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Killing Stalking Chapter 19

So as I was reading Chapter 19 (before you ask - @kslations on instagram) I noticed the bra and remembered it from Chapter 14, when we see it in Yoon Bum’s apartment as Sang Woo is going through his things.

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Ana boot camp

I’m starting ana boot camp tomorrow. I really hope I can make it through. For those of you who don’t know what ana boot camp is.

Day1: 500 calories(or less)
Day2: 500 calories(or less)
Day 3: 300 calories
4: 400 calories
5: 100 calories
6: 200 calories
7: 300 calories
8: 400 calories
9: 500 calories
10: fast
11: 150 calories
12: 200 calories
13: 400 calories
14: 350 calories
15: 250 calories
16: 200 calories
17: fast
18: 200 calories
19: 100 calories
20: fast
21: 300 calories
22: 250 calories
23: 200 calories
24: 150 calories
25: 100 calories
26: 50 calories
27: 100 calories
28: 200 calories
29: 200 calories
30: 300 calories
31: 800
32: fast
33: 250 calories
34: 350 calories
35: 450 calories
36: fast
37: 500 calories
38: 450 calories
39: 400 calories
40: 350 calories
41: 300 calories
42: 250 calories
43: 200 calories
44: 200 calories
45: 250 calories
46: 200 calories
47: 300 calories
48: 200 calories
49: 150 calories
50: fast

My Current Diet

Don’t get triggered by how much I eat.

Day 1: 200 calories
Day 2: 150 calories
Day 3: 100 calories
Day 4: Fast
Day 5: 50 Calories
Day 6: Fast
Day 7: 50 calories
Day 8: 75 calories
Day 9: 150 calories
Day 10: 250 calories
Day 11: Fast
Day 12: 200 calories
Day 13: Fast
Day 14: Fast
Day 15: 400 calories
Day 16: 200 calories
Day 17: 300 calories
Day 18: Fast
Day 19: Fast
Day 20: 200 calories

This is my current diet.. it’s intense so be careful and stay safe♥️♥️♥️

19 days chap. 200

Some of my thoughts about it.

I wonder if Guan Shan thought that He Tian will finally say what he wants from him. That He Tian was fooling him the whole time because at the end he wanted to use him just like She Li. So he asked to reveal what he wants, maybe expecting some task to do for him.

We all know he’s not easy person to use unless you force him to do so. That’s why he refused to turn around?

Here we can see that he’s still pretty scared of He Tian. He instantly back away when the latter stands up. He doesn’t feel comfortable around He Tian yet. Earlier he was standing in defensive position with hands crossed on his chest.

He partially panicked? Because he was attacked in his own room, with his mother in the house.

But what interest me the most is his expression below:

We can see that he’s frustrated and mad at He Tian for treating him like that. He’s clenching his teeth. However we have seen this expression in the chapter 188. But it was much gentle expression after He Tian forced him to take his jacket. He Tian was more gentle then than in this chapter.

In both situations Guan Shan received something from He Tian. Sure he’s mad but maybe it’s the face of realisation that regardless of He Tian actions, he doesn’t intend to really hurt him or use him for dirty work.


Massive Italian Attack on the Karst

May 23 1917, Gorizia–After a week of fighting, the Italian assault on the Bainsizza plateau was halted.  They had made substantial gains around Plava, but the Tre Santi mountains still eluded them.  Although they had largely held the line, the Austrians had suffered immensely, suffering over 30,000 casualties; one corps lost over two-thirds of its strength.  Boroević had stripped the Karst, relatively quiet since the initial bombardment, of most of its reserves to prevent a breakthrough on the Bainsizza.

Cadorna’s original plan for the Tenth Battle had called for an attack on the Karst five days into the battle (on May 19), with 200 extra guns from elsewhere on the Isonzo. If Capello (commading the army tasked with taking the Bainsizza) had not talked him out of it, such an attack would have hit at the time the Austrians were weakest.  Instead, they would attack on May 23, which gave the Austrians some time to recover, and without the 200 extra guns.

Despite this, the bombardment, starting at 6 AM on May 23, was still devastating.  Firing a million shells over the course of ten hours–twenty for every foot of the front, the barrage completely isolated the Austrian front line troops.  Although many were able to hide in the deep kavernen, the barrage destroyed communications and supply routes, wrecked defensive positions, and often shattered the wills of the defenders.

The infantry attacked 4 PM, under cover of the smoke of the bombardment.  In many places, they reached the Austrian lines without opposition, the stunned defenders not reaching their positions in time.  The Italians captured over nine thousand soldiers in the first day of the offensive, broke through two Austrian lines, and advanced over a mile in places.  Only two more lines lay between the Italians and the open road to Trieste.   Boroević was determined to recapture the lost ground on the Karst, and began to prepare counterattacks, despite being essentially out of reserves.

Today in 1916: British Capture Capital of Darfur
Today in 1915: Italy Declares War on Austria

Sources include: John R. Schindler, Isonzo; Mark Thompson, The White War.

I’ve just seen someone on facebook talking about how they are scared about Labours bid to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour because they know people who cant afford to pay employees that amount. Another argument was that people who were already on £10 an hour would be unsatisfied with that amount should other workers be getting it.

I’m sorry but bullshit and here is the only important reason why.
£10 an hour in a full time week (we’ll say 40 hours) 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year comes out about £19,200 a year. Currently in the uk 7,700 of that is taxable. When you take off tax and work backwards, the wage people are actually getting is £9.19 per hour. Why is that important? £8.75 is considered to be the bare minimum living wage - the amount someone would need to survive.The MINIMUM. Many people would need more because of higher rents in certain areas - In london its £9.75.

If you cant afford to pay an employee enough for them to survive, you are a failing business. If people would rather other people not be able to live independently on their salary in order to continue having an inflated sense of ego - they are shitty people. 

I mean for fucks sake.