Fucked Up Asshole some of you perceive him as) did something so.. not like him? But at the same time, so much like him? I’m really curious how he came up with this idea. Like oh, Mo Guan Shan’s food was pretty good, I enjoyed having him here in my apartment. It felt nice and I want more of this. But fuck he totally hates me. So how am I going to bring this boy back without being too weird about it? .. Oh I know! how about I mess with him and make him hate me more because… that’s.. how it works right?? Even if he hates me he won’t have a choice. Yes~ He Tian, you are indeed a genius.

Well, something like that? Lmao, you hopeless boy. He even took his time to write two notes, because he predicted Guan Shan would get pissed. That’s how persistent he is. Such a cute little thing wrapped in a “shady plan”. And he was so sure Guan Shan would take a peek, that he easily lied about a third person (who knows if they actually discussed this, but my guess is they didn’t). He simply doesn’t know how to approach the boy, except from proposing deals and being all domineering about it. The easy, familiar method that should work for everything and everyone, right? A bit risky, but fun. Because he actually has no fucking idea how to express himself differently. Like, go to Mo Guan Shan and ask him to come again because he liked his food and his company? Well hell no, He Tian would say, that’s not my style. How dare Guan Shan influence my behavior! I’m gonna keep this my way and I’m confident it’s going to work (damn, this really explains the kiss). But this is seriously hilarious and adorable. He Tian, who knew. Actually, I did. I did know he has no clear grasp of his emotions, not only because he’s young, but he’s probably not used to feeling things to this extent. And maybe Mo Guan Shan is his first crush? Oh man, that would explain everything. 

My fucking god, He Tian is such a big, clueless dork. I fucking knew it but I’m still grinning stupidly and I’m so excited to see him try so hard to get to know Mo better. Even if he fucked up big time and ended up hurting him. I really want to see more sides of him.

So, uh, news of the day: He Tian is not an emotionless dipshit. Pass it on.

The Crybaby Plan...

Crybaby – Gang AU – Kim Jongin (KAI)


1. Crybaby
2. Dollhouse
3. Sippy Cup
4. Carousel
5. Alphabet Boy
6. Soap Pt.1
7. Pity Party
8. Play Date
9. Cake
10. Training Wheels
11. Tag, You’re it
12. A Million Men
13. Milk and Cookies
14. Pacify Her
15. Mrs. Potato Head
16. Soap Pt.2
17. Sippy-Cup Pt.2
18. Mad Hatter
19. Teddy Bear
20. Where Do Babies Come from?
21. Dead to Me
22. Epilogue: Gingerbread Man


Crybaby – Scenes of ‘Crybaby’, Kai and Chanyeol teasing ‘Crybaby’ and showing her growing up and how she was bullied and how that affected her as a person earning her the ‘nickname’ Crybaby from Kai.

Dollhouse – Showing her coming from a broken home, Chanyeol’s drug addiction, her father being too wrapped up in his work to care and her mother being an alcoholic.

Sippy Cup Pt.1 – Noticing her brother’s dangerous activities with his friends yet still trying to hide it from everyone and act like nothing is going on.

Carousel – Re-meeting Kai and remembering all the awful things he put her through replaying in her head and realising that no matter how hard she tried she could never escape him even after years.

Alphabet Boy – Kai continuing to tease her about her fragility – that she’s too weak to be around him and her brother and she finally snaps at him. Almost like little Red and the big bad wolf.

Soap – ‘Crybaby’ opens her big mouth realising what she has said and then instantly regretting it – Retaliating to Kai.

Pity Party – Being Locked away and ignored by the rest of the gang and going through hell due to what happened in soap - smacking a bat against the wall.

Play Date – Not wanting to admit that Kai is getting to her and refusing to let him in, no matter what.

Cake – Slowly realising that all she wants is him, but letting herself believe that he won’t want her.

Training Wheels – Getting used to seeing Kai in a new light, and starting to treat him a little different, by letting him in and not pushing him out.

Tag, You’re It – After a small disagreement between ‘Crybaby’, Kai and Chanyeol she stomps off getting herself kidnapped by SHINee & Tao.

A Million Men – Confronted while being hidden away for almost a week in a personal hell hole

Milk and Cookies – When snooping around while the group are away she slipped some of Chanyeol’s Drugs into their only water supply, killing them and making a run for it.

Pacify Her – Kai, seeing her as the girl she used to be not realising just how damaged she now is, causing the two, to harshly bicker.

Mrs. Potato Head – Trying to cover up all her scars caused by the prior week, while putting on a false smile for her brother and Kai.

Soap Pt.2 – ‘Crybaby’ takes a bath with Kai after trying to kill herself, and Kai realises how much he has damaged her. 

Sippy-Cup Pt.2– Needing time away from an agitated Kai, ‘Crybaby’ visits home realising just how screwed up her family are. Her father left her mother due to countless arguments and heavy drinking. This let’s ‘Crybaby’ realise that she didn’t want to be like her mother but her and Kai’s relationship was starting to resemble their broken marriage.

Mad Hatter – Unable to control her unstable mental state, she resorts to some of her brother’s left-over drug stash entering her own ‘Wonderland’. (Chan finding her unconscious at chapter’s end)

Teddy Bear – Once again, ‘Crybaby’ and Kai are arguing resorting to violent outbursts and aggressive attitude, and that nothing will ever be the same again.

Where Do Babies Come from? – They were both broken she was back to being, fragile and he stripped of her love. she never wanted to see Kai again as she was now bringing her own baby into this world and she didn’t want kai anywhere near them, he never wanted to see her again due to the raging guilt he would feel that he couldn’t live with anymore because he then couldn’t live with himself.

Dead to Me – She had to get over him, had to. The only thing was. She hadn’t.

Gingerbread Man – Seeing him again brought back so many bad memories that she never could let go of.

ok here is the 20 song shuffle challenge thing
1) broken bones - chvrches
2) machine gun - portishead
3) on sight - kanye west
4) shove it - santigold
5) in the flowers - animal collective
6) not in love - crystal castles ft. robert smith
7) oh comely - neutral milk hotel
8) energy - drake
9) in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
10) belispeak - purity ring
11) just like heaven - the cure
12) the rip - portishead
13) step - vampire weekend
14) hey - pixies
15) perth - bon iver
16) breezeblocks - alt-j
17) oblivion - grimes
18) two weeks - grizzly bear
19) tuscan leather - drake
20) naomi - neutral milk hotel

I tag bamyasi and anyone else who wants to do it

No safe haven for polar bears in warming Arctic

Not a single polar-bear haven in the rapidly warming Arctic is safe from the effects of climate change, researchers have found.

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) rely on sea ice for roaming, breeding, and as a platform from which to hunt seals. When the ice melts in the summer, the bears spend several months on land, largely fasting, until the freeze-up allows them to resume hunting. So if they are to survive, they need pockets of ice to persist almost year-round.

Some climate models suggest that most of the Arctic may be ice-free in summer by mid-century[1]. But icy refuges near the North Pole currently support 19 populations of polar bears, totalling some 25,000 individuals.  Scientists weren’t sure about the exact rate of ice retreat in these habitats, or whether some refuges might not yet be dwindling.

All of the Arctic refuges are in fact on the decline, a detailed examination of satellite data now suggests. Mathematician Harry Stern and biologist Kristin Laidre at the University of Washington in Seattle used a 35-year satellite record to examine each of the 19 population areas, which range from 53,000 to 281,000 square kilometres in size. For each, they calculated the dates on which sea ice retreated in the Arctic spring and advanced in the autumn, as well as the average summer sea-ice concentration and number of ice-covered days.

Polar bears’ sea-ice habitat is dwindling as the Arctic warms. Theo Allofs/Minden Pictures/FLPA