19 again because of what i said before

@voltron-against-child-soldiors aka the only anti blog i like.

this is very inportant. children shouldn’t be in the military, and anti-shaladins saying “everyone is bellow 18” are gross for thinking that way, because they aren’t portraying child soldiors!!

It was confirmed by Lance’s voice actor on twitter that Lance is 19, and it’s been said that Keith is the same age as Lance. Hunk has to be around their age because he was dorming with Lance and was in the same classes as him (from what we’ve seen). Keith also knew Shiro in the garrison before he got kicked out, so Shiro had to be around their age, making anti-shaladins wrong again. Pidge is the only exeption. She joined the garrison younger then anyone else so she could find her family. We don’t have any proof on her age, but I’ve personally seen her as 16-18.

So stop saying the paladins are minors, they aren’t.