Day 6939

I would have liked to have told you a April’s Fools joke, but I don’t have any in mind.

However, I can always laugh at other peoples confusion this day of the year. People are often unsure whether I lie to them about my birthday, while others forget that they can’t trust the news today.

I hope you have a fun 1st of April. I usually do.

And remember: You are all on a space travel around the sun.

Favorite Steroline Moment - #19

Favorite Steroline Moment - #19

Yeah, this is a sad one. But is one of my favorites for one simple reason: “Stay”

First of all, it’s important to analyse the 2 episodes before that and what happened between Stefan and Caroline in them to understand the depth of this moment:


They’re far away from each other for months, Caroline is concerned about him, and Stefan doesn’t give a fuck about her (that’s what she thinks obv). He doesn’t answer her calls, never calls back, just disappeared into thin air. Her life is falling apart, she doesn’t have Stefan or Bonnie or her home and Elena is acting like a complete different person. Everything she tries to make things better simply doesn’t work, but she’s still holding on, because she’s Caroline. She doesn’t give up.

Stefan moved on with his life, found a job, a girl, a house. Acts like he has no past, no friends, anything beyond here and now. She calls him (probably for the 100th time) and leaves a message. He doesn’t answer, doesn’t listen, and cracks his phone. That’s how much power she has on him.


She finds out he’s been running away and lying to everyone the whole time, finds him with a new life, a job, a girl and a house and she’s either angry and disappointed. And Stefan’s face when he sees her is full of surprise and panic.

Then we have the dinner party from hell and things got really out of control because he’s acting like everything is fine, and Caroline just can’t buy it. After all the fight and accusations, Stefan and Caroline finaly have a confrontation, when he tries to convince her there’s nothing they can do about Damon and Bonnie and that he had to move on ‘cause he couldn’t live his old life nor be near MF or Elena. She answers with “Because I thought we were closer than that” and “You couldn’t hear that I was completely falling apart without you?”. Obviously, he doesn’t answer the way she expects, and she ends up in her car crying nonstop.

Now, let’s talk about 6x03 and the scene above:

She’s pissed. Like, she chose Enzo to be her best friend replacement and even said to him “don’t ever mention that jerk’s name again”. Stefan, on the other hand, has been leaving messages on her phone and asking about her to Elena. But when they finally see each other, he runs away. Again. Of course Caroline can’t just let him go and goes after him, and that’s when we have the most heartbroken conversation between them thus far - which is why I love this moment so much.

When Caroline calls his name, we can see he stops for just a moment, but then he decides to ignore her and keep walking. She vamp speeds into him and starts to say how sorry she feels about Ivy, but he cuts her off

"But what? I was fooling myself, using her as an escape? Yeah, I know what you think Caroline"

But truth is: that’s what he thinks about the way he’s dealing with everything. Actually, he knows that that’s what he’s doing. He’s fooling himself and using everything as an escape - not just Ivy. He’s just keeping the walls he has built, especially when it comes to Caroline. And he continues with this, trying to convince her the only reason he’s there is to kill Enzo to avenge the death of the girlfriend he didn’t actually care about. But the only reason he’s avoiding her it’s because he knows Caroline knows him better than anyone. And she proves him right

"That’s  why you left all those messages on my phone promising apologies, that’s why you visited Elena, that’s why you came to this party, just to kill Enzo and start over?"

And Stefan is still trying to keep those walls, so he says "Yeap", but his eyes are saying another thing - actually he can barely face her. But, like I said, Caroline knows him better than anyone

"I don’t believe you. I know that a part of you misses this place and these people, your friends. I know that being back here reminds you how much we need you, how much I need you

Stefan is looking everywhere but her in her entire speech, but when she says "I need you" he can’t help but look at her. And that’s when he knows she’s breaking his walls

"But if I’m wrong, then go ahead, just go, start over. But God, if I’m right, if just a little part of you came back to check on Elena, who’s had unbearable four months, or Alaric who just came back from the dead, or me…. if just a small, little part of you came back to check on me… then, stay

So he decides to keep pretending he doesn’t care about anything. He looks at her, swallows, looks to the ground and sighs - which shows me he’s taking the courage he needs - and then he leaves. And Caroline just stands there, a teardrop rolling down her face, untill she sees Elena and can’t hold the pain anymore.