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Important Dates for the Signs in December


Aries: 6, 25, 29

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Libra: 12, 19, 26

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Pisces: 13, 23, 31

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More than enough (Uncensored Scene)

Title: More than Enough (Uncensored Scene)

Prompt: Day 14-Proposal, Day 19-Intimacy, Day 26-Wedding Night

Summary: When Naruto tells Hinata that he keeps having nightmares about her abandoning him for Toneri, she decides to do something about it!

Rating: M (one long sex scene)

Word Count: 3.800+

Notes: This is actually the uncensored version of Hinata and Naruto’s “marriage” that I posted in the “More than enough…” fanfic. It’s the first time I am writing erotica, I hope you all enjoy it! I have posted the complete version of this on FanFiction Net, which features some omake and extras. You can access it by clicking here. By all means if you have a FanFiction Net account leave a review! The “horrible books that he read in the Nara forest” thing is a reference to the previous chapter’s omake in which Naruto discovers NTR.

The sun had set and the night was approaching. After enjoying an afternoon on the town, and bumping into some of his friends, Naruto decided to return home. He stopped at Takeda’s Patisserie, picked up some mini cinnamon rolls and made his way back to his place at a leisurely pace. He got up the stairs to his apartment, and reached for his keys…

…when he remembered that he had given his keys to Hinata, he knocked on the door. To his surprise it swung open. He carefully stepped inside and closed the door.

“I’m home!”

He heard a voice from the inside; “Welcome back! Come in!”

“So… Hinata-chan… why did you want me to buy those…”

His mouth gaped open and nearly hit the floor when he had a look at her. She was wearing the black bridal dress that Toneri made her wear during their “wedding” at the moon. Instead of talking, she got ahold of his hand and led him to the living room. Hinata had arranged scented candles in a perfect circle and began to light them up. When she finished, she turned off the apartment’s lights and led Naruto inside the circle of candle-lights.

“Hinata-chan, what are you doing?”

“Dispelling your nightmares.”

She grabbed a mini cinnamon-roll from the bag that Naruto was still holding, placed her arms around him, pressed her chest against his and looked him in the eyes.

“Uzumaki Naruto. You are the light of my life. Your mere presence fills my existence with warmth, happiness and joy. You taught me how to be strong and resilient. Thanks to you, I began to like myself, to feel comfortable with who I truly was. You are the only man I ever loved, the only man I ever wanted, and the only one I wish to spend the rest of life with. Your love is my most precious treasure. I will always cherish it, and I will never betray it. I want to stand by your side from now until the day that I die. Please accept me. ”

Naruto grinned.

“OK, fess-up, how long have you been practicing that little speech?”

Hinata blushed and pushed her head against his chest.

“A while now… It’s just something I really wanted to say to you.”

“And how am I supposed to respond to that?”

Hinata gave him one of her warmest smiles.

“Just tell me what you feel.”

Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and moves his face closer to her. As he began to get enchanted by Hinata’s lavender eyes, he took a deep breath and tried to find the words.

“Hinata Hyuga. In my darkest moments you were always there to give me strength and bring out the light I had inside me. You saw me at my weakest and the lowest points in my life, and you still acknowledged me. Your friendship and support are a very big reason I am the man I am today.”

He looked into her eyes and took another deep breath.

“For some reason, you fell in love with me. It took me a while to figure out what love truly was, but when I did, I realized that I loved you back. I realized that I wanted to spend every moment of the rest of my life with you and only you. Please forgive me for taking so long to return your feelings, for leaving you alone for so long. Please accept me.”

“So… how did I go?”

Hinata didn’t answer. Instead, she placed the mini cinnamon-roll in Naruto’s mouth and urged him to lower his face towards hers. They then took a bite at the same time, rolled their tongues around it and felt it melt. The next bite finally bought their lips together. As Naruto was chewing and rolling the cinnamon roll in his mouth he suddenly felt Hinata’s tongue slowly licking his top lip, and moving downwards. Surprised by her boldness, he opened up allowing her to get inside. Their tongues became engaged in a passionate wet dance as they both enjoyed a delicious cinnamon-flavored kiss.

The kiss made the both of them burn. Naruto felt Hinata’s hands caressing his hair and pulling his face towards hers. When she broke the kiss, she placed her cheeks against his and started planting small affectionate kisses all around his face. She rubbed his nose with hers and after planting another small kiss on his lips she softly whispered in his ear.

“Does this make you feel any better?”

He whispered back.

“I think it’s actually working…”

Hinata pushed Naruto back and she started removing her long black gloves with suggestive and deliberate movements. Once the gloves were off, she pulled them over Naruto’s neck and used them to pull his face closer to hers.

She moved her lips downwards, towards his neck. As she begun to slowly suck on his adam’s apple, Naruto felt her hands moving towards his chest, unzipping his black jacket and moving her hands upwards. She reached his shoulder and slowly started taking it off. Naruto moved his hands allowing for his jacket to fall off.

‘She doesn’t want to do that sort of thing, does she?’

As if to answer his thoughts Hinata moved her hands under his shirt. She lifted it up and took it off him, throwing it right next to his jacket. She moved her fingers up and down his now bare chest planting kisses on his neck and on his shoulder. Her touch and her kisses were soft and soothing.

She grabbed his hand and guided it towards her neck. She placed his palm on the opening of her dress.

“Naruto…” he noticed that she dropped the honorific…

“Please… Touch me…”

He moved his hand inside her dress and felt her smooth skin at the tip of his fingers as he pulled Hinata closer. He felt Hinata shiver against him, her breathing becoming erratic and heavy, as if his very touch was sending bolts of electricity towards her body.

'Is she really that sensitive?’

Naruto pushed the neck opening of the dress downwards allowing Hinata to slip her hand out of the neckline. She then moved the other side downwards allowing her hand to also slip out. The top of her dress was now around her waist, revealing a dark black bra holding her ample chest.

He gulped. 'This is it!’ he thought and reached his hands behind her back trying to take off her bra…

…He just couldn’t do it! He was too nervous, it was a bit dark, and he kept fumbling it up. This was very frustrating!

When she saw Naruto frown, Hinata gave him a small peck on the cheek and pushed him lightly backwards, in order to give some space between her and him. With a warm smile that made Naruto’s heart melt she unfastened her bra and slowly removed it.

As it fell on the floor, Naruto took a minute to appreciate what he was seeing; Hinata’s ample chest was complemented by the most unique and beautiful set of nipples he had ever seen. They were light pink, forming perfect protruding circles with a small naple at the center. He had seen naked breasts before, when he was researching for his Sexy-No-Jutsu, but Hinata’s had truly captivated him. They were quite literally, a work of art.

As if saying 'like what you see?’ she smiled and moved closer to him again. She pressed her chest against his, allowing him to feel the warmth of her body. She lowered his head, bringing it to her lips again.

As they kissed, Naruto, cusped her left breast and run his fingers around her naple. Hinata’s eyes widened and her breathing became faster, as she rolled her tongue deeper inside Naruto’s mouth. She moved her hands downwards and started unfastening his belt.

'Wow… she seems to be very into it…’

He responded by starting to unwrap that weird sash that held the dress to her waist. It took a while for him to figure out that he had to pull the sash in a specific direction, but once he did, it came out easily. When the sash came out the rest of the dress fell down on the floor, revealing Hinata’s black laced underwear.

It was at this moment that Naruto’s trousers also fell down to reveal… a pair of goofy ramen-themed boxers!

Hinata broke the kiss, looked at Naruto’s underwear, then looked at hers, then looked at his embarrassed face… and started giggling.

“Hey! I didn’t know this was going to happen, OK? If I knew, I would have picked something more appropriate!”

He quickly reached for his underwear drawer, grabbed a pair of black boxers he thought matched the occasion and quickly wore them over his ramen-themed ones.


It was then he realized that his “sexy” black underwear sported a picture of a goofy bright green toad in the middle giving the finger.

Hinata burst out laughing! Hard! She was holding her belly and bending downwards, trying to catch her breath.

'Well, that just ruined the mood!’ thought Naruto. 'But I like seeing her like this. I don’t hear her laugh very often.’

While she was still laughing Hinata came close to Naruto and wrapped her hands around him. She started planting quick kisses on his forehead, on his whiskers and on his cheeks before going for an eskimo-kiss against his nose.

“Kami help me!” she said with a mirthful laugh and a tear in her eye “I love you so damn much!”

And with that she jumped on him, wrapped her legs around his waist and planted a big passionate one on his mouth.

Naruto nearly stumbled on his fallen clothes and almost fell over on the floor, but he found his balance and stayed standing. He placed his hands below her thighs to keep her from falling and started to walk with her towards his bed.

With his lips still touching hers he laid her down and started caressing her almost naked body. It felt smooth and soft to his touch.




What really turned him on, even more than the exquisite beauty of her face, even more than her luscious curvaceous body, was the way she reacted to the way he touched her…

…When he ran her fingers up and down her arms he would feel her hair stand on end. Running his lips up and down them would cause her to shiver and moan.

…When his hand cupped her breast he would feel her chest tremble, and her back would arch.

… When he kissed her chest her nipples would contract and her naple would grow harder right in front of his eyes.

…When he kissed her navel and ran his finger around it, her belly would go into spasms, as if she was a belly-dancer that moved to the beat of his drum.

…When he rubbed her hips she would rub her legs together, like she was trying to put out a fire that’s burning inside her.

It was as if her body was making beautiful music and he was the cause of it! It was uncanny! He loved running his hands and his mouth over every nook and cranny that she had and watching her reactions.

But then, his hands felt something different. They felt an area that, unlike the rest of her body, was quite hard and harsh.

He looked over at the area, located right down from her left breast and saw a big round scar. He couldn’t see it when he was undressing Hinata, the lighting was really low, but now that he felt it and moved his face closer, he could see it clearly.

A painful image flashed across his mind…

“I’m here of my own free will… I’m not afraid to die here protecting you… Because I love you.”

He immediately laid down next her and hugged her tightly. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

“Naruto… What’s wrong?”

“Hinata, I love you!.”

He kissed her lips.

“I love you!”

He kissed her neck…

“I love you!”

…And then he buried his face inside her chest.

Sensing what’s wrong, she affectionately hugged him and run her hands around his hair.

“Naruto… I’m here. I’m not going anywhere…”

She then cupped her breast and placed it against his lips.

“…I’m yours…”

Touched by her words and her gesture Naruto started kissing it and sucking it softly. As he twirled his tongue around her naple, he could feel her heart beating faster and her breathing growing deeper. He could feel shockwaves travel throughout her body, causing her to shake and moan. He opened his eyes and looked at her face. He saw her biting her lips, her beautiful lavender eyes rolling upwards under trembling half-closed eyelids.

…That was enough to drive him over the edge…

With blood rushing downwards, he rolled her over, laid her down on her back, got on top of her and placed his hand on the lace of her panties. He planted a soft kiss on her lips and looked at her expectantly.

She grabbed his hand, nodded approvingly, and moved it downwards urging him to take it off. As he did so, she started taking off his boxers (both pairs) while kissing his chest and biting his neck…

…And here they were completely naked and completely exposed to each other…

Naruto knew what he was supposed to do. He had read some of Jiraya’s novels. He was supposed to put that in there. But those books didn’t exactly say how he was supposed to actually do it. They used vague romantic metaphors and similes, to describe the act, which wasn’t exactly helpful…

…so like many men in a similar situation Naruto kept missing the spot.

Hinata sensed his nervousness and with a soft smile she grabbed his member and slowly guided it inside her.

In order to understand what happened afterwards, somebody has to understand a few things about Naruto up until that point:

1) He was completely inexperienced in sex.

2) He had no idea how the female body works.

3) Seeing Hinata’s scar made him feel overly protective towards her.

So when he saw a sudden pained expression on her face, and looked downwards to see blood dripping from the place where he and Hinata were connected, he freaked out.

'I am hurting her!’

He immediately pulled out and slumped backwards towards his bed’s corner.

Hinata got up and approached him.

“Naruto, what happened?”

“Blood! I hurt you! I…”

“Naruto! It’s normal! I’m OK! It hurts a little and I am feeling a little sore. But I am fine!”

Naruto’s mind went back to those horrible books that he read in the Nara forest. Whenever this type of thing occurred in those books it was always painful, forceful and brutal. The very idea that he would do that sort of thing to Hinata made him sick.

“Are you sure?”

She couldn’t help but smile. The person who created the “Sexy-No-Jutsu” and the “Harem-No-Jutsu” was completely clueless.

She was honestly touched that he cared about her that much. She didn’t really hurt down there anymore, but she knew that she had to do something to alleviate his worries and calm him down.

A light-bulb turned on inside her brain.

“Naruto…” she said in a low voice “… I do hurt a little… do you have any left-over healing ointment?”

He opened his bedroom drawer, and checked. He found a vial of Hinata’s healing ointment, and took it out. 'It’s been less than a year since it was made. It should still be effective.’

“Sure, I have some left over from the moon mission.”

She took the vial from Naruto’s hand and placed some on her fingers. She rubbed some around her labia, while looking at Naruto with a seductive smile. He found the whole thing strangely erotic.

'Well!’ thought Naruto as he swallowed a loud gulp 'I never thought I’d ever see her healing ointment being used in that way!“

"Naruto…” she whispered in his ear “My fingers are too small to reach some areas… Could you please help me?”


He took the vial of healing ointment from her hands and dipped his fingers in it . Once his fingers were covered in ointment Hinata grabbed his arm and guided his fingers towards her lower area.

“Now… Heal me…”

He started rubbing around. He soon found the place where her hymen used to be and slid a finger inside her.

“How do you feel?”

“It (ah) feels soothing. It’s (mmm) nice! Keep (aaah!) doing what you do!”

She placed her arms around his back and her face next to his. She opened her legs wider as she leaned in closer and pressed her bosom against his chest, urging him to go deeper. He could feel his finger getting wetter somehow.

When his pointer finger was deep inside her, he felt his thumb touch something like a small fleshy button. When he rubbed it, he heard Hinata gasp loudly, and let out a small yelp. Her fingernails pressed hard against his back.

Naruto was glad. Whatever he was doing, it was making her feel good.

“Naruto! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Hinata pushed him and pinned him down. She was now on top of him straddling him. She moved her hips up and down and was glad to find out that Naruto’s cock was still hard.. She grabbed it and slowly slid it inside her.

“It… It doesn’t hurt!” she assured him “It… It feels good!”

She grabbed Naruto’s face and gave him a deep tongue kiss. She was rubbing her breasts all around his body, running her hands all around him. Her long black hair felt electrifying as they brushed against him.

Naruto tried to adjust the past image he had of her with what he was witnessing right now…

…This was the girl that was too shy to even talk to him when they were young…

…This was the girl that once fainted when he asked her to be part of her team…

…This was the girl that turned red when he asked her if she wanted to share a cup of instant ramen at his place…

…This was the girl that used to turn her eyes away from him whenever he talked to her…

…and right now she was shaking her hips faster and deeper, her long black hair becoming more messed up, her facial features becoming more distorted with ecstasy, her body becoming more sensitive to his touch.

He really couldn’t believe that this was the same Hinata he had known all those years.

And then he finally understood…

Tonight, Hinata opened herself up completely. She was letting go of all her inhibitions and all her misgivings. She was freeing herself in front of him.

Right now, she wasn’t just giving him her body. She was giving him her very being, her heart, and her soul…

…how could he ever believe, how could her ever think that she would betray him?

He bent himself upwards bringing his face to her chest. As he kissed her neck and caressed her back, sending shivers down her spine, he felt her tears on his cheeks. Between gasps and moans of pleasure, he heard her voice.

“All… of… my… life…”

“I waited… for you… for this… all of my life…”

He wiped her tears with the back of his hand and looked deep inside her lavender eyes.

'Hinata… Your feelings… Your love… I will return them to you…’

He once again connected his lips with hers…

…and then he lost himself in her.

As the two lovers became completely drunk with the feelings they had for one another, as they lost all control, as the sound of skin flapping against skin became louder and the smell of sweat and musk became more intense, the next couple of hours became a series of small moments in their memory…

…him tasting the sweat off her neck as she nimbled on his ear…

…her screaming his name in ecstasy as he went down on her and lapped her up…

…him licking the back of her knee as her ran his fingers all over her legs.

…her tongue rolling around his member as she tasted him…

…him on top of her, with her legs wrapped around his waist, urging him to go deeper.

…both shouting each other’s names while their bodies were trembling and shivering as they both orgasmed several times…

Eventually, they both collapsed on each other, spent and satisfied. Hinata snuggled next to Naruto, her hair tangled, her body all sweaty, still getting spasms from what happened a few moments ago.

“That… was… amazing!” she mused.

You’re amazing!” he snapped back and kissed her forehead.

As Hinata allowed herself to relax against him she noticed that Naruto was giggling to himself.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. It’s just that… I never thought you would ever pull something like this…”

“Why not?”

“I always thought you would be the type of woman who would save herself for marriage.”

“You were not entirely wrong about me.”

“What do you mean?”

Hinata looked upwards into Naruto’s eyes and smiled.

“I would never do this with someone I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the rest of life with.”

She took a deep breath relaxed and continued.

“At the end of the day, once you take away all the fancy stuff, marriage is just two people signing a contract which commits them to other. Well, I don’t need it! I am choosing to bind myself to you right here, right now!”

“With a black dress, a bunch of scented candles and a mini cinnamon-roll?”

He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“It works for me… Does it work for you?”

“Yeah, it works for me! I guess that makes me a kept man now, huh?”


“But you still would like to have a normal wedding with me one day, right?”

She laid her head on his chest and exhaled.


“You know, you are a very weird girl Hinata Hyuga…”

He kissed her lips softly and brushed her tangled hair softly with his finger.

“But you know what? I love people like you.”

And then they were both out like a light, their dreams calm, full of love and completely free of nightmares.

Hinata and Naruto would face many other adversities later on. They would get into many other arguments and face many other problems as time passed. But they would never again doubt each other’s love and the bond they shared with each other.

What happened between them tonight, was more than enough…

OMAKE 1: Afterglow

“Hinata, do you smell something burning?”

Hinata opened her eyes and smelled. Her eyes popped in panic.


They both got up and rushed to the living room.




“Well, we managed to put out the fire on time, but your black wedding dress has had it.”

Hinata’s face blanked.

“I didn’t bring an extra set of clothes here, how am I supposed to go back to my compound?”

“I’ll think of something…”


OMAKE 2: Infiltration

The orange-coloured ninja jumped from roof to roof under cover of night. The night was now reaching its darkest hour. The orange-coloured ninja knew that there was a small window of time that was available during which the infiltration could be completed.

The orange-coloured figure finally reached the Hyuga compound. It climbed the tree that was on the other side of the door and crawled carefully down without making any noise. It knew that it was dealing with Byakugan users and that any noise it would make would immediately alert the guards, and bring the head of the household out to fend-off any intruders. If that happened, it would be a disaster, its life would be effectively over.

It crawled under the compounds stairs in order to stay out of sight. As a member of the branch family walked away and turned its back, it quickly walked inside the compound. Once inside it took off its shoes and started walking lightly, hiding itself whenever a guard approached. Pretty soon it reached a door with a sign that wrote “Hinata Hyuga”. It opened it quickly and stepped inside. It quickly opened the dress drawer and picked up some clothes.

Suddenly, the orange-clad figure felt a kunai on its back. The Kunai had a cute ninja doll attached to it.

“OK, explain yourself before I stick this inside your lungs. Who are you? And what the hell are you doing inside my sister’s bedroom?”

“Hanabi-chan! It’s me! It’s me!”


The orange-clad figure placed its hands behind her back and pulled her long black hair out of the back of her jacket.

“Is that really you? Is this Naruto’s orange jump-suit?”

“There was an… accident… with the dress…”

“What sort of accident? And why is your hair all messed up? ”

Hanabi suddenly put two and two together.

“Oh… I see…fu fu fu!” an evil smile formed on her face.


“You hopped in the sack! You did the nasty! You jumped his bones! You…”

Hinata quickly closed her sister’s mouth.

“Shutup! Shutup! Keepquietaboutthisplease!”

She took her hand off her sister’s mouth and stepped back. Hanabi was sporting an evil grin.

“It’s going to cost you!”

“Cost me?”

“I want you to take me out for some fun tomorrow, and spoil me rotten! I also want you to give me those crescent-moon shaped earrings that you are wearing right now, your pressed flower collection, your…”

“Hanabi-chan… remind me why I went into so much trouble saving you again…”

“Because I am your precious cute little sister and I am awesome!”

They both shared a hearty laugh.

“Just joking, onee-san! Of course I will keep your secret! I really would like to listen to details though.”

“I’ll tell you when you reach my age.”

Hanabi huffed and sported a mockingly angry grin.

“No fair!”

“I’ll still take you out and spoil you rotten tomorrow!”

“It’s a deal!”


Hinata approached her sister with a sudden stern look on her face. Hanabi recognized that look. It was Hinata going into full “Strict Older Sister” Mode.

“When and how did my cute, awesome and underaged little sister learn about those sorts of expressions?”

Hanabi’s face recoiled in terror as she gulped.

'This is going to suck!’

TGIT Return Pushed to Accommodate '20/20' Inauguration Special | THR

Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal,’ 'How to Get Away With Murder’ 2017 debuts delayed to Jan. 26.
ABC has delayed the return of its Shonda Rhimes-produced TGIT lineup.

The Disney-owned network announced Monday that it has pushed back the returns of Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder as well as the season premiere of Scandal from Jan. 19 to Jan. 26.

In place of the three dramas, ABC News will broadcast a pre-inauguration 20/20 special, America’s First Family: The Trumps Go to Washington. That will air from 10-11 p.m. on Jan. 19, with repeats of Grey’s and Scandal at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., respectively.

The timing of the delay comes as Scandal is poised to pick up its sixth season with the results of the show’s central presidential election. The storyline features a female presidential candidate — the former first lady — running against a Latino Democratic candidate.
ABC stresses that the move was made in order to accommodate the ABC News special and to ensure that TGIT returned with three original episodes — and has nothing to do with the content of the episode.

Scandal’s return comes after the Kerry Washington political soap was bumped from its traditional fall debut to accommodate her second pregnancy. ABC has refrained from using its TGIT marketing campaign until all three of its dramas on the night were from Rhimes.

RinRei WIP Week is a two part mini-event where (1) fans share their unfinished RinRei art/fics, and (2) choose someone’s WIP and take on the challenge to finish it themselves.

Initially, I had been planning to do this myself and post all of my RinRei WIPs on February 12th. However, after making a post about my idea and seeing that some other fans expressed interest in doing this as well, I decided to make this into a little event~

The event will take place February 12 - February 19, where anyone and everyone who would like to share their RinRei WIP(s) will post them up here on tumblr with the tag #rinreiwipweek (along with some description/comments/additional info about the piece, if they have any). Then, people will be free to pick any of the posted WIPs that they like, and will have one month to finish them, so they can post up the completed works anywhere from March 19 - March 26.

Participation in either parts of the event is completely optional. For example, even if you don’t post a WIP in the sharing part of the event, you can still pick a WIP and finish it in the second part. And vice-versa.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! I will post the submission rules just before the event begins in February. Until then, please like/reblog this post to spread the word to any RinRei/Free! fans who might be interested in participating.

As I’ve said, I will be posting all my WIPs for the first part no matter what, so there will definitely not be a shortage of art entries for this lol, but since this is most likely going to be the last RinRei event in a long while (or the last ever, period), I’d love to see as many people participate in this as possible. c:

See you next month!


Best Glock Magazine Extension. Better Than Taran Tactical & Hyve Technologies!?